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SKYrocket Your Sales: New Reseller Hosting Template

SKYrocket Your Sales: New Reseller Hosting Template

We at ResellerCluster sincerely believe that change is what makes things better, faster, smarter. That is why we’ve worked so hard for the last few months. To evolve. To help you make more sales.

Sky” is something that our team was developing only to make it possible for you to have more choices.  And here it is. Ready to use. Now it is time to SKYrocket your sales.

To get you in our mood, let us start with why we chose this particular name for the new template. Change itself could only be achieved if your opportunities evolve. And your opportunities now are with one limit only – the sky. By using this comfortable and convenient template you can make anything you want, you can let your dreams fly up and over the rainbow.

Start Using “Sky”

The Resellers that have been with us for the last years should be familiar with our reseller hosting dashboard. There were, and still are, all the previously available layouts that you were using.

As of today, the Sky Template is located in that same location.

To change the layout you are currently using to Sky, you need to go to your reseller dashboard.

Once you’re there, click on the radio button in front of the Sky layout. That will show the system that you want to use this template. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Apply Template button.

Congratulations! Your website will now use the new Sky Layout. 

Are you sure you want to change your store template? If you have made some changes on HEADER or FOOTER while being in ADVANCED MODE, these changes will be overwritten with the default one! WARNING ALL CHANGES ARE INCONVERTIBLE!

In short, if you’ve made some changes in Advanced Mode of our header and footer editor, they’ll be overwritten. Thus, make sure to save the code, before you change your store layout to Sky.

A New Color Every Month

“There are no friends in tastes and colors” – the Russian saying goes. We know that no design, nor color could please everybody. Thus, we’ve planned to release a new color of the Sky design every month.  Our team is not quite sure as of how much different colors of the layout we’ll create. Mainly because we will wait for your feedback. We want to see whether Sky is helping you, what colors YOU would like to have at your disposal, and what works best for you.

Now, we are releasing SKY with a light blue color to make you feel like in the clouds. And it is your turn to tell us if you like it, what colors you want to see, and what more you are expecting to see from us in the following year.

Leave your comments below and let us know how SKY is working for you!

7 Ways to Influence People and Increase Sales

7 Ways to Influence People and Increase Sales

“You are a badass at making money” by Jen Sincero is one of the best entrepreneurial books that helped a lot of people increase sales and earn more money. In our Instagram account, we share a series of books to read, which can be also very interesting for you.

Influencing people and persuading them to do something you desire, is a skill to master not only in life but in marketing as well. To be honest, everyone has a different approach to persuasion. Some people use their charm, others learn how it has to be by the book, and third have no idea what they’re doing.

When it comes to advertising and promoting your business, there are a few golden rules that you need to follow. Your success will come shortly after that, and you’ll increase sales, for sure!


1. Persuasion

Just like in life, we accommodate ourselves to communicate with other people to achieve different goals. In marketing, it works the same way. You will still need to learn how to persuade others into taking the last step. In this case – the step of purchasing.

There are different ways to do that, but let me start with this. Sometimes if you want to increase sales, you need to push them by adding something additional. For example, something that comes for free, as a gift, or simply, a bonus.

If a potential customer is on your website for the first time, imagine how good he or she will feel when they find out they receive a 10% off sign-up bonus.  Figuring out the most appropriate ways to attract them, will be your job. When you do that, you can expect to increase sales.

However, think about every time you bought something that you didn’t really need. Why did you do it? Was the salesman really smiley and you were uncomfortable to say no? Or the increasing sales tactic used by the shop was the well-known ‘two for the price of one’. Thus, you bought two items, although you only needed one. Or was it because it was Black Friday and you knew you had to take advantage of the promotional prices!

Whatever drove you to your final decision and them to increase sales, think about it and figure out a way to use it with your customers too. The pleasant feel that is left in their minds can be the final drop that will get them to buy whatever you are selling. Try surprising them, give them a nice gift, promotion, but don’t lie about it. Just honestly give them something they will value.


2. Liking

The power of likes is all around. Not just on Facebook, but in our every-day lives. What we like is the reason we do a lot of things. We become friends with people who like the same things as us. After that, we read the book our friend likes. Later, we buy another book because we like the author. At one point maybe even we write a book because we like books…

Read: 7 Best Books to Read for Success

It’s a huge cycle that drives us in directions only led by our preferences.

But how can we get people to like our services and increase sales? In this particular case, how do we get them to like our reseller web hosting? Again – convince them that it’s what their friends like. Or the people who they like, like you.

You can’t possibly think it’s a coincidence famous people are advertising Nike, Adidas or Sketchers. They know you like these people, so they are “using” them to persuade you that you should like it too.

There is another approach used by Amazon, IMDB, and Netflix… as well as many others. They presume what people might be interested in, to increase sales.

For example, Amazon shows “frequently both together” and “customers who viewed this item also viewed”. This way, they predict what you might also like and potentially – buy.

What IMDB is doing is showing you again what other visitors liked and watched.


3. Trust

Similar to the liking process, people trust a brand when it is endorsed by other brands they already trust.

So, if possible to get a famous name, to support you, it’s going to be a huge plus. This has worked for a lot of famous people for example – singers that collaborate with more famous singers in order to get more fans.

In the world of hosting, contact some of your best website users. Get them to share a link to your own hosting brand, get them to have a section on their website about the great services you provide. This way, everyone that’s on their website and likes how it looks, might think they want a similar website. And you’ll be the one they contact.

It works in every specialty and area. You are providing English lessons – get one of your students to tell their friends how good you are.

Trust doesn’t always have to come by bigger companies that are supporting you. It can be simply by your users, people who truly think you are good at something. This way it will be honest and real.


4. Social Proof

To increase sales, this trust we’re talking about has to be proven. One of the best ways to do that is social media. That’s a certain way to persuade people in something. Not only by you sharing posts and waiting for the magic to happen. But also, when people start sharing reviews, comments, likes or posts. They start one by one endorsing you and that’s a good sign that you are going in the right way.

Social media can be used to increase sales by another approach too. In the last years, people started trusting vloggers and bloggers more than companies. So, by paying or convincing these influencers to support you, you’ll get to a lot of other people that trust them. They’ll start sharing your posts. Your brand will get more recognizable and trust will be all around. It’s called influencing. They are followed by a lot of people and when they share something, these people are likely to try it or buy it.

There are times when to increase sales the proof doesn’t have to come from people necessarily. Just try to make your website look like it. Have sections as “Bestsellers”, “Most frequently bought” or “Most popular”. Share these services or products, and you’ll see that they will increase sales especially on those items.

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5. Trust

Similar to the liking process, people trust a brand when it is endorsed by other brands they already trust.

So, if possible to get a famous name, to support you, it’s going to be a huge plus. This has worked for a lot of famous people for example – singers that collaborate with more famous singers in order to get more fans.

In the world of hosting, contact some of your best website users. Get them to share a link to your own hosting brand, get them to have a section on their website about the great services you provide. This way, everyone that’s on their website and likes how it looks, might think they want a similar website. And you’ll be the one they contact.

It works in every specialty and area. You are providing English lessons – get one of your students to tell their friends how good you are.

Trust doesn’t always have to come by bigger companies that are supporting you. It can be simply by your users, people who truly think you are good at something. This way it will be honest and real.


6. Limitation

The last one is the most sensitive and psychological. People are far more often attracted to things they cannot have, reach, get or… you get the point. So, it’s only natural that when you tell them you only have 3 left – they will want to have one. Right now! Because if they don’t, they might never have it.

You can try a one week only promotion, or a special price that will be active for just one day, or you’ll send gifts to the first 10 buyers. When one thinks like a buyer, more than like a seller, it’s more likely one to be irrational.

You might even consider adding a countdown on your page. This will help your customers feel the pressure and think they really don’t have time. That’s the final step to their persuading that they need to buy something. What better way to increase sales? Time is running out, start now!

Unique Selling Proposition – The Essentials

Unique Selling Proposition – The Essentials

Starting a business in a highly saturated market is a fairly tough task. Even more so, when you want to start an online business. Yes, the investments are negligible for most people, but again – the investments are negligible for most people. Thus, the leap that you want to make can take an equal amount of money, time and effort to someone else.

When all these factors are aligned, you can see that it is necessary for you to distinguish your business somehow. We’ve already talked about market positioning, but today we’ll cover something specific about it.

The unique selling proposition is something that will definitely help you to position your business in one way or another.

Those are not interchangeable, they are both needed for you to market your business the right way.

Market positioning concerns your business more on the level of pricing. Meaning, whether you’ll position yourself as a business that sells high priced high-quality products, or you’ll sell something cheap but not so good. Bear in mind that this is more like a spectrum where you can go from one of these ends to the other, and not a binary position, where you can choose either the first or the second.

For example, is a giving high-quality products on low-price.

The same goes for our hosting reseller program, where you can sell high quality, reliable hosting services at low price.

And you’ll have the opportunity to have a unique selling proposition that no other hosting reseller company is offering.

But first…


What is a Unique Selling Proposition

In the early 1940s, a new marketing concept was proposed for the first time. The idea of the ‘unique selling proposition’ was developed by the television advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves, and later reinforced by the statement of the professor at Harvard Business School  – Theodore Levitt that “Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”

And yes, you need to have a USP when competing in any online business realm.

Before continuing, let’s define USP.


Definition of Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors. The unique selling proposition must be a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.

As described by Dr. James Blythe, the USP “contains the one feature of the product that most stands out as different from the competition, and is usually a feature that conveys unique benefits to the consumer.” Communicating the USP is a key element of branding.

This definition is cited from Wikipedia.

Although the internet is full of free information (or maybe precisely because of that), there is a serious misunderstanding, that I noticed, while making my research for the current article.

Thus, I find it necessary to extract the most important points around the USP.

Your unique selling proposition is NOT:

  • Your slogan
  • A great phrase in your advertising
  • Your company philosophy

What your unique selling proposition IS:

  • A feature to your product, that no one else offers
  • A very low price to a high-quality product, that otherwise sells for a high price
  • The speed of delivering, the speed by which you take care of issues


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A Few Examples of a Unique Selling Proposition

There are stories in the marketing world that are circulating around us, like legends. We are never sure whether these stories are true or not, but what we are sure of is that the company which is the protagonist in the story is more often than not a company that we expect to do something similar to what the story tells us.

For example, the shoe selling company – Zappos is famous for the quality of its customer service. There are stories about a 10-hour customer service call. And one other story that I’ve read in a book written by Seth Godin (as far as I remember) about a man who was drunk and called Zappos instead of a Pizza delivery company.

The person who picked the phone at Zappos didn’t just stop the call, once he finds out that the one calling is trying to order a pizza. He, instead, ordered the pizza for that man.

And such customer service is a unique selling proposition. Hardly any other company will do that. But they did.

On the other hand, the rise of the McDonald’s restaurants was due to the fast tendency of the clients, and, of course, the low price. One dollar burger that you get almost at the moment that you order it, and it is as tasty as any other burger, if not even more so, is a great unique selling proposition. At least it was, before other known and unknown companies adopted the same business model.

Honestly, the hosting market is saturated.  Yet, you can have your unique selling proposition.


Your Unique Selling Proposition as a Hosting Reseller

To be unique in the world we live in is something we all want but can hardly achieve. Not because we are not extraordinary and special, but because the environment we live in is created by us. So, we are predisposed to have similar ideas, desires, or services for sale. Especially, when it comes to online business and development, the competition never ends. Everyone wants to provide something special.

Unique selling proposition in the world of Reseller Hosting is even harder than other areas on the Internet. However, there is a way to be special.

Reselling website hosting can be free. It can be free for you to do it. And it can be free for your customers! Now, how is that possible? What’s the secret? There isn’t one. It’s just our unique selling proposition. And by becoming a reseller hosting provider yourself, it will be your unique selling proposition. And when your customers understand it’s a dream come true, they will have all of their objections defused.

On the web, among all the website hosting providers, free hosting does rarely appear. But in the reseller hosting service, well…at least I’ve never found another service. Reseller Cluster has chosen the most convenient way for you. Furthermore, it will be the best possible for your customers. For sure, we’re not telling you that you can be unique because as we established, there is no such thing. But be positive about the fact that choosing free reseller hosting services is your golden ticket to providing a unique selling proposition.


Final Thoughts

Being in a world so interconnected as ours is a recipe for having a hard time of being successful and unique. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Just the opposite!

Knowing how important it is to distinguish your brand from all the others on the market is the first step to achieving success.

The following one is to find out how exactly are you different from all the other companies that are selling more or less the same product.

And in case your online business is to be a hosting reseller, you already know what your unique selling proposition is.


7 Best Social Media Tools

7 Best Social Media Tools

Using Social Media Tools will proof of great importance if you are managing more than one social media accounts. Thus, a list of the best social media tools will be very helpful, so you won’t have to struggle to look for the right tool. All the best are on the list.

As of today, Social Media is one of the best website traffic sources. Especially when done right, social media can get all the people, interested in your business, to your website. Of course, getting more interested users on your website will result in sales growth.

But let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. Before you receive the benefits, you’ll have to work for them. And before you start using the tools in the list, you’ll have to engage in creating a social media strategy.

Once, you took care of these important preconditions of good results in your social media presence, you’ll have the knowledge needed to grasp which of the listed social media tools, will fit you best.

Hopefully, you have a strategy, and the right audience, following your business in every one of the needed social platforms.

If so, let’s don’t lose any more time and dive into the list of the best social media tools.


Facebook Audience Insights

As of right now, Facebook is arguably the largest social network. The network created an analysis solution for all of the businesses that are using their media to advertise hundreds of thousands of products and services.

Facebook Audience Insights is an analysis tool. And an effective one.

The tool will give you the opportunity to get to know your audience, as they say, “like never before”.

You’ll get information about what your target audience likes, you’ll learn about their lifestyles, and of course their demographic profiles. Meaning, you’ll find out more about their gender, age, and location.

If you have a Facebook page of your business, definitely check Facebook Audience Insights. has all the reasons to be part of the list of the best social media tools. It is a great tool, not only for the way it was created, but the simple, yet powerful idea behind it. is a tool that has way too many options for such a simple tool.

The main of these tools will help you to:

  • Drive Traffic Back To Your Own Site
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Grow Your Facebook Page
  • Grow Your Pixels has 4 plans, with the cheapest starting at $9/m.



AgoraPulse is a Social Media Management tool, that will not only help you schedule your posts but will as well let you check all your inboxes, and will, on top of it all, give you reports on how your social media campaigns are developing.

Not only that, but AgoraPulse has a great support department.

But yet again, quality has a price.

And in the case of AgoraPulse, it is starting at $39/m (when paid annually).

On the other hand, they do have some free tools, through which you can find Facebook Barometer, Twitter Report card, and a tool for a Facebook Page Timeline Contest.



Infographics are still important in online marketing. They are a simple way for your users to grasp a large amount of information.

Yes, you’ve guessed it! Venngage is an infographic creation tool.

And they have more than a beautiful website. The tool they are offering Is a perfect solution for everyone, struggling to create effective, informative, and, yet, beautiful content for their website and, of course, social media accounts.



IFTTT – abbreviation from If This, Then That –  is more than a social media tool. A lot more. Still, due to its versatility, it deserves a place among the best tools.

As the name of the tool suggests, the tool will create something automatically if an event occurs.

Say, you want to publish a post all around your social media accounts. If so, you can tune the software to share a post in (say) Twitter, when you publish it on Facebook.

How cool is that?

Oh, and something more! IFTTT is free!



This is yet another social media tool that deserves attention, due to its simplicity.

FollowerWonk will give you for Twitter what Facebook Audience Insights gives you for Facebook. And then some.

While the design of the website is not something to admire, it is important to remember not to judge the book by the cover.

If your business’s audience is predominantly on Twitter, you’ll really want to try FollowerWonk.

And one more thing. This social media tool has a free version for you to try and appreciate its powers.



Last, but not least (and my personal favorite) is Buffer.

Buffer is yet another one Social Media Management tool, that will give you the opportunity to schedule the posts to all the Social Media Platforms that you are using.

It has an analysis tool. Of course.

But what is more about the tool, is the effort that has been put in its creation.

Buffer has a Browser Extension, as well as applications for Android and iOS.  That way, whatever device you are using, you’ll be able to see how your posts are performing, and what posts you scheduled for today, tomorrow, or next week.

Better yet, the tool has a free version that is great for starters.

And if you have a big enough social media presence to need more resources, you’ll surely have the ability to pay the $15/m



If you ever find yourself asking whether your business should be on social media, stop asking. You should be. Which social platforms how often and when you should post, depends on the type of business you have, and respectively what your audience is.

And no matter how important your social media presence is, you should not forget that it is the presence of your business. Thus, don’t forget to take care of it.

Of course, maintaining a number of accounts on different social media platforms often proves to be a hard and time-consuming activity.

In case you feel that the upkeep of your business accounts takes more time than you can spare, this was the list of the best social media tools.

Use them.

Creating a Social Media Strategy – 5 Essential Steps

Creating a Social Media Strategy – 5 Essential Steps

If implemented correctly, social media will immensely impact the amount of traffic on your website. Yet, to be able to execute anything in the long-term, it will be best for you to have a plan to follow. Thus, creating a social media strategy is crucial to the performance of your social media channels.  

Being part of the generation that was neither too young nor too old when the social media platforms virtually took over the internet, I had the privilege not only to be mesmerized by their impact but also to tame their power. My generation grew up alongside these platforms, and we mutually changed each other.

Our behavior on the networks changed them, and they changed the way we communicate and understand each other.

However, in the same way that the previous generations, generally, didn’t understand the continuity of the mass media, our generation doesn’t fully realize the script behind all the posts that we see on the social media platforms.

We know, of course, that a group of people is reasoning the content of all these business feeds, but most of us don’t know that all the posts are part of a marketing strategy.


What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

As already mentioned, the pages (not personal accounts) on any social media platform are posting by following a plan, that tells them what, when, and why to post. What results could be expected from the post, and so on, and so forth.

For the social media strategy to be well executed, you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Target Audience: Identify your ideal customer
  2. Goals: Define the results you want to achieve with your efforts.
  3. Content Mix
  4. Channels: Choose the best of the available social networks.
  5. Execution


Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is as important to your market positioning as it is for your social media activities.

As the topic of defining your target audience deserves an article per se, it is unnecessary to dive way too deep in it. Yet, we should at least glance on the surface, for you to be able to define your target group when creating a social media strategy.

Curious to know more? Here is a great article on audience segmentation.

The most important thing you need to remember when trying to describe the customer you would call ‘the best’  is that you don’t need to be 100% accurate in the image that you are creating.

To define your target customers as good as possible, start with the demographic factors:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Level
  • Favorite sites/apps:

Whether you are selling physical goods, or you have a reseller hosting business, you need to know where your customers are from.  This will help you with the choice of language to use, as well as with your promotions and advertising targeting. The same goes for the age and the gender of these people.

When it comes to favorite sites, I think the necessity of this knowledge is obvious, as you’ll save money and efforts if your business is present on the platforms, websites, and apps, where its customers are.

Those are the basics of targeting, and if you follow them you’ll get a clear image of what you can and can not expect from your ‘best customers’. Although the image you’ll get is a very broad one, you’ll be better off, following the guidelines that you’ve established, instead of trying to appeal to everyone.



Whether you are creating a social media strategy or a new website, or you writing a book, everything you do, needs to have its goal.  That way, you won’t get lost while attending to everyday tasks.

The goals of your social media presence could be either to get more traffic to your website, get leads, build brand awareness, or merely to engage in a conversation with your customers.

Once, you know your target audience, and the goals of your social media strategy, it will be much easier for you to find out what type of content you need and will create.


Content Mix

Speaking of content types, after you are familiar with the goals of your social media strategy, through which you should evaluate every action you take, let’s talk about the content mix.

The social media marketing is, in essence, a type of content marketing. You are just doing it on a media that you don’t own. Still, social media websites are a great place to promote your POV’s, beliefs, and… products, of course.

The content marketing will lead to better results when it’s diversified (in compliance with the target audience, needless to say).

Some of the most popular elements of the content mix are the following:

  • News
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Product/promotional posts
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Community events
  • Q&A

And they can be implemented in different types of content, like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers

Start Hosting Company for FREE



Do I Have to Be on Every Social Network?

Being on social media, for the sake of it, is not enough. These platforms are way too much for someone to be capable to maintain an account on all of them simultaneously. Furthermore, it is wrong.

You don’t need to have an account on every social media platform possible.

To identify the social channels you need to use, is way easier, once you’ve identified your best customer. Knowing who the people you want to be your customers will help you define the right platforms for your business.


You already know where these people spend their time.

Find out the answers to 9 more social media questions.


Social Media Tool

As the number of social media platforms grows, so the available tools, created to help you execute your social media strategy.

Yet again, some of the newly created tools, won’t be helpful to you. The reason for that is simple – they are created for the maintenance of social media that you are not using.

But there is a tool that takes into account all the main platforms. Even more, they offer a free version, which is giving you more than enough resources when you are just starting your social media presence.

Spoiler alert: I believe the resources offered with the free version of the tool, will be enough for every small to middle sized business.

Definitely Check Buffer Out!


Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed in your social presence, creating a social media strategy is a must. Not following a plan, will leave you to wander from a platform to platform, not understanding what, why and when to do.

And if you decide to go without overthinking it, believe me, having something to turn to when the results are neither the expected nor the desired, you’ll be pleased that you’ve created a social media strategy.


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