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Best Way to Increase Organic Traffic

Best Way to Increase Organic Traffic

Having a website is hardly just an acquisition. It’s usually a business, believe it or not. It can be simply a personal blog and a place to share thoughts or it can be running a reseller business for web hosting. Either way, it’s a way to influence people, get them to do something – read or buy, therefore you are running a business.

And for your business to actually run for you, you need traffic. Since we are talking about online entrepreneurship it’s best if you are getting an organic one. It’s good for your website, it’s good for your desired outcomes and for everything to continue working well. But because we know it’s not easy to do that, here is the best way to increase organic traffic. Or even a few!


The first step to doing the best way to increase organic traffic is of course to optimize your website. Google loves valuable websites and user-friendly consistency of it. You should love Google too! Most of your traffic comes from there and people that are searching for what you are offering. But to beat the competition you have to be better than it, your website should perform in a way that others don’t.

This doesn’t always come only from using keywords in its content. It comes from your company’s name being mentioned outside of your website, and it builds itself as a brand. Having a presence online only increases the chance for people to visit your web space. So, the best way to increase organic traffic is to create great online existence and be sure, it will lead to great brand awareness.

Encourage Incoming Links

Part of the optimization process is linking. In and out of your website, from and to it. If you’ve read other articles and posts about this particular matter you know how often people mention the importance of having links on your website. But what I want to tell you is how much it’s essential to have other people linking to you.

Good SERP positions are based on many things, some known, others predicted, but surely not all aware. However, being a trustful website is 100% crucial. If other websites are linking yours it shouts out that you are good, you are worth and people should check you out.

But let’s be clear, paying someone for links or doing it in bargain method, it will not give you the results you want. If it is not natural, the traffic won’t be organic. You won’t get what you want.

Social Media

You should not be surprised that social media is the best way to increase organic traffic! It’s one of the best opportunities you’re given. You need to be proactive and not sit and wait for organic traffic, it comes when you provoke it. If people can’t find you when searching in engines, then it’s still good if they can find you on social media.

Be there for them. Share content, be active, and intriguing. Start conversations, build bonds, be there for them and with time you will again accredit your brand. Being present there and sharing useful and worthy content will increase the traffic to your website and help you build the website you want.

Attend Events and Conferences

You might wonder how is this really connected to searching the best way to increase organic traffic, but that’s okay. Let me explain. Above I mentioned that when people start talking about you it naturally leads to others searching your name online. As much as it is said, the traffic increases.

For that to happen you need different approaches to getting people to talk about you. One surely great way to do it if you start the conversations. Go out and meet people in your branch, talk to them, give them business cards. Not everything is online! Real people are out there and they are ready for you.


It’s time to share one more way that is becoming popular more and more these days. It’s the appearance of social media influencers. They tend to have apparently influence on other people and encourage them into doing things, buying, reading, following and etc. People these days by being active on social media are more likely to trust other people instead of big corporations, brands, and companies.

They don’t work for free, you’d have to pay or give something in advance, but still is a way to start a trustful conversation about you by people that are interested in the particular area. Finding influencers that are in your niche will be the best way to increase traffic for a start.

Whatever you do and whatever actions you take, just make sure you stay operating. Keep working in your direction and success will follow.

What Knowledge is Needed to Run a Website Reselling Business?

What Knowledge is Needed to Run a Website Reselling Business?

Many questions often appear when people are interested in starting a website hosting reselling business. As you probably, they wonder if they need special knowledge – technical and personal, if they need to be careful about particular matters to consider when looking for a provider. Furthermore, what exactly will work well for them and how can they succeed in this niche of business.

That’s why I’m going to share with you some of the important points you need to define and make sure you embrace during your process of starting a reselling business for web hosting. There are some things you need to take control over and learn, but there are others that your hosting provider will do for you, but you also need to know about them.

Knowledge You Need

I hope there is no need to say that before you start anything you need to do the right research of the market, the website hosting business in general and of what you can actually achieve. After you do that there has to be separate time for creating clear plans, setting goals and specifying.

You should include topics such as how much you can and should invest in the reselling business; how much time it will take to be ready with everything and then how much time to start earning actual profits.

Furthermore, it would be best for you if you are familiar with the technology itself. What is the website hosting platform, how servers work, specifics about domains selling? This will be useful for you when it comes to advertising your services. If you want to position your reselling business on the Internet and start learning more about digital marketing, you would have to know a little bit more about the specifics of the niche to promote it better.

The truth though is that for most of the work specifics of the control panel and the hosting services, you only need logical thinking. Everything in the Reseller Cluster’s panel, for example, is as easy as installing an app.

As known, the reseller website hosting business is most popular around web developers, website designers, web or system-integration companies. Why? Because they have a lot of customers already and they can offer them services providing full packages – such as both website development and web hosting. Users don’t need to know that you are a reseller which is a big advantage.

This being said, you can also include gathering knowledge about some marketing strategies and figuring out ways to promote your services at best.

What Does the Hosting Provider Take Care of?

Maybe you noticed I didn’t mention any too technical terms or information needed. That’s because most of it is covered by the provider. Or at least, our program works this way. But to get into the specifics here is what exactly you don’t need to worry about.

First of all, we offer templates that you can use and slightly change, adding your logo, slogan or some extra information. This means you don’t even need to create a website for your hosting reselling business, everything is ready for you. We constantly work on creating new and improved templates for your preferences, such as the Sky Template we recently launched.

One of the most important advantages is the actual 24/7 support center that works for you! Most providers don’t take care of it, but we know at first you won’t have the resources to take care of employing people. That’s why our support team will take care of that. Not just in the beginning of course, but all the time.

Payment methods and finances are also something you don’t need to think about. The difference between the reselling business and any other is that you won’t have to be worried about how people will check out your products. Your income will simply come as commission.

Another plus for you is that even with free reselling hosting you get our ready-made promotional campaigns. They are easily activated from the Control Panel with a single click. They are prepared for your convenience and push to great marketing solutions.

All this must make it pretty clear for you that there is no need for technical skills or advanced knowledge. Simply, the right choice when looking for a hosting provider.

Skills Needed to Run a Reselling Business

What I lastly want to mention is the fact that it is, after all, running a business. And with every entrepreneurial activity, there are skills to be dealt with.

Starting with communication skills – necessary to advertise, correspond, and reach customers, partners, and others. Also, strategic thinking to help guide you through moments where competition might be ahead of you. Not to forget analytics – being able to understand your audience and follow their preferences and orientation in your website, services and etc.

Time managing know-how would be an addition to everything else you are mastering. This kind of enterprise is mostly to work from home or outside but not in an office, so don’t forget to include planning your time.


How to Create Infographics and Keep the Interest

How to Create Infographics and Keep the Interest

In the world of reselling hosting and web hosting in general, infographics can be life-savers. It’s no secret that the technical part in this area is harder to understand from people that are not really familiar with the web and how it works.

So, creating an infographic can easily explain and ease the process. But what is and how to create infographics? Let’s start with that.


What are the Infographics?

Infographics are a visual representation of information or data, as a chart, diagram or any other animation created. They can be used as blog content or helping presentations, reports, and etc.

How to Create Infographics

Their main purpose is to help understand the information easily. When it comes to hard data, big numbers or just difficult to understand the material, infographics can really adjust it all to a simpler look.

Furthermore, it is well-known that the visual presentation is better assimilated by the human brain and people are more likely to remember what they saw with illustrations.

The use of infographics has risen enormously these days. A simple search in Google Trends can show that even as a keyword, the look for “infographics” has grown.

Truth is, creating them can help a lot for so much. It can tell a story that impels, it can increase the interest in content, it can help SEO, also reach much more people because they’re more likely to share this kind of content. I’ll look into every aspect of this and you’ll get to the best of how to create infographics.


How to Create Infographics – the Basics


  • Plan

Like any other thing, you need to start by getting all of your goals on point. Who are you trying to reach, what are you trying to achieve, what will be your focus.How to Create Infographics

Many people think that they first need an idea and they can decide everything else later. But truth is, more often the idea comes when you start thinking about the other questions before the idea itself.

Starting with who you want to get to, first do the audience segmentation. It helps clarify what you need to do, when it’s adjusted to the people it’s going to reach.

Furthermore, decide what is your final goal. Do you want to create just sharable content? Then your infographics can be more simple, public related, or maybe even fun. Are you trying to prove a point? Are going to a meeting with a presentation? Is your infographic going to be included in an e-book, a blog post or just an Instagram feed?

  • Idea

How to create infographics before you get your idea straight.  You need to think of the content you’re going to share. But do it carefully.

Don’t pick topics that are too commercial and too often shared. It’s more probable to reach people who don’t like the infographics because of that. And if you are willing to do it anyway, at least pick an interesting way in order to stand out.

  • Story Telling

To learn how to create infographics you need to understand the need for a story in them. A simple statistic, chart or graphic is a dry, boring and dislikable in the world of marketing. People need to be interested, engaged, and understand the truth behind everything. To see the point.

This is why storytelling has worked so many times in different situations. But how to create infographics and also include storytelling? Truth is, you don’t have to create a long copy and make it difficult for people by engaging them with too much text.

Simply find a way to tell a lot with a little. That’s actually not quite that simple, but here are some tips:

First, choose one topic. Don’t go around a few problems, huffing readers. If you want to go with a few angles of it, then create a series of infographics. Different illustrations with different copy that fills the gaps, create a story, and get the final result.

  • Data Visualization

How to Create InfographicsTo learn how to create infographics the best way, starting with the visual part is important. It is after all a visualization that we’re creating. But is it more important than the data itself? It’s like asking what came first – the egg or the chicken.

The data is valuable – it’s the reason you’re making an infographic. But how you present it is even more important. Miscommunication and misunderstanding are as powerful as any other impel. This means that not presenting your treasured data the right way can lead to crucial events.

Furthermore, good visualizing can be understood even by people that don’t understand the text. Let’s say you’re German who doesn’t speak Spanish and you look at a Spanish infographic that was visualized perfectly. The chances you understand the bigger part of it, are really high!

  • Ideas for Web Hosting

I started by sharing with you that it is way easier to reach people by creating infographics. The otherwise hard material gets simpler and even interesting. Start by creating graphics for the services and the prices you chose for them.

You can also share interesting facts about the industry in your blog or social media. An interesting approach is actually explaining technical details by creating infographics. If you have an FAQ page or tutorials, that’s another appropriate chance to place them.


How to Create Infographics How to Create Infographics


How to Create Infographics and Improve SEO Ranking

SEO is a large topic that a lot of people keep talking about. Truth is, there are really a lot of things that can be done and in the end, most search engines just consider things we didn’t. However, I won’t talk about SEO, but in specific how to create infographics that will improve your ranking.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is find your keywords. Optimizing the infographic itself is possible by using keywords you did your research for before that. As well as posts and pages, there are a few on-page to-dos for optimization. Such as:

  • Resolution
  • The SEO title and file name
  • Format & Size
  • ALT text

Other Considerations

When learning about how to create infographics, you really need to keep in mind a lot of things. Starting with trustworthy information. Your data, copy, and statistics need to be triple-checked, confirmed, and of course, true. A misleading report is something you need to run fast from.

The length of the graphics also needs to be considered. Don’t create them too long and boring. Their main purpose is to ease the eye, not make it difficult to look at.

Colors, pictures, size. Please! If you don’t have the eye for these things, simply turn to an agency, creating infographics. This is something very smooth and you need to be careful. Don’t use too many colors, don’t over contrast them. Make sure everything has a balance and looks the right size.

When it comes to the text that is going to be on the infographics, as well as the truth in it, also make sure to check the spelling and the point. And just don’t use too much of it. No one will read it.

There isn’t much more about how to create infographics, except – have fun and don’t overthink! It’s something creative that is making our lives easier. Enjoy it.

7 Ways to Influence People and Increase Sales

7 Ways to Influence People and Increase Sales

“You are a badass at making money” by Jen Sincero is one of the best entrepreneurial books that helped a lot of people increase sales and earn more money. In our Instagram account, we share a series of books to read, which can be also very interesting for you.

Influencing people and persuading them to do something you desire, is a skill to master not only in life but in marketing as well. To be honest, everyone has a different approach to persuasion. Some people use their charm, others learn how it has to be by the book, and third have no idea what they’re doing.

When it comes to advertising and promoting your business, there are a few golden rules that you need to follow. Your success will come shortly after that, and you’ll increase sales, for sure!


1. Persuasion

Just like in life, we accommodate ourselves to communicate with other people to achieve different goals. In marketing, it works the same way. You will still need to learn how to persuade others into taking the last step. In this case – the step of purchasing.

There are different ways to do that, but let me start with this. Sometimes if you want to increase sales, you need to push them by adding something additional. For example, something that comes for free, as a gift, or simply, a bonus.

If a potential customer is on your website for the first time, imagine how good he or she will feel when they find out they receive a 10% off sign-up bonus.  Figuring out the most appropriate ways to attract them, will be your job. When you do that, you can expect to increase sales.

However, think about every time you bought something that you didn’t really need. Why did you do it? Was the salesman really smiley and you were uncomfortable to say no? Or the increasing sales tactic used by the shop was the well-known ‘two for the price of one’. Thus, you bought two items, although you only needed one. Or was it because it was Black Friday and you knew you had to take advantage of the promotional prices!

Whatever drove you to your final decision and them to increase sales, think about it and figure out a way to use it with your customers too. The pleasant feel that is left in their minds can be the final drop that will get them to buy whatever you are selling. Try surprising them, give them a nice gift, promotion, but don’t lie about it. Just honestly give them something they will value.


2. Liking

The power of likes is all around. Not just on Facebook, but in our every-day lives. What we like is the reason we do a lot of things. We become friends with people who like the same things as us. After that, we read the book our friend likes. Later, we buy another book because we like the author. At one point maybe even we write a book because we like books…

Read: 7 Best Books to Read for Success

It’s a huge cycle that drives us in directions only led by our preferences.

But how can we get people to like our services and increase sales? In this particular case, how do we get them to like our reseller web hosting? Again – convince them that it’s what their friends like. Or the people who they like, like you.

You can’t possibly think it’s a coincidence famous people are advertising Nike, Adidas or Sketchers. They know you like these people, so they are “using” them to persuade you that you should like it too.

There is another approach used by Amazon, IMDB, and Netflix… as well as many others. They presume what people might be interested in, to increase sales.

For example, Amazon shows “frequently both together” and “customers who viewed this item also viewed”. This way, they predict what you might also like and potentially – buy.

What IMDB is doing is showing you again what other visitors liked and watched.


3. Trust

Similar to the liking process, people trust a brand when it is endorsed by other brands they already trust.

So, if possible to get a famous name, to support you, it’s going to be a huge plus. This has worked for a lot of famous people for example – singers that collaborate with more famous singers in order to get more fans.

In the world of hosting, contact some of your best website users. Get them to share a link to your own hosting brand, get them to have a section on their website about the great services you provide. This way, everyone that’s on their website and likes how it looks, might think they want a similar website. And you’ll be the one they contact.

It works in every specialty and area. You are providing English lessons – get one of your students to tell their friends how good you are.

Trust doesn’t always have to come by bigger companies that are supporting you. It can be simply by your users, people who truly think you are good at something. This way it will be honest and real.


4. Social Proof

To increase sales, this trust we’re talking about has to be proven. One of the best ways to do that is social media. That’s a certain way to persuade people in something. Not only by you sharing posts and waiting for the magic to happen. But also, when people start sharing reviews, comments, likes or posts. They start one by one endorsing you and that’s a good sign that you are going in the right way.

Social media can be used to increase sales by another approach too. In the last years, people started trusting vloggers and bloggers more than companies. So, by paying or convincing these influencers to support you, you’ll get to a lot of other people that trust them. They’ll start sharing your posts. Your brand will get more recognizable and trust will be all around. It’s called influencing. They are followed by a lot of people and when they share something, these people are likely to try it or buy it.

There are times when to increase sales the proof doesn’t have to come from people necessarily. Just try to make your website look like it. Have sections as “Bestsellers”, “Most frequently bought” or “Most popular”. Share these services or products, and you’ll see that they will increase sales especially on those items.

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5. Trust

Similar to the liking process, people trust a brand when it is endorsed by other brands they already trust.

So, if possible to get a famous name, to support you, it’s going to be a huge plus. This has worked for a lot of famous people for example – singers that collaborate with more famous singers in order to get more fans.

In the world of hosting, contact some of your best website users. Get them to share a link to your own hosting brand, get them to have a section on their website about the great services you provide. This way, everyone that’s on their website and likes how it looks, might think they want a similar website. And you’ll be the one they contact.

It works in every specialty and area. You are providing English lessons – get one of your students to tell their friends how good you are.

Trust doesn’t always have to come by bigger companies that are supporting you. It can be simply by your users, people who truly think you are good at something. This way it will be honest and real.


6. Limitation

The last one is the most sensitive and psychological. People are far more often attracted to things they cannot have, reach, get or… you get the point. So, it’s only natural that when you tell them you only have 3 left – they will want to have one. Right now! Because if they don’t, they might never have it.

You can try a one week only promotion, or a special price that will be active for just one day, or you’ll send gifts to the first 10 buyers. When one thinks like a buyer, more than like a seller, it’s more likely one to be irrational.

You might even consider adding a countdown on your page. This will help your customers feel the pressure and think they really don’t have time. That’s the final step to their persuading that they need to buy something. What better way to increase sales? Time is running out, start now!

DIY SEO for Small Business – The Essentials

DIY SEO for Small Business – The Essentials

People’s attention span is decreasing. Immensely. On one hand, because we have way too many things and people to give our attention to. Yet, there is a place for everyone under the sky. We’ll find time for you and your business. Granted, it is any good…and, of course, if we are able to find it. And while digital marketing is unimaginably cheaper than traditional marketing, small businesses are often on a tight budget. This is where the do it yourself philosophy comes to play. There is no need to pay for anything if you are able to move one step further and accomplish it through your own efforts.

DIY SEO for small business is as possible, as it is for the bigger companies.

If you still haven’t started your own side project, you might want to go through our article, answering the question Is Starting a Home Business Possible?

If, on the other hand, you’ve already enrolled in our Reseller Hosting program, you might want to find out more about the DIY SEO for small business, which we’re about to examine in this article.


SEO Definition


As mentioned in our Introduction to SEO article SEO is:

The active efforts to affront search engine users’ queries with relevant, valuable and in-depth content.

As you can see from the definition SEO is nothing more than focused action to make your content marketing pieces become easier to find in the search engines. Yet, with time SEO became a, more or less, independent part of the digital marketing tactics.

So independent, in fact, that very small percentage of the people that are implementing SEO in their marketing efforts, are recognizing it as part of the content marketing, which it is.


Can You Do SEO Yourself


You are not only able to DIY SEO for small business, you must do it! Say, you are taking your first steps in online entrepreneurship. What are you doing for people to be able to find you?

This is the Internet. Of course, even if you are not doing anything to promote your website, some people will sporadically land on your online property. They may engage with your content. It is even possible for some purchases to occur.

But those website entrances and acquisitions are accidental. They are not a result of your efforts. Thus, how much people and how many purchases you’ll have from your website is unpredictable.

You need to implement DIY SEO for small business, for you to be able to predict at least on some level what is about to happen. That way, after analyzing the results of your SEO efforts (better yet, all of your marketing efforts), you’ll be able to refine and improve your endeavors.

It is absolutely possible to do SEO all by yourself, you only need to be disciplined, and to have an idea of what you are doing.

If you are focusing on fewer products to position your brand on the market, it will be a lot easier when trying to optimize your contents for the important keywords.

Yet, for small business owners, DIY SEO is possible. And I would say… it is mandatory.

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DIY SEO for Small Business


SEO is of the marketing efforts that will help you boost your website’s traffic.

If you want to DIY SEO for small business, you need to have a lot of discipline. And you need to bear in mind that this is not an effort that you’ll be able to abandon after a month or two. But if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you’ll most likely not leave your marketing.

It will be better for your DIY SEO efforts if you meet other entrepreneurs. Especially if they are not a direct competition. Say, you have a Hosting Reseller account with us. Why not keep in touch with Web Agencies around you. That will help both of your business. They’ll have the opportunity to reach your audience and vice versa. Your services are not competing. Even more so, they are supportive of each other.

To DIY SEO for small business is different from the ‘Global SEO’ efforts with a few things, which you can get to know in our article on Local SEO, and in the tips below. But when you are doing things yourself, there are a number of do’s and don’ts:

  1. Don’t buy backlinks
  2. Don’t exchange backlinks
  3. Do invest time in website speed optimization
  4. Do invest time in getting to know Yoast SEO(if you are using WordPress)
  5. Do create a content calendar – and be disciplined enough to follow it thoroughly
  6. Do create a Google My Business account for your business
  7. Do create a Google Analytics account
  8. Do start a Google AdWords campaign, if you are able to do so.




I am not sure whether what I am about to tell you is something that most of the so-called SEO agencies don’t know, or they are just too lazy to implement… or maybe they want to conceal this information from their clients, so they’ll be able to squeeze every penny out of them.

But if you are about to do DIY SEO for small business, chances are your organization is targeting mostly local clients. Here are some things you need to know when optimizing locally:


Add Your Business’ Location When Optimizing


When optimizing your website’s content, it will be better if you add the location. Make it so it sounds natural. To further optimize your website, use Google Webmaster Tools, and add the country you are targeting. That will help Google to estimate to which searches your website is most relevant.

 You can add country targeting of your website by using Google Webmaster Tools.


Be Social ­­


It doesn’t matter whether you are a big or a small business. If you are about to DIY your SEO(and even if you are not) being social is a must. Google has neglected the direct effect of Social Media on your SERP positioning. Yet, the more people are engaging with your Social Media content, the more people will know about your business, thus the more they’ll look for you. Thus, the higher your position will be on the SERP.


Use Google+ 


Speaking of Social Media, Google has tried to launch it’s own a few years ago. It is a follow up to Google Buzz and Friend Connect. Today Google+ is highly underestimated marketing channel. Mainly, because of its lack of traffic and way bigger competitors – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, posting every new post on your company’s G+ profile is going to result in something rather expected. The pages posted in G+ are getting a significant lead when crawled by Google’s bot. That doesn’t mean you’ll get a higher position. All the same, for a newly created website, if you are able to boost the crawling bots of Google and get your pages indexed is a significant result.

Don’t forget your Google My Business account. It is a must for large enterprises as it is for small businesses with a local audience.

Check out our Printable Local SEO Checklist.


Add Your Location in the Meta Description ­


Meta Description is the term that we use to refer to the grey text in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This text doesn’t affect your position. However, what it does is to help searchers define whether what they’ll see once on the page is relevant to what they were looking for.

Even though it doesn’t affect your results directly, the higher CTR (click-through-rate) does. And your CTR will be higher if people are able to determine whether your content is relevant to their query. That is why Google(and other search engines) is bolding the exact match between the user’s query and the content in your meta description. Here is an article on How to Write a Meta Description that Converts, and once you follow all the instructions, don’t forget to add the location(city, neighborhood or country) that you are targeting.


You Need Fewer Backlinks


Not all SERP’s are created equal. In fact, most of them are different. Depending on the device’s search history, location, and other factors you and I will, most often then not, receive different results even if we have the exact same search terms.

 When trying to optimize your business’ website for local searches by doing your SEO yourself, there is a … well, a secret that very little SEO agencies are eager to share with you. Local SEO requires fewer backlinks. Still, the higher the authority of the site, the better, but if you manage to obtain, say, 20 backlinks, from a business that are somehow related to what you do, your results will be better.

Quote: When optimizing your website for local searches, do your best to receive links from relevant and closely located businesses. You don’t need backlinks from websites that are not in the same language, and/or country.


Final Thoughts


Facts are cheap. And information is cheaper. In our day and age, information is of no worth, unless you are putting it to use. Everyone is able to go online and find out more about our universe in two hours, then our ancestors knew for centuries.

But it is still important what will be the source of your knowledge. It is important for you as much as it is important to the knowledge provider.

With the above-mentioned techniques for DIY SEO for small business, you and your business could be the one that provides the information. The one that will be soon enough perceived as an expert in the field.

By doing so, you’ll be creating a brand that competes on value, instead of price.

DIY SEO for small business is a demanding initiative.

Still, it is an undertaking that you’ll be glad to start as soon as possible.


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5 Tools for Entrepreneurs You’ll Regret Not Using

5 Tools for Entrepreneurs You’ll Regret Not Using

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is by no means an easy task. Probably that is why even (or especially) companies like Apple, PayPal, and Google were not created by a single person. One can argue that Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook on his own, but that is not quite true. Once the social network was big enough, he started hiring people. Facebook wouldn’t be what it is today if he didn’t do that.

But after all, it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur even if you start alone.

You’ll only need some tools. Tools that will help you do your work. Tools that didn’t exist at the time that great people, with great ideas, created great services, and thus, reaped great success.

The following is an article that is to make your life easier. The 5 tools listed are targeted to different aspects of entrepreneurship. From planning to analysis. And in between.

Let’s check the 5 tools for entrepreneurs.



If you, like me, tend to procrastinate from time to time, Asana is what you need. Asana is a great tool that will help you plan what, when and how you need to do. Of course, you’ll still need to discipline yourself and do the work.

On the other hand, as far as I am concerned, procrastination is more or less caused by the inability to prioritize what and when you need to do.

Among other positive sides of the planning tool, Asana has a free plan. Yes, free.

Of course, what you get is reduced to an existence minimum with which you can operate. And if you like all the other options that the paid version presents, the price starts as low as $9.99/m.

On the other hand, while working alone, the basic (free) plan of the tool will be more than enough for you to track your tasks and progress.

Asana is one of the mandatory online tools for entrepreneurs.



We’ve made an Introduction to SEO. In the basics of SEO stays the keyword. One of the best tools for keyword research out there is SemRush.

But there is a lot more to SemRush than the keyword research.

The tools are capable of analyzing domains (yours or competitor’s), topic research, and a much more.

SemRush also presents you with the option to add a project to the website. By doing so, you’ll get access to a dashboard devoted to your project.

There you’ll be mesmerized by the amount of information you’ll be able to receive about your brand. Amid this information, sections are site audit, position tracking, on page SEO checker… to name a few.

Of course, that much information comes with a price.

The cheapest plan of SemRush is $99.95 monthly, but it is a tool that can hardly be replaced.

Yet, an entrepreneur should know the value of money, and that they are more of an instrument than anything else. And an instrument has to be used. Even if you use it in order to use other tools.


Google Analytics

If you are doing anything without evaluating the results it got you, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Most likely you won’t go in the right direction from the start.  And that is why you need to evaluate your efforts, to see where you are going and why. What could be improved, and what should continue to be that good.

To do so, you’ll need a tool with which to gather the data necessary for you to analyze your progress.

Google Analytics is one of the most fascinating tools for entrepreneurs on the web. You’ll be mesmerized and probably confused by the amount of information that the tool will present you with.

And although there is a paid version of Google Analytics (which is way too expensive for someone who is just starting and gives way too much information for you not to have an analysis department), the free version of the tool is absolutely sufficient.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to grasp the number of people that are entering on your website, what they are most interested in, demographic information about the users of your websites, and much, much more.

When you consider the fact that the tool is free and really easy to implement to your website, using it is no brainer.

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The essence of entrepreneurship is to delegate responsibilities. If you are not doing so, you are working for yourself, but you are still working. And the work you are about to do is a lot more responsible and difficult than a 9 to 5.

Fiverr is a marketplace for services. And although there are a lot of people that are offering odd services, the rest will help you to achieve your goals qualitatively, fast, easy, and cheap.

Fiverr is one of my personal favorite sites when it comes to tools for entrepreneurs. Mostly because people there have specialized in something, and no one is able to know everything that there is to know.

So, why don’t you let other people work for you… even if they are not working only for you.



When starting your business, one of the most important things is to find out to whom you are about to sell. And once you do that, you need to get in touch with those people.

And while there are a lot of ways to reach your targeted audience, maybe one of the most personalized (especially when the receiver is interested in what you have to say) is email. Even though there are social networks, forums, and a lot more places people get together, email is here to stay.

And everybody that is using the web frequently has one.

Thus, email marketing is a must.

But email marketing costs.

Well, not necessarily.

That is one of the main reasons MailChimp made it to the list of tools for entrepreneurs. It has a free version. And a sufficient one.

With the free version of MailChimp you can have up to 2000 mail subscribers and to send up to 12,000 emails(per month).

This means that you can send emails up to six times in a month to a list of 2000 subscribers. Which is sufficient enough, keeping in mind that you are probably just starting.




There are a vast number of online tools for entrepreneurs to help them work faster, better, and flowingly. It is virtually impossible to list them all. You’ll always forget one or the other. And even if one does list them, this will make the observers freeze. We, people, are unable to deal with a huge choice of anything. Especially when all the things we can choose from are stuffed in one place.

Yet, it is good for you to know (and only fair if I share with you) that every one of the listed tools, has competitors. Meaning, every one of these tools could be replaced with something else.

Still, I believe that if, as an entrepreneur, you are trying to get the most value for the lowest price, there are no better choices out there.

But even though I believe that you shouldn’t stop looking, and maybe find something that is more convenient for your needs.

What online tools for entrepreneurs do you use?