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Data Center Tour - Cutting-Edge Premises

State-Of-The-Art Data Center Infrastructure

3x 10 000 V power feeds from three different substations (redundant paths)
A+B+C transformers with total power of 3750 KVA
Own distribution substation
6 alternative Diesel Generator groups with total power 4.8 MW
6 groups Independent (N+1) UPS 220V AC power feeds
8 groups Independent (N+1) -48V DC power feeds
100+ tons of UPS batteries

Image of Datacenter Security Scheme

Industrial grade HPAC units
Redundant N+1 cooling systems for every co-location room
Power efficient (free cooling) system
Redundant N+1 relative humidity system
Remote monitoring
Spare parts on site
Designed to provide cooling for up to 10-12 kW for each rack cabinet

Second Image of Datacenter Security Scheme