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Free Reseller Hosting Program

Become a part of the Web Hosting business – the fastest growing Internet segment

Our reseller hosting program is totally free and offers a simple working business model that has proven over time. Become a reseller and you can sell online web services without having to prepay for them. Our tools will help you quickly launch your own hosting store without having to write a single line of code. The free hosting reseller program is suitable for both beginners and experienced resellers alike.

You can fine-tune your retail prices according to your specific market niche and your commission preferences. Custom pricing can be set for each product in your reseller portfolio. With our reseller hosting program you have the complete freedom to offer the services you want, while following your own marketing model.

You have the following reseller options at your disposal – Website Reseller (front-store themes), Wallet Reseller (back-end/offline reselling), – Custom Remote Store/Site (remote reseller tools), Multi-currency and Multi-language option, Private Label, and Private DNS.

Our free web reseller program is perfect for small businesses and individuals with limited budget, but with strong motivation to undertake something new, work hard and earn without investment some extra money online.

Earn without investment – No need to purchase anything in advance!

Each hosting type has three predefined plans which are presented on our reseller store themes.
You can set the retail prices for every plan, the margin between Wholesale and Retail prices being your commission on every plan purchase.


The reseller hosting program uses a commission-based payment model:

1. You get our wholesale prices.
2. You set your retail prices.
3. We charge clients on your behalf.
4. You receive your commission.

Anyone can create a web hosting company and resell:

Shared Hosting

wholesale price starting from


$ 2.19 / mo


wholesale price starting from


$ 11.98 / mo

VPS/Cloud Hosting

wholesale price starting from


$ 9.00 / mo

Domains Names

.COM, .NET, .ORG wholesale price from


$ 14.95 / year

SSL Certificates

wholesale price starting from


$ 19.95 / year

Free Hosting Offer

wholesale price starting from


$ 0.00 / forever