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Reseller Hosting FAQ


1.What are the primary goals of your hosting reseller program?


ResellerCluster’s program has some very important advantages compared to other hosting reseller programs available on the market:

1. Instant reseller account activation.

2. Within 5 minutes after you have signed up you can have an actually working reseller hosting store.

3. Only with ResellerCluster you can offer both free and paid hosting without investing any money.

4. No need to advertise your site extensively, the free accounts demand will naturally boost your site’s traffic.

5. The free accounts demand will naturally turn into demand for paid accounts that offer more features you are going to get paid for!

6. You have the full power to put on your sole discretion advertising on your free reseller hosting store and thus rapidly monetize the free accounts traffic demand with any third party advertising company and thereby generate additional revenue completely independently.

7. Everything from your reseller’s account setup to all free and paid accounts setup is completely automated, no need of any technical knowledge or server administration. ResellerCluster’s staff is on duty 24×7 to monitor and support the entire process.

If you find any better deal on the net we are ready to offer you the same!

2. How do I get paid?


Resellers get paid on net-60 basis. In other words 60 days after the amount for a sold hosting account is charged the reseller gets paid.

This time frame is required to protect us from credit card fraud and possible money-back request from the client for a sold hosting plan.

Payments are released after the commission reaches at least $100. Payment methods are bank wire transfer, MoneyBookers or PayPal. They are specified in the Reseller Control Panel.

3. How do I start?


Our free reseller hosting program provides you with simple tools for the launch of your hosting store. There are several basic steps you have to complete in order to obtain a reseller’s website and be part of the free hosting reseller program:
1. Your reseller’s website should be presented online, thus you have to get a domain or subdomain where your store will be presented. If you do not have a domain, you can buy one from your Reseller Control Panel. Optionally, you can use a subdomain you can get free with your reseller account in the Store Manager’s section under Manage Subdomains menu.

2. After you have an existing web address you have to take care of your site’s design. ResellerCluster provides for free several web design templates to choose from. You can do this in the Website Design Tools section of your Reseller Control Panel in the Choose Template menu.

3. Congratulations! You have successfully created your Web Hosting Store, you can see it by clicking on the icon on the top right corner inside your Reseller Control Panel.

4. How much exactly will my profit be from a single hosting account that I sell?


With ResellerCluster you have the opportunity to set up your own prices and your custom reseller hosting plans.
The system automatically calculates a wholesale price and we provide the plan to you at that price.
Now you can set up a higher price called Retail Price (higher than the maximum one calculated by the system), the difference between the Retail Price and the Wholesale Price is your profit.

5. What type of advertising can I use on my store and how do I get paid for it?


You can use any advertising company as long as their ad formats are compatible with the ad space available on your store’s predefined header.
For complete instructions on how to set up the ads use the specific advertising company manual.
The payments for showing ads on your store are subject to the independent contract between you (the reseller) and the advertising company.

6. How does a reseller understand how many accounts were sold through a reseller store?


Inside the Reseller Control Panel there are very detailed statistics of how many accounts are sold and what are the generated profits.
Our Reseller Control Panel provides all the needed tools by resellers that enables them to manage their hosting stores and monitor their performance.

7. Are there any hidden fees or anything that the reseller is supposed to pay in advance?


There are no fees or any charges for our free hosting reseller program. We do not require any credit card details for the sign-up. Anyone can obtain an account freely and start earning money instantly.

8. How is it that the reseller doesn't do any sales, support or billing, but still looks like an independent provider?


ResellerCluster’s platform is planned and designed skillfully, so the reseller doesn’t have to participate in the sales, support or billing duties, but at the same time the client of the reseller never realizes that this hosting company is indeed a reseller.
The sales, support and billing duties are handled by a third party site acting as a company dedicated to the sales, support and billing needs of hosting providers and their proper handling at utmost professional level.

9. Does the sign-up page use encrypted (SSL) connection to protect the personal details of customers?


Being a responsible and very experienced hosting supplier, we have made our best to protect the personal details of your clients.
With our free reseller hosting program the signup pages on all reseller’s sites, where credit card details are submitted, have 256 bit encryption.
Moreover, a seal issued by trusted authority is available for verification if a client has doubts about the security on the page where they enter their personal details.

10. Do you have an affiliate program, that I can use to promote my reseller hosting store even further?


Yes, you will be able to promote your reseller hosting site via your own affiliate program integrated with your reseller account as well as your reseller templates and remote order tools.

11. How should I use the affiliate program?


Your goal should be attracting affiliates that are willing to refer more sales to your store.
These affiliates could be either web hosting directories, web master related sites, professional web designers and developers or anyone else that can refer customers to your store.

12. How exactly does this affiliate program work?


As a reseller using our predefined templates you will have an affiliate signup form on you hosting store through which your affiliates will be able to sign up for the affiliate program.
After signing up the affiliates will receive log-in details for their affiliate control panel. From there they should get their tracking code and start referring customers to your hosting store.
If you wish to be a reseller with a custom design and make use of our remote order forms, you will need to be in the advanced mode of your Reseller Control Panel, where you will have to integrate the login and signup remote order forms for your affiliates.
‘If you need any assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us via your reseller ticket system in your Reseller Control Panel, we are available 24×7 or alternatively request help at: affiliates”@”

13. How are affiliate sales tracked?


Customers will be tracked through a unique affiliate ID (aid=youruniquecode) in a banner or text link of an affiliate.
We use 10 years cookies. So even if your affiliate refers a client to your hosting store and this client does not purchase or sign up straight away for the service, when he returns or upgrades, the affiliate will still be credited with the commission for that referred client.
Further more – we provide IP tracking, which helps to further enhance the affiliate tracking.

14. Do I need to do any development in order to activate the affiliate program?


No, the affiliate program, control panel, tracking, sign-ups and everything else is all developed and managed by us. You just need to promote the program to your prospective affiliates and get them to join the program: web hosting directories, web master related sites, professional web designers and developers or anyone else that can refer customers to your store.
We handle everything else and at the end you and your affiliates get the commissions.

15. What do my affiliates get?


Each affiliate gets paid on a one time commission basis per order referred to your hosting store. The only condition is that the order should be for a paid shared hosting plan or a VPS.
Depending on your reseller status you can offer your affiliates either a certain percentage (default option) or a fixed amount (featured resellers option).
Depending on the volume of your overall sales you will be illegible for an increase on your affiliate’s commissions.
The benefit for you as a reseller is that you get the reseller commission for every year the customer renews his account.
To demand for bigger commissions for your affiliates or a change in the commission plan from percentage to a fixed amount please contact us at affiliates”@”

16. How much commission do I get from an order referred by an affiliate?


Since we do the customer support, billing and server maintenance for your web hosting customers you do not get a commission on an order referred by an affiliate at the event of the first sale, you get a commission as the customer renews his account, that’s the commission for all recurring payments.

17. Why should I have an affiliate program if I do not get a commission on affiliate sales?


As you probably know web hosting is a subscription-based business and customers are most likely to renew their accounts, purchase additional products or refer a friend to your hosting store. In all of the mentioned scenarios you will still get your commission.
If managed properly your affiliates could increase your hosting store sales several times. In this way you will accumulate a certain amount of customers that will continue to renew and you will have a substantial and stable amount of income for years to come.

18. Who pays the commissions to affiliates?


We do the payments in the same way that we handle your web hosting customers billing. You get paid your reseller hosting commissions and they will stay intact and will not be  affected by the commissions of your affiliates.

19. How do my affiliates get paid?


There are four different payment methods through which your affiliates get paid: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer, Paper check.

20. What fees are applied when my commission is being paid?


Please check the PDF document here to see all fees based on the payment providers we work with.