Best Way to Increase Organic Traffic

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Do it Yourself

Having a website is hardly just an acquisition. It’s usually a business, believe it or not. It can be simply a personal blog and a place to share thoughts or it can be running a reseller business for web hosting. Either way, it’s a way to influence people, get them to do something – read or buy, therefore you are running a business.

And for your business to actually run for you, you need traffic. Since we are talking about online entrepreneurship it’s best if you are getting an organic one. It’s good for your website, it’s good for your desired outcomes and for everything to continue working well. But because we know it’s not easy to do that, here is the best way to increase organic traffic. Or even a few!


The first step to doing the best way to increase organic traffic is of course to optimize your website. Google loves valuable websites and user-friendly consistency of it. You should love Google too! Most of your traffic comes from there and people that are searching for what you are offering. But to beat the competition you have to be better than it, your website should perform in a way that others don’t.

This doesn’t always come only from using keywords in its content. It comes from your company’s name being mentioned outside of your website, and it builds itself as a brand. Having a presence online only increases the chance for people to visit your web space. So, the best way to increase organic traffic is to create great online existence and be sure, it will lead to great brand awareness.

Encourage Incoming Links

Part of the optimization process is linking. In and out of your website, from and to it. If you’ve read other articles and posts about this particular matter you know how often people mention the importance of having links on your website. But what I want to tell you is how much it’s essential to have other people linking to you.

Good SERP positions are based on many things, some known, others predicted, but surely not all aware. However, being a trustful website is 100% crucial. If other websites are linking yours it shouts out that you are good, you are worth and people should check you out.

But let’s be clear, paying someone for links or doing it in bargain method, it will not give you the results you want. If it is not natural, the traffic won’t be organic. You won’t get what you want.

Social Media

You should not be surprised that social media is the best way to increase organic traffic! It’s one of the best opportunities you’re given. You need to be proactive and not sit and wait for organic traffic, it comes when you provoke it. If people can’t find you when searching in engines, then it’s still good if they can find you on social media.

Be there for them. Share content, be active, and intriguing. Start conversations, build bonds, be there for them and with time you will again accredit your brand. Being present there and sharing useful and worthy content will increase the traffic to your website and help you build the website you want.

Attend Events and Conferences

You might wonder how is this really connected to searching the best way to increase organic traffic, but that’s okay. Let me explain. Above I mentioned that when people start talking about you it naturally leads to others searching your name online. As much as it is said, the traffic increases.

For that to happen you need different approaches to getting people to talk about you. One surely great way to do it if you start the conversations. Go out and meet people in your branch, talk to them, give them business cards. Not everything is online! Real people are out there and they are ready for you.


It’s time to share one more way that is becoming popular more and more these days. It’s the appearance of social media influencers. They tend to have apparently influence on other people and encourage them into doing things, buying, reading, following and etc. People these days by being active on social media are more likely to trust other people instead of big corporations, brands, and companies.

They don’t work for free, you’d have to pay or give something in advance, but still is a way to start a trustful conversation about you by people that are interested in the particular area. Finding influencers that are in your niche will be the best way to increase traffic for a start.

Whatever you do and whatever actions you take, just make sure you stay operating. Keep working in your direction and success will follow.


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