File Size Limit Upgrade For All Free Hosting Users

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

reseller-hosting-file-size-2mb-limitWe have upgraded the file size limits of all Free Hosting Accounts.

The old limit of 500KB was waved. The new File Size Limit is 2 MB.
Why do we need a file size limit?

We have been asked this question very often by our Reseller Partners. This is why we and you should know the facts about the file size limit and why it is important for your business:

  • First of all the file size limit protects our service from beeing abused as a file sharing system. We are all providing web hosting solutions for building websites and not just sharing files to download. Most filesharing companies are acting in the grey field of a legal status. The reason is easy to guess – most files that are shaed are copyrighted materials. We are strongly comitted to the task to protect your company name from being related to that kind of companies. This is the main reason for the file size limit.
  • We are saving ressources in order to keep the prices low and allow larger margins for you. The bigger the file sizes are – the more space users use – the more storage we need to purchase and charge your paying customers for it.
  • Push Free Users to upgrade to paid clients: Of course FREE service is great – but at the end of the day we all need our meal on the table. The limitation of the file size limit will force a lot of users to upgrade in order to unleash the whole potential of the web hosting service.


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