How to Update a Website and Why it Matters so Much

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

New Year is just a few weeks away and with the beginning of it, it’s the perfect time to think about your website and what it needs to refresh.
If it’s working well enough for you so far, it’s time to take a second to think about what more it can do; and if it’s not, well then you know that something needs to be done.
A lot of users don’t mind the update because they think if the website is working okay, then they don’t need to change it. But that’s really not true.
I am about to share with you how to update a website and exactly why It matters.


Collect Feedback from Your Users

Let’s start further and talk about the first steps in how to update a website. Now, as I said, you might not believe in that update and not be quite sure what to do, so a simple ask will do you a good favor at the beginning of your journey.

Online business reviews
There are different ways you can do it. Think about creating a poll on social media, ask for reviews, send emails, use a pop-up window, and etc. Just find a way to get to your visitor’s opinion. Ask them if something needs to be changed and of course, what would they recommend.
You’ll gain not only inspiration but also a strong connection to them because people like to feel involved and believe they matter.

Do a Research on Your Competition

How to update a website will be a lot easier to find out if proper research is done before that. Just like reading this article or any other will help your orientation in what has to be done.
Take a moment to look at what your competitors are doing with their websites. There are tools and extensions that you can use. They will help you check what is their traffic, what keywords they use, what problems they might have that you can turn into your positive.

Check your own analytics

After you’re done with checking their doing, take a look at your own performance. Use Google Console, Analytics, Yoast and every other you can think of to track your success. Find out where you are missing things, which pages are not looked at, where people click (you can try the website heatmap), which buttons work for you and which ones don’t.
After figuring out that, you can start work! You can fix the problems you find and it will be easy to learn how to update a website.


Update your keywords

When you’re done with checking your analytics, you’ll find out which keywords work for you. Set a few that will be your main and try updating your website with them. As a reseller some long-tail keywords that are appropriate for your kind of business.
It’s very important for SEO to have semantically full content and how to update a website if you’re not using the most important keywords?

Check and update

Before you start everything, take a look at your control panel. No matter what CMS you’re using, plugins or themes, or anything, need an update from time to time. So, check them and update everything that needs to be.
Furthermore, check your content for missing images, or low-quality ones. Check if the information you have is up to date, is it correct too. Of course, you can also have a look at your broken links, some formatting issues, and missing content in general.

Create new (or update existing) content

How to update a website guide must even start with this one. It’s really important for a website to have always fresh content and be user-friendly. So, always find time to change things and fresh up your look and content.
After updating, create new content. The best way to do that is by having a blog, but it’s not really everything you can do. You can fill your pages, you can create interesting and creative ways to share important information with your users.

A/B Testing

As I pointed earlier, asking your users for help or opinion is helpful in a lot of ways for you, and for them! A/B testing is exactly that. Show A, show B, and track which one is working better.
This way you will know what is best for your website and updating it will be an easy game! Don’t be too afraid to try new and different things. That’s why it’s testing! Be brave and try different ways and options, and look at what your users will like most.

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Why it Matters?

Do you really still ask yourself that? The matter of an update is a matter of your website’s life. If it was a flower you would water it, change the pot, and take care of it. As if it was a child, a house, a car, or… a website. Everything needs care. Take care of your success!


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