How to Increase Productivity and Get Work Done

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

The way we feel during the day is often connected to everything around us and we think that there is not much we can do. Let’s say it’s cold outside and it’s raining. You want to listen to quiet music and fall slowly to sleep.

How can you turn yourself around and start working?

There are actually a lot of things that can be done to increase productivity. You probably already heard most of them, but they are very important and you can believe me when I say – you will get work done!


Get Enough Sleep

I will start with the healthy lifestyle choices as I grow to the other factors that take control over our productivity. And not getting enough sleep is one of them.

A lot of entrepreneurs that start with reselling hosting services, e-commerce website builders, or any other niche of the web world, often feel dedicated to their work. They are, actually, you are, enthusiastic and committed to success.

That’s why long work hours turn into really long ones, getting tired is ignored in the name of progress. Everyone who calls for work is welcomed; the deadline is for yesterday and the place around us, and in our heads is a mess.

So, start by getting enough sleep to increase productivity. The body needs its refreshment, and cannot work properly if it’s still tired, sleeping, or dreaming for that matter. Most productive entrepreneurs usually also wake up early and start their day. So, if you want to get the hours you need, consider adding some at night, not in the morning.


Keep Clean and in Order

The order is something some people crave, and others – cannot stand! This is something people don’t take control of because they are used to living the way they do. But consider changing that or at least adjusting it to your work life.

If you like your mess and you know “where everything is” – great! But chaos never works well for productivity. At moments of disbalance, when something is bothering you, the lack of something in the moment that you need can drive you crazy and you won’t increase productivity.

If you are a hosting reseller then you are probably working from your home. This doesn’t mean though that you won’t have your working space.

Even if it’s the couch, the bed, the office, the desk, or the kitchen – you need to have an order. Even more, if you create the little (or big) space you have at home into office look, you’ll feel your work for real. You’ll be close to it and for sure you will increase productivity.


Track Your Time

Working at home can be time-consuming. It’s like walking into a room and never getting out of it because you’re not even looking for a door. Taking care of your business is important especially when you want to be successful. However, you have to think of the tasks you have and the time you are spending for them.

If you are already into business and time is already consuming you, then stop for a second. Start keeping track of how much time you are spending and when you have the results you will clearly see if it is working for you.

You will see what tasks could take less and which ones – more time. After that, start working around the time you thought of. Set a schedule and follow it. You will see how easier it will become to complete the tasks and even have free time!

Don’t forget to follow the deadlines you have set for yourself. This will give you the chance to have control over what you’re doing. Be your own boss!

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Quit multitasking

Entrepreneurs and businessmen as I already pointed out are dedicated to their work in order to increase sales, engagement or whatever their agenda is. That’s why the work they do is more than one person can usually hold. Don’t get in the tornado of multitasking. Not that you can’t do it – it just won’t help!

If you want to do a lot of things and achieve many more, simply put an order into your daily priorities. Take care of yourself and don’t allow stress to get you off track. Psychologists have found that when you are attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity.

The entrepreneurial skills you need to master for great success are not that much if you just start today!


Give Yourself Something Nice to Look at

That’s right. In order to increase productivity, you have to take care of yourself. Give your eyes something nice to look at. Play some nice music for your ears. Get worm, pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee, wine, or whatever you want to. No one can take that away from you. Working at home has its priorities and you just need to take advantage of that.


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