Introducing new Partners Pages

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

The team of ResellerCluster is concerned with the needs of our valuable resellers and that’s why we introduce a new feature for our reseller hosting platform – Partners Pages. This new functionality available for the resellers using our default templates is already accessible via the Reseller Control Panel in the “Customize Partners” menu where you can enable the page and edit the content. The new Partners Pages will be very helpful for your marketing efforts, because you can use it to place the backlinks to different websites that link to your site themselves. These are usually web hosting directories, sites for hosting reviews and ratings, forums. These kinds of websites are very appropriate for the promotion of your hosting services and building links pointing to your website. Besides on-page optimization, backlinks are also very important in SEO; links (especially quality links) are one of the chief signals for ranking in Google’s page results, as well as ranking for other search engines. However, most directories will gladly list your website for free and link to it, but they’d also usually require backlinks to their own sites. That’s why a page for your partners is a convenient place for backlinks to other websites. The link to your Partners page is unobtrusive, placed in the footer of your homepage. For more information on links and how to disable the indexing of the Partners Pages read the section “Need help” in your Control Panel’s “Customize Partners” menu. ResellerCluster Team


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