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by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

As part of our constant efforts to offer you – our resellers, multiple ways to market your reseller websites, we’ve launched a new feature on our reseller hosting program. The new feature intends to effectively help you spread the word out about your website offering hosting services. The new feature is something that works progressively with your efforts to bring more free user accounts. The more free accounts you bring to your store the better this new feature works to advertise your reseller hosting store. Ok, we know you cannot wait anymore and would like to reveal more. Our free reseller hosting program offers from its creation free web hosting. Any of you can offer free shared web hosting accounts on your store(s), to help drive more traffic, which converts to better popularity and at the end more sales. For over 2 year up to now, the free plan features ability to send emails (SMTP ON). Any free user, who has a domain, can send up to 31 emails a month. This is now standard with the free plan you offer on your reseller web hosting store(s). Our developers have successfully developed, tested and launched a system that injects text ad + link to the reseller store in each email send from a free user you have. The text ad and link is added at the bottom of each email send out, here is how it looks like:

This email was sent from my web hosting account.

We at ResellerCluster consider this new marketing feature to be a really powerful marketing feature, if you have a few thousands of free users that have a domain in their web hosting accounts. Thank you for being part of Reseller Cluster – reseller hosting program. ResellerCluster Team


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