New semi dedicated hosting plans launched on reseller stores

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

So far we only offered shared hosting and VPS. While the first was suitable for sites with low to middle volumes of traffic and modest overall load, VPS (despite being flexible) were quite sophisticated for a lot of users. So there was a missing link between the two types of hosting.

We are happy to announce the launch of our dedicated hosting plans which are already enabled in your hosting store pages if you are using the default templates. If you have a custom template you have to build up similar pages on your site and after that generate the remote comparison table from Reseller Control Panel Order Tools Customize Semi-Dedicated Hosting Comparison.

We encourage all resellers to check out the new hosting plans inside their Reseller Control Panel and see the newly optimized reseller commissions. The big news there is we have lowered the wholesale price for the two hosting plans, but kept the commission amount. It is even higher than before for some of the offered subscription periods, which is great considering that this was achieved for the default retail price offered by our team. IF you decide to be more aggressive on the market and have the knowledge of attracting potential customers at higher retail prices, you can increase your reseller commission even more, by adjusting the optimized retail prices.

For you – semi dedicated hosting plans are another product that will increase your site conversion rate in terms of both new customers and additional products upgrades from existing customers. For your customers semi dedicated hosting has the following advantages:

  1. More available resources, better and stable performance

    Due to the small number of users per server you get much more server: RAM, server CPU and MySQL database requests, which accelerates your site performance just a like a more powerful engine accelerates your car speed. Site stability, uptime and overall reliability are also increased.

  2. Easy to use and great for existing shared customers

    Although the shared hosting plans are not limited in terms of disk space usage and traffic there are other limitations for: Inodes, MySQL, CPU, RAM etc, which still limit the performance of the shared hosting plan. This is the main reason some of our customers suffer a lack of resources on their shared hosting account and would be much better upgrading to a Semi Dedicated hosting plan. With a semi dedicated server you get the same easy to use hosting control panel as on shared hosting. If you are online business owner or an affiliate marketer without a serious knowledge of Linux commands, but at the same time you have a high ranking site semi dedicated hosting is the best solution for you.

  3. Custom software or module installation

    Unlike on shared hosting you can request a custom module or software to be installed. You do not get root access as you do on a VPS, but still it is a good option if you would like to set up a rare configuration needed to run your site, scripts, CMS or other software.

  4. Lower prices than our VPS packages and much lower prices then our competitors

    Unlike most of our competitors that rent servers, and lease control panels our proprietary servers and in house built control panel are amongst the key factors for the affordability our services. So why not cut the middle man and move your site to a reliable and heavy load tested hosting platform.

ResellerCluster Team


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