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Reseller commissions on Custom Service orders available now!

Custom Service orders that are created by the ResellerCluster’s team as payment links might contain standard products and services, i.e. the ones set up on your store and custom ones that need additional manual setup/payment in order to provide the users with custom service handling and assist help requests.

Such orders will be generated by the system with an appropriate commission and 70% of it will be given to the reseller. We will keep as service fee the other 30% of the commission for our manual handling of the payment/order/approval process.

Our idea behind the payment links issued to the users is to maintain the customer support level at 100% and satisfy each user to purchase any additional custom service that can be provided by us. This makes the user happy, as well as stimulates the reseller for his/her efforts in bringing the customer.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support!

ResellerCluster Team

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