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by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

Dear Resellers,

For quite some time we have been working toward improving the end-customer experience, which benefits every reseller, because a happy customer is a good customer. Free hosting plan – Now with MORE disk space The biggest update is concerning the disk space of the free hosting which now comes with 1GB of disk space instead of 250MB. We have also increased the file size limits for free customers, so they can use the newly available disk space. Zacky App Installer – Only the newest software and one-click updates The Zacky App Installer supports upgrades for WordPress and Joomla through the user control panel for both free and paid customers with a single click of a button. We have a dedicated team which makes sure that the available softwares for installation through the Zacky App Installer are up-to-date. VPS – Upgrades without downtime, improved set of features, and 1-WEEK trials for paid customers We have made a lot of improvements for the customers using VPSs. All VPS upgrades are now almost instant and do not require restart of the VPS. The VPS Manager section from the Control Panel has been reworked, so more options and features are now available to the customers, like management of HDD volumes, better control, various statistics and a lot more. Another great thing about the new VPS platform is that with its release we have decided to give all paid clients the opportunity to get a VPS plan for 1 week as a trial, so they can see if a VPS is their thing or not. Webmail – Full SSL support with Roundcube and iPhone configurator The last update is concerning Webmail applications, in the past we supported three applications – IlohaMail, AtMail and Roundcube. From quite some time we support only Roundcube due to its diversity of themes, functionality and mobile device friendliness. We discontinued the other Webmail applications, because SSL was not fully supported there. Another useful feature that we added to the Webmail is the “iPhone configurator”, which allows iPhone users to configure e-mail accounts into their phones very easily. Upcoming The most important thing for us at the moment is finishing the new hosting control panel, which already includes all the features of the preceding Domain Control Panel, SSL Control Panel, VPS Control Panel and almost the entire Hosting Control Panel. We will keep you up to date with the newest releases and features that will be available to you and your customers. Thank you for being part of our reseller hosting program!

ResellerCluster Team


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