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VPS Hosting new features and new plans

Dear Resellers,

We have great news related to the UX in terms of new cloud features in the Control Panel.

Since the launch of the new Control Panel in 2012 we’ve had positive feedback by clients and our resellers. The initial goal of this panel was to integrate all services we offer in this new Panel for the sake of customer convenience and satisfaction.

As of today we are proud to announce that we have successfully launched the VPS part of the Panel called “Cloud Servers”. All of your clients: Free plan, Shared paid plan, Semi-dedicated, Domain or SSL will have this menu in their panels, however in inactive status. For marketing purposes, any of those clients/users can test a Cloud VPS plan as a trial for 5 days. If the VPS instance is not paid within 5 days, the system shuts down the specific VPS and later on deletes it.

The new “Cloud Servers” Tab in the panel has many new features like:

– Snapshots – create snapshots of logical hard disk drives from VPS instance, which can be used for restoring a logical hard drive to a previous state or for cloning data to another VPS instance

– Volumes – create new volumes for VPS instances

– Watchdog auto power on – If VPS crashes, the system will restart it automatically in several minutes

– Resize & Upgrade Instance – upgrade options for current VPS instance

– Monitoring of Instances – graphic monitoring of you VPS instances

Additional fascinating news related to the Cloud VPS service is the new and upgraded plans in terms of parameters and better prices to be more competitive on the market:

Starter VPS Advanced VPS Pro VPS
Processor 50% -> 50%, 1 vCPU Processor 80% -> 100%, 2 vCPU Processor 100% -> 100%, 2 vCPU
Hard Drive 15GB -> 25 GB Hard Drive 25GB -> 50 GB Hard Drive 50GB -> 100 GB
RAM 512MB -> 1GB RAM 768MB -> 2GB RAM 1024MB -> 4GB
Bandwidth 6Mbit/s -> 50Mbps Bandwidth 8Mbit/s -> 100Mbps Bandwidth 8Mbit/s -> 100Mbps
Traffic 250GB -> 2TB Traffic 500GB -> 4TB Traffic 500GB -> 8TB

Since there are new prices on the new Cloud VPS plans(old plan have been discontinued), you may want to adjust your comissions.
To do this login to your reseller account > Products&Services tab > Setup Server Prices section.

We hope this new enhancement will bring more value to your reseller efforts.

Thank you for being part of ResellerCluster!

ResellerCluster Team

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