Reseller stores have their custom error pages

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

The reseller hosting platform has been upgraded with new feature for the reseller stores – error pages. Our resellers can now use the traffic from their free users – 403 and 404 error pages, and forward this traffic to their stores to attract more potential customers. Up to now we have been loading one awkward page since we haven’t prepared a solution to check in real time which user website belongs to which store and print the appropriate error page. The error pages are containing a default layout for all stores that are using our current reseller templates. Here are examples for the error pages on our demo store:

All resellers who use remote stores and would like to prepare custom error pages as well can directly create the following URLs:

The general idea of providing this feature is to monetize your own traffic and also make your store popular. When a visitor opens a non-existing page on some customer’s website, he/she will be presented with your 404 error page (i.e. That 404 page can contain information about the hosting company, a message on why this page is printed (i.e. the requested web page is missing) and also offer some hosting deals to the visitor. We greatly hope that you can take advantage of this and make some additional sales. It is very important to say that remote stores that place inappropriate content will be strictly monitored and penalized if necessary due to incorrect usage of that error traffic. Here is a short remark for all resellers that are still on the old templates – the new features are not supported on the old templates. We recommend that all resellers on the old templates upgrade to our current templates in order to be more modern and competitive in terms of features and services. ResellerCluster will appreciate any comments and questions on the new features from our resellers. Thank you for doing business with us! ResellerCluster Team


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