Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use for Every Platform

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Digital Marketing

You will find a lot of articles on our blog that are social media-oriented. That’s because we believe every business small or well developed, should be present on the online platforms, be active, and embrace the progress that the Internet has made.

Being a website hosting reseller is a responsibility that needs to be taken care of, and this includes promotions, advertising, and social media presence. Part of that is deciding which platforms are most suitable for you and where you think you will have the most impact and gain the users’ trust.

That’s why the following social media marketing tips are essential to your online business development.


Strategy & Consistency

It’s no secret that the greatest things in any niche or direction, are achieved with the right strategic plan and the consistency and responsibility for following it after. The first step for you would be answering a few questions. Such as why do you choose a certain platform – who will reach you, what type of posts work on it, and how your posts can be extraordinary.

Then it really comes to only following this strategy consistently and thoroughly. After you have prioritized the valuable and important matters and you are ready to just complete tasks, you’ll be up to a greater success for your reseller hosting company or other business.

Don’t forget to include specific planning for your posts that are tailored with the specific social media. Some of them require more often presence, and others don’t. For example, for Facebook and Quora, you are not expected to post every day. While on Instagram or Twitter, this is sometimes even preferred.


Messaging & Engaging

The demographics of every platform is different even though there is an overlap of your target audience. Still, you’ll have to consider the message you are sending and the tone you are using. But overall, it’s significant to constantly engage – comment, respond, like, be aware, and raise awareness. You’d be surprised how many people actually read comments and expect a brand’s activity to be there – interesting and fascinating.

Keep in mind that the platforms that provide communication via messages are not to be overlooked and this is no longer simple information delivering part. It is however a powerful tool for you to contact customers, to interact, and even sell through these social media marketing tips.


Trends & Hashtags

Social media channels are the most intensively growing and changing parts of the Internet. It’s not a surprise for anyone to hear that trends are sometimes progressively altering every day. And you need to know about it… every day!

Keeping yourself informed about what is trending is a significant part of the process that concerns these platforms. These so-called trends are usually what becomes viral. Sometimes this could be annoying, but if done right, it can skyrocket your sales!

Furthermore, a lot of the social media platforms are using hashtags to create a trend themselves, to get people to engage, and raise awareness. That’s why you should also keep this in mind and for those of the channels that require it, be there and create your own hashtags! Don’t only use the most popular ones that are used millions of times. You need to stand out, not fit in!


A/B if Possible

A quick addition to the social media marketing tips presented today would be the A/B test that is well known by most of the marketers. It’s a technique that works great if the circumstances are good. It helps in many ways to reach the right audiences, to present the right message, and most importantly, figure out what works best and keep the insight for future ads.

Although it is a great opportunity for your business development, these tests are not always possible since the platforms don’t always provide the chance. However, on those social media channels that you now you can try it, do it. You’d be surprised by the results.



Speaking of social marketing tips, this one should probably just be a reminder since I believe you already know how important it is. The best tip I can give you is to analyze. Think. Keep track. Check. Try. Look at the results and if failed, try again.

It’s up to your analysis to get further with the advertisement process. When you know what works, or not, what kind of people are interested or not, when you learn their insights, you will have the most valuable – idea on how to proceed with progress.


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