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Elgg App Installer

Why should I use Elgg for my social network website ?

Reseller Hosting Elgg Installer

Elgg is a flexible tool for dynamic and fully featured social networks suitable for businesses, non-profits, schools and everyone with the desire to start his/hers own online community. You can create a social network with Elgg almost automatically and choose its color theme, add your own logo and banners to customize it, thus launching your own site with no programming skills at all. Elgg allows users to make their own profiles, follow the activity of friends and groups by regular updates, upload files, use bookmarks and comment. Elgg also offers flawless Twitter and YouTube integration.




Multiple languages

Popular in the brand

Profile creation

Huge number of plugins

A lot of themes

Free & Open Source

Built on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) platform, Elgg is one of the best Social Network software which you can use to create fantastic community. With the huge variaty of the plugins Elgg will allows of your users to create profiles, blogs, to upload media files such as images and multimedia, to embed videos and a lot of other things which are allowed in the popular social websites.

Free and open source, Elgg is the best solution for you if you want to create social website.