The perfect solution for a website focused on photos!

Reseller Hosting Zenphoto Installer

Zenphoto is a content management system that allows your free reseller hosting customers to create websites with rich media galleries including different video and audio files. It is a flexible tool that enables you to create galleries with numerous features via its simple graphical interface. Zenphoto is SEO optimized and offers handy features like scheduled publishing, comments, creation of custom pages and menus, various themes, watermarks, and passwords that can be enabled for every page.


  • Multiple languages
  • Multi-users
  • Customizable themes
  • Flexible
  • Plugin system
  • Free & Open source
  • Manageable content
  • All kinds of features


With the easy interface and the flexibility which the software Zenphoto provides, you can create a fantastic photo website that can compare with some of the popular websites in this sphere.

Full of different features this stand-alone CMS will be the perfect choice for website focused on multimedia such as images, photos, and video materials.