Create the Best Business Development Strategy and Follow it!

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Entrepreneurship

Business development strategy is a must when you are creating your first company regardless of its essence. You can be opening a shop down the street, creating an online website for services, or be a hosting reseller.

Whatever it is, your business needs the right strategy if you want it to be successful and grow more than the competitions’. It’s important to do it before you start the actual work. It will give you clarity about what you want to achieve and how to do it.


One of the things you need to include in your business development strategy is networking. It’s, in fact, one of the most universal strategies used by many entrepreneurs. It is known to be useful due to the fact that creating relationships is itself a great boost in many fields.

Whether it is networking with other business partners or related associates, or it’s your target audience, you need to make sure you don’t just meet them or talk to them. You also have to listen. Engage. Create trust and long-term relations. This way you can relate to assurance and confidence in both yours and the other person’s business.

Nowadays, the digital world has given us the opportunity to do all that online. Using social media, you can all the more save time while creating some connections on the right channels. Saying the right channels is important for many reasons and you’ll read them scrolling down.


Branding is a word that is now used on so many occasions that it lost some of its meanings. And one of them is exactly the business development strategy that it takes a huge part of. Building a brand is not only creating a logo and choosing your colors. It’s not about positioning yourself somewhere with your name and company.

It’s also about what will be said for you when you are not there. Furthermore, about your brand identity. How people will recognize you wherever they see something connected to you and your services.

Social Media Optimization

The online presence is your door to building a brand, to creating relationships, and bringing attention to you. Especially if your business is only online such as the reseller business.

Then you really need to create a vision for yourself that brings you closer to the goals you have put and to the dreams you had. This being said let me get back to what I referred in the beginning.

The right channels you are using. The online market is a huge space and it has room for everyone. So, whatever your particular company is about must be coordinated with the social media channels.

You cannot be everywhere as it will only take your time and not help you achieve anything. That’s why it’s important to create the right online presence using the right tools, sending the most appropriate message and leaving prints behind you.

Furthermore, social media can help you do the networking we started with. You can create a forum and not only participate in conversations but start ones. Let people talk about you naturally.

Here is more about How to Use Social Media to Generate Interest in Your Web Hosting Company


Another matter you need to consider when creating your business development strategy is the referrals you can use. They can come from business partners, satisfied customers, or any related users on the Internet that are worth and of course, connected to you.

So, think about that and figure out if you can use some linking from other websites. But be sure to proceed with caution when it comes to linking. As good as it is being backed up, if it comes from not a reliable source, it is worse rather than good for you.

Digital Ads

You absolutely need to include in your plan – a strategy for digital ads. Whether it’s Facebook campaigns or Google Ads or other advertising online, you will need them to raise awareness and bring more users to your website.

This part requires knowledge about how ad campaigns work but it also craves creativity. What actually sells is an extraordinary content and appeal that attracts and raises desires about the content and the brand behind it.

Also, Prepare:

Target Audience

Be sure to include in your planning time to get to know your target. Who are you going to sell to? What are your buyer personas and their profile? Think about where you can find your audience and what can you tell them that will be interesting for them.

Research Market and Competitors

You simply can do anything without research first. To position yourself on any market especially online, you need to be prepared about who it is that you are going against. Look at their prices, their content marketing, their messages and what they are using as advantages.

Also, think about what you see as minus and use it in your favor. The market and your competitors will give you a lot of answers about what you should do. Be prepared and your business development strategy will work at its best for you.


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