Discover Your Creative Side and Embrace New Horizons

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Entrepreneurship

In a world full of stereotypes, clichés, scientific proofs, statistics, and judgments all around, it’s crucial to find our creative side, to let the extraordinary feed our souls, to explore the unknown, embrace it, and learn from it.

We realize there is more we should and could do, but sometimes find it hard to understand what exactly. And it seems like it’s projected onto us that not everyone can be creative. Either you have it or you don’t.

And it’s time you realize, that’s not true at all.

We all have creative sides, we can all embrace new thoughts and let them change the perspectives we otherwise don’t think we have. It’s all in our minds and it’s just a matter of time and desire – because you will never be able to do it if you don’t really want it.

We might not become all published authors, the greatest entrepreneurs, or stars of any kind. But that’s not what should be your goal anyway. What you should aim to is understanding yourself better and then exploring those new horizons that await.

Discover Your Creative Side and Embrace New Horizons

Don’t Get Pass Any Ideas

You might not agree at first, but if you give it a try, you’ll see there is more to writing down all of your ideas than you think. The truth is, creative thinking is really turning something simple into something surprising, extraordinary or unexpected. This could come from the most ordinary things in life, thoughts we all have, and believes we all agree on.

So, use that phone you have in your hands all the time. Open Notes and write down all the ideas you get during your day. Write down your thoughts and even short sentences, phrases, or words. Open later and don’t neglect them. They might be hiding something precious in them. or you might get a new idea you didn’t expect.

Discover Your Creative Side and Embrace New Horizons

Think Inside the Box

Yeah, that’s right. Stop listening to everyone that says you should think outside the box. It’s all inside of it. All you will ever need is the simple sides that are found inside of any box. But then you get whatever you can and out it into another box.

See what I did just now? I found a creative way to explain it to you. But I didn’t think outside of the box (in this case the sentence), I looked right into it and took the words, changed one, and voilà – we have an unexpected presenting of the otherwise cliché phrase.

Find What Gives You the Spark

Sometimes the truth is if you are not doing what gives you sparks and excites you; you will really find it difficult to discover your creative side. If you are not fully dedicated to what you are doing and passionate about it, then find a way to make it this way, or just do what you love.

For example, if you are starting a reseller hosting company, you probably would need a lot of thinking in and out of the box to figure out ways to present your unique selling proposition. To get creative there, you’ll need to see what sparks your potential users. Then, you’ll know the creativity will follow.

Go Outside

Discover Your Creative Side and Embrace New HorizonsIt’s mandatory to know that creativity is not something you learn; you practice when you decide or turn off if you are not working today. But it is however a state of mind that can be provoked when calmness is around.

Well, stress is not helpful in any situation, but in this – when you are seeking creativity for embracing new horizons, it’s necessary to avoid it. If you find yourself stressed – go outside. Calm yourself. Do whatever makes you calm and ready to focus on the ideas you get.

The truth is, even if a good idea passes through your mind you won’t be able to recognize it if you are subconsciously thinking about a problem. That’s why going out helps.

Not only that, but you can find inspiration in every small thing around you.

It could be the fresh air outside and how people are walking that looks almost like a dance, it could be when you go to the break room and have a coffee that smells like an early morning on a vacation you desired to go to rest but woke up early to enjoy every second of it. or it could be a color that reminds of a word; a move that looks like a book you read; a touch that reminds you of a song. Or anything.

Just open your mind for it.

Embrace it.


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