Unique Selling Proposition – The Essentials

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

Starting a business in a highly saturated market is a fairly tough task. Even more so, when you want to start an online business. Yes, the investments are negligible for most people, but again – the investments are negligible for most people. Thus, the leap that you want to make can take an equal amount of money, time and effort to someone else.

When all these factors are aligned, you can see that it is necessary for you to distinguish your business somehow. We’ve already talked about market positioning, but today we’ll cover something specific about it.

The unique selling proposition is something that will definitely help you to position your business in one way or another.

Those are not interchangeable, they are both needed for you to market your business the right way.

Market positioning concerns your business more on the level of pricing. Meaning, whether you’ll position yourself as a business that sells high priced high-quality products, or you’ll sell something cheap but not so good. Bear in mind that this is more like a spectrum where you can go from one of these ends to the other, and not a binary position, where you can choose either the first or the second.

For example, Amazon.com is a giving high-quality products on low-price.

The same goes for our hosting reseller program, where you can sell high quality, reliable hosting services at low price.

And you’ll have the opportunity to have a unique selling proposition that no other hosting reseller company is offering.

But first…


What is a Unique Selling Proposition

In the early 1940s, a new marketing concept was proposed for the first time. The idea of the ‘unique selling proposition’ was developed by the television advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves, and later reinforced by the statement of the professor at Harvard Business School  – Theodore Levitt that “Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”

And yes, you need to have a USP when competing in any online business realm.

Before continuing, let’s define USP.


Definition of Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors. The unique selling proposition must be a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.

As described by Dr. James Blythe, the USP “contains the one feature of the product that most stands out as different from the competition, and is usually a feature that conveys unique benefits to the consumer.” Communicating the USP is a key element of branding.

This definition is cited from Wikipedia.

Although the internet is full of free information (or maybe precisely because of that), there is a serious misunderstanding, that I noticed, while making my research for the current article.

Thus, I find it necessary to extract the most important points around the USP.

Your unique selling proposition is NOT:

  • Your slogan
  • A great phrase in your advertising
  • Your company philosophy

What your unique selling proposition IS:

  • A feature to your product, that no one else offers
  • A very low price to a high-quality product, that otherwise sells for a high price
  • The speed of delivering, the speed by which you take care of issues


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A Few Examples of a Unique Selling Proposition

There are stories in the marketing world that are circulating around us, like legends. We are never sure whether these stories are true or not, but what we are sure of is that the company which is the protagonist in the story is more often than not a company that we expect to do something similar to what the story tells us.

For example, the shoe selling company – Zappos is famous for the quality of its customer service. There are stories about a 10-hour customer service call. And one other story that I’ve read in a book written by Seth Godin (as far as I remember) about a man who was drunk and called Zappos instead of a Pizza delivery company.

The person who picked the phone at Zappos didn’t just stop the call, once he finds out that the one calling is trying to order a pizza. He, instead, ordered the pizza for that man.

And such customer service is a unique selling proposition. Hardly any other company will do that. But they did.

On the other hand, the rise of the McDonald’s restaurants was due to the fast tendency of the clients, and, of course, the low price. One dollar burger that you get almost at the moment that you order it, and it is as tasty as any other burger, if not even more so, is a great unique selling proposition. At least it was, before other known and unknown companies adopted the same business model.

Honestly, the hosting market is saturated.  Yet, you can have your unique selling proposition.


Your Unique Selling Proposition as a Hosting Reseller

To be unique in the world we live in is something we all want but can hardly achieve. Not because we are not extraordinary and special, but because the environment we live in is created by us. So, we are predisposed to have similar ideas, desires, or services for sale. Especially, when it comes to online business and development, the competition never ends. Everyone wants to provide something special.

Unique selling proposition in the world of Reseller Hosting is even harder than other areas on the Internet. However, there is a way to be special.

Reselling website hosting can be free. It can be free for you to do it. And it can be free for your customers! Now, how is that possible? What’s the secret? There isn’t one. It’s just our unique selling proposition. And by becoming a reseller hosting provider yourself, it will be your unique selling proposition. And when your customers understand it’s a dream come true, they will have all of their objections defused.

On the web, among all the website hosting providers, free hosting does rarely appear. But in the reseller hosting service, well…at least I’ve never found another service. Reseller Cluster has chosen the most convenient way for you. Furthermore, it will be the best possible for your customers. For sure, we’re not telling you that you can be unique because as we established, there is no such thing. But be positive about the fact that choosing free reseller hosting services is your golden ticket to providing a unique selling proposition.


Final Thoughts

Being in a world so interconnected as ours is a recipe for having a hard time of being successful and unique. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Just the opposite!

Knowing how important it is to distinguish your brand from all the others on the market is the first step to achieving success.

The following one is to find out how exactly are you different from all the other companies that are selling more or less the same product.

And in case your online business is to be a hosting reseller, you already know what your unique selling proposition is.



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