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Early Twenties: 7 Reasons to Start Your First Website Now

Dec 18, 2017

It’s not that you can’t or shouldn’t start online projects if you are not in your early twenties. Just the opposite. The point is if you are, you probably have a lot of resources, which you’ll miss, once you grow a bit older.

The life of an adult is as much hard as it is pleasant. The higher level of independence comes with a price. Namely, responsibility.

Once you are an adult, you are responsible for yourself. At certain times for your parents, friends, significant other, and in some cases – for your children. That is a lot to take care of.  As you probably understand(or know), once you have so many responsibilities, it becomes harder to find the time, energy, and even money to start an online project. Of course, it is fair to note that most of the millionaires are crossing the million dollar border, long after their twenties.  But, as far, as I am concerned, I would say that they are becoming millionaires, not cause of a one-time effort. Most likely, the people that are wealthier, have been through a lot of trial and error.

And “suddenly”, there is the breakthrough, the first million, and afterward – the second.

I am not trying to implement that starting your first website now will guarantee you the millionaire status after some time. But let’s be honest, trying to do it will lead you at least one step ahead of those who are not, right?

So here are the top reasons, to start your first website in your twenties.


1. The technological progress is here to stay

Honestly, this is just something I believe in. According to the economic theories, everything comes to a peak. After the peak, there is a slope(or recession). This is called economic cycle – growth, peak, recession, trough, and growth again. And while these theories are making sense(after all everything in life is a cycle in a way), the growth of the information era(therefore, the technology industry) is something that is hard to come to a recession. Not because it is some kind of a special industry, but because there are way too much people on the earth, and every one of us is thirsty for knowledge. Not to mention the fact, there are way too many people without internet access, which is one huge market to look forward to.

And if the technological progress is here to stay, you probably should think about going online, a.s.a.p.


2. You learn faster

While in your twenties, especially in your early and mid-twenties, you’ll learn faster than ever. It is true that once you become older if the seed of knowledge is sown, you’ll understand faster and better, but while in your twenties, your capacity of learning is wider and bigger. Probably you are still getting to know the world, which in the best case means you don’t have any stereotypes. The lack of stereotypes makes it easier to learn new and different concepts and opinions.

The energy, which I’ll also cover in minutes is also a big factor in your learning capacity.

And the learning capacity itself is important because most of us are facing a really steep learning curve when trying to set up our first website.

Take advantage of your learning capacity, while you can.


3. You have more time to learn

This one is probably self-explanatory. The sooner you start to learn how to set-up a website, the more time you’ll have to do so. Being in your thirties or forties doesn’t mean it is too late (to be honest I think it is almost never too late, especially if you have a good teacher next to you). On the other hand, let’s be honest if you are in your twenties right now you are blessed in a way. The technological progress is at an evergrowing peak, and you are young enough to take advantage of that fact.

And being in your twenties is a big advantage, not only in the strategical sense. Day in and day out, you just have more time. No kids, no spouse means you have more free time.

In essence, you have more time not only to collect the fruits of you present efforts but you have more free time to work, and the more you work, the more fruits you’ll collect.


4. You have more energy

Probably you won’t believe it but with the time passing by the large amounts of energy you possess right now, will cease to exist. It is ironic that the more responsibilities and hardships the life presents you, the less energy you have to deal with them.

The lack of huge amounts of energy past your twenties will make you mindful of resource spending. Thus, the chances are you’ll invest your resources in something else(like taking care of your family), not in website building.


6. You are Able to Take Higher Risks

Generally, website creation is not related to any risks. Still, if you are trying to achieve something more than understanding how WordPress works and to make money online, you’ll definitely have to take risks.

More often than not, the higher the risk, the higher the potential prize if you succeed. And again, more often than not, the younger you are, the fewer responsibilities you have. Thus, the higher the risk you can take without affecting someone else.


7. You Grew up Together with the Technology

If you are in your twenties, you literally grew up with the rise of the informational era.

Again, it is not that if you are older you shouldn’t take advantage of the technological progress. Just the opposite.

The point is if you are younger, and you grew up together with it, you’ll be able to understand it easier. It’s not like one day your grandchildren, won’t get the upper hand when it comes to technology. That’s the cycle of life. So, use the advantage you have right now.



Technology is a fast-growing industry. This an evergreen truth. And while technology grows but doesn’t get older, I and you will.

Don’t waste your time. Start your first website now!


About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.


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