Multi-region, multi-currency and multi-language features are available now on the reseller hosting program

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Reseller News

The reseller hosting platform has been upgraded with new features for the reseller stores – regions and currencies. Our resellers can now organize their stores in a specific group of one or more stores and assign predefined regions that will appear on the reseller templates. Some resellers might decide to target local markets and enable countries as regions, others might target more global regions or continents. The system has been developed to match different cases and requirements in order to satisfy resellers from all over the world. The currencies are another feature that can be enabled together with the regions. By default, each region is being assigned a default currency. This means that one store with multiple regions activated can offer multiple currencies. When a visitor comes to the reseller website and the system detects his/her originating IP address, the store automatically selects the appropriate region and currency to present all services offered by the store. We have activated on all stores using our currently supported templates (Grizzly and Penguin) several global regions and the new currencies. Our resellers can turn off some of them or add more if needed. Up to now we have supported USD (US dollars) as our default currency. Now we are adding two more currencies – EUR (Euro) and GBP (Pound sterling), but you can expect more popular currencies to be added in the future as well. All services and products that are offered on the reseller hosting program have been assigned with their default prices for the new currencies. This means that our resellers have managed their product prices in USD only, but now they can manage their EUR and GBP prices as well. A new feature for the reseller templates are the languages. We have been asked many times by our resellers to provide tools to translate/add more languages to our reseller template. Now, this is possible too (upcoming next week probably). We are offering easy-to-use method to translate your reseller template directly browsing your reseller website. There is a new section in your Reseller Control Panel which allows you to change your store language. As a start we are going to support translation of the reseller templates, but later the order/login/etc. forms will be included too. Once you change your store language there will be a link to load your store like a normal visitor, but with translation mode enabled so you can type directly any text that you want to be translated. There is also a list of some system content that is not listed directly on your store, but should be translated. The reseller commissions are also affected by the new currencies. Our resellers can select the currency in which they want to receive their money. We have supported only USD for the reseller commissions, but now we add EUR and GBP. In case the reseller has accumulated his/her commission from orders with different currencies, the system will convert all of them to calculate the final amount in the desired currency. We have thought about remote stores as well. Our resellers with custom websites that are using our remote order/login/etc. forms to have more unique and brand-aware approach and attract their customers can now use a short piece of code to integrate the regions and currencies as well. The remote websites need to include a Javascript code that will handle the management of the region listing, custom CSS adjustments are supported to match the remote website design and passing the selected region currency to the order forms is also available. There will be a new section for these new features in the Order Tools tab of the Reseller Control Panel very soon with instructions and examples on how to set up the plugins. Here is a short remark for all resellers that are still on the old templates – the new features are not supported on the old templates. The only one that is working is the currency. If a reseller decide to switch the products from USD to EUR or GBP this is possible as the old template works with only one currency at a time. We recommend that all resellers on the old templates upgrade to our current templates in order to be more modern and competitive in terms of features and services. ResellerCluster will appreciate any comments and questions on the new features from our resellers. Thank you for doing business with us! ResellerCluster Team


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