How to Track Your Online Business Reviews? Find out What Your Customers Think About You!

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Ratings and Reviews

To be honest, that’s one of my favorite parts in the whole process. Finding out people like you, how they rate you and what comments they have – got to love it! It’s one thing to find it on Facebook or by analyzing your income, but it’s a little bit different when you see the stars and the words after. When it comes to Reseller Hosting it is also as important to know how your and the company’s services are working

It’s very often for marketing agents to obsess about that particular part of the process. We’ve witnessed people going crazy about one bad review. They make their campaigns based on the results they want to have on Google My Business or Trip Adviser. Then they start checking every day and following every single one review, there is on the Internet.

That’s too much. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you are succeeding. Don’t stress about it. Here is how you can actually do it.


First Steps – Finding Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

Step One

First of all, if you don’t already have it, install Google Analytics. And just a quick reminder: you need to let it gather data for a while. It won’t start giving you reports right after you start working with it. Give it time to do its magic.

That’s the best way for you to track all of the traffic you have, the behavior of your visitors, the conversion rate and the steps they take. Google Analytics will help you find out where your audience is coming from. For each page, you can track the origin of the coming visitors. Whether they come from social media channels, from particular keywords they used, or maybe an external link in another website.


Step Two

Maybe you didn’t think of that, but actually opening the incognito window, can get you a lot of answers.

Yes, tracking every tool there is for SEO and keywords is helpful, but you can do it manually too. By searching your website while incognito, you get the actual results – no segmentation made. So, first, you can do that and get your head straight.

Also, you can search your website and open every link you want, without Google administrating your click, your presence in the website or any behavior you have there. You can check the results your clients will have when the search for you.

You can also easily read all the reviews you want and if they are bad, you will not push their rank.


Reaction to Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

After you find and check all the reviews make sure you respond to most of them. Negative and positive online business reviews are both equally important. Whether someone is happy with you or sad, they both deserve to know that they are heard and appreciated.

Positive Online Business Reviews

Replying to positive reviews will add a better feeling to the person who left it. You can simply say “Thank you”, you can say a few more words or if your business is big enough, even think of award or discount to the best reviews.

Negative Online Business Reviews

When it comes to negative, you should be more careful. First, think it through. We all know the saying “The customer is always right” but we also all know that’s not true. If someone left a review that is completely not true, don’t start with that right away. Give a little technical if necessary explanation and a bit long, so that it is obvious and clear why the comment is not correct.

Try to sound understanding, appreciating the comment and yet, confident about the truth to your business. Don’t start a conflict, rather than that put a calming end to the started conversation. And if you need a push to be better at your work, here are some of the best reseller hosting tips. Not only that but also don’t forget that there are entrepreneurial skills that have to be mastered.

Online Business Reviews

Final Thoughts

Give a reason for good online business reviews and also a chance for everyone to express their feelings.

You can put on your website, or allow it on your Facebook page, maybe create Google My Business account. Either way, let your customers share their thoughts. You can not only understand how your work is doing but also get ideas on what you can change, upgrade and make better.

Good reviews will not come through if you don’t give people a reason for them. Every business works better and is more successful if it has a benefit for the users of it.


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