7 of the Best Reseller Hosting Tips You Absolutely Need to Know

How long ago was it when you first heard of reselling hosting? When was it when you found out you can make a business out of it? Now, what about all the information you need to start?

That’s right. In the beginning, you cannot possibly know everything about reselling hosting. That’s why I collected the most important you need to know and these tips will help you become one of the best reseller hosting providers.


1. Do Your ResearchBest Reseller Hosting

As I pointed in the beginning, there is a lot you don’t know about web hosting service and best reseller hosting services, and now is the time to start learning. Even more, there’s no better time than now. Except for yesterday, when you should have done it.

Learning about reselling is not difficult but it’s not easy either. There are a number of things you need to know before starting. This is why my first advice always has been – research. Familiarize yourself with the companies that provide reseller hosting services, what support they offer, the technical aspects. Of course, charging, payments, and profits.

I am sharing with you the answers you need about our reseller hosting services, but you might want to check others too. Always, make sure you read reviews, ratings, and research the services a certain company offers. There are a few matters to keep in mind, make a list of them and follow it and for sure check out some of the best reseller hosting companies before you pick yours.


2. Learn About the Technical Part

Don’t worry. The most important is held by the company you choose. The software will be provided by your host, as well as the support and monitoring the process. That’s the best reseller hosting part of all!

With that said, you might think “Why do I need to know about the technical part then?” You don’t have to. But it will be easier for you to know what is offered to you, what exactly you’ll get and how you can use it.

You don’t have to know how ice-cream is made to sell it, but you’d want to know how it tastes, what flavors it has and how others sell it. Am I right?

Even more, before you start reselling, you can check AwardSpace’s Free Hosting and host a site. It can be as a test – to learn how It works or to understand the specifics of hosting. And after that, it might even turn into something great – as your business website for example.


3. Write Your Way to the Top!

Best Reseller Hosting

Start from writing your hosting plans and go all the way to creating content for best reseller hosting.

Of course, you’ll need to begin with terms of condition for your clients. It’s how it works and how you’ll make their decision easier. After that, think about agreements and how exactly your plans will work.

Furthermore, think of a way to welcome all of the users that chose your reselling hosting service. They might not know you are a reseller, so they’ll be happy to feel welcome to your world. Send them a quick message, a pop-up screen one or email a short card. Say “Thank you” and remind them your services and terms of use.

Finally, figure out a way to assure your clients that they can trust you, help them with some content and share useful tips, support and information. For example an FAQ page. That’s one way to get to the best reseller hosting place.


4. Legalize

This is an extremely important matter. Truth is, the sooner you start attracting more and more people, the sooner you will start having abusive clients too. So, you better think about that in advance. Contact an attorney for advice and create the necessary documents. This will protect you and prevent further problems with your users.


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5. Think it Through

Every hosting company chooses for itself what the offers will be. There’s nothing unlimited. Sure, you can offer free web hosting or other preferences, but it all has to be combined in a plan. With that said, make sure to think of a reasonable limit and preferences to the plans you offer.

There is no formula for how exactly to do that, you’ll have to think about what you want to give to your users and what they have to upgrade for. You can check Reseller Cluster’s services to resell to get an idea about that. Look at the preferences of the free web hosting, after that check out the paid hosting programs and you’ll get the idea of how it works. It will help you on your way to the best reseller hosting services.

My advice is to set limits to the disk space to prevent some of the sites abusing your account and services when they have errors. You can always offer an upgrade with more disk space for those who need it.


6. Support and Services

Best Reseller Hosting

All resellers offer pretty much the same. They all use hosting and they all share and resell it. However, there is one thing that can be done to make a difference. And that’s the support and services you’ll provide.

Pretty much how Reseller Cluster works, for example, is that even when you are reselling hosting, the servers and support are provided by the company itself. So, resellers don’t have to take care of that, it’s part of the deal! But if you want to be extraordinary and stand out in front of your competition, you can think of something more.

You might offer some kind of own support. Doesn’t have to be big and amazing. It can be a small favor or just a nice way to show your customers that you care about them and they have your full support.

As I mentioned, some of the users might not know that you are reselling your hosting, even best reseller hosting companies can keep it private. So, it’s very important, especially in the beginning, to check how your reseller company is supporting the websites and double check that process.


7. Keep up!

At the begging of your journey, you will be very excited to get users and for people to sign up with you. This might get you off track a little bit, considering the enthusiasm all over you, but you need to stay focused. After clients sign up, you still need to keep their interest. You need to continue marketing them. When they grow or just get to know the website developing, their interests might grow too, they might even change their needs.

So, my favorite and best reseller hosting tip is adding value to services, provide additional profit and let everyone’s business grow. Include discounts to attract, offer free hosting and domains, and still – know your worth. You can offer an easier and faster way for your users to grow and you can do it yourself too.


If you have more questions and need tips for keeping your growing reselling hosting business, don’t hasitate to contact us! We’re 24 hours a day here for you!


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