5 Tools for Entrepreneurs You’ll Regret Not Using

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Do it Yourself

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is by no means an easy task. Probably that is why even (or especially) companies like Apple, PayPal, and Google were not created by a single person. One can argue that Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook on his own, but that is not quite true. Once the social network was big enough, he started hiring people. Facebook wouldn’t be what it is today if he didn’t do that.

But after all, it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur even if you start alone.

You’ll only need some tools. Tools that will help you do your work. Tools that didn’t exist at the time that great people, with great ideas, created great services, and thus, reaped great success.

The following is an article that is to make your life easier. The 5 tools listed are targeted to different aspects of entrepreneurship. From planning to analysis. And in between.

Let’s check the 5 tools for entrepreneurs.



If you, like me, tend to procrastinate from time to time, Asana is what you need. Asana is a great tool that will help you plan what, when and how you need to do. Of course, you’ll still need to discipline yourself and do the work.

On the other hand, as far as I am concerned, procrastination is more or less caused by the inability to prioritize what and when you need to do.

Among other positive sides of the planning tool, Asana has a free plan. Yes, free.

Of course, what you get is reduced to an existence minimum with which you can operate. And if you like all the other options that the paid version presents, the price starts as low as $9.99/m.

On the other hand, while working alone, the basic (free) plan of the tool will be more than enough for you to track your tasks and progress.

Asana is one of the mandatory online tools for entrepreneurs.



We’ve made an Introduction to SEO. In the basics of SEO stays the keyword. One of the best tools for keyword research out there is SemRush.

But there is a lot more to SemRush than the keyword research.

The tools are capable of analyzing domains (yours or competitor’s), topic research, and a much more.

SemRush also presents you with the option to add a project to the website. By doing so, you’ll get access to a dashboard devoted to your project.

There you’ll be mesmerized by the amount of information you’ll be able to receive about your brand. Amid this information, sections are site audit, position tracking, on page SEO checker… to name a few.

Of course, that much information comes with a price.

The cheapest plan of SemRush is $99.95 monthly, but it is a tool that can hardly be replaced.

Yet, an entrepreneur should know the value of money, and that they are more of an instrument than anything else. And an instrument has to be used. Even if you use it in order to use other tools.


Google Analytics

If you are doing anything without evaluating the results it got you, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Most likely you won’t go in the right direction from the start.  And that is why you need to evaluate your efforts, to see where you are going and why. What could be improved, and what should continue to be that good.

To do so, you’ll need a tool with which to gather the data necessary for you to analyze your progress.

Google Analytics is one of the most fascinating tools for entrepreneurs on the web. You’ll be mesmerized and probably confused by the amount of information that the tool will present you with.

And although there is a paid version of Google Analytics (which is way too expensive for someone who is just starting and gives way too much information for you not to have an analysis department), the free version of the tool is absolutely sufficient.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to grasp the number of people that are entering on your website, what they are most interested in, demographic information about the users of your websites, and much, much more.

When you consider the fact that the tool is free and really easy to implement to your website, using it is no brainer.

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The essence of entrepreneurship is to delegate responsibilities. If you are not doing so, you are working for yourself, but you are still working. And the work you are about to do is a lot more responsible and difficult than a 9 to 5.

Fiverr is a marketplace for services. And although there are a lot of people that are offering odd services, the rest will help you to achieve your goals qualitatively, fast, easy, and cheap.

Fiverr is one of my personal favorite sites when it comes to tools for entrepreneurs. Mostly because people there have specialized in something, and no one is able to know everything that there is to know.

So, why don’t you let other people work for you… even if they are not working only for you.



When starting your business, one of the most important things is to find out to whom you are about to sell. And once you do that, you need to get in touch with those people.

And while there are a lot of ways to reach your targeted audience, maybe one of the most personalized (especially when the receiver is interested in what you have to say) is email. Even though there are social networks, forums, and a lot more places people get together, email is here to stay.

And everybody that is using the web frequently has one.

Thus, email marketing is a must.

But email marketing costs.

Well, not necessarily.

That is one of the main reasons MailChimp made it to the list of tools for entrepreneurs. It has a free version. And a sufficient one.

With the free version of MailChimp you can have up to 2000 mail subscribers and to send up to 12,000 emails(per month).

This means that you can send emails up to six times in a month to a list of 2000 subscribers. Which is sufficient enough, keeping in mind that you are probably just starting.




There are a vast number of online tools for entrepreneurs to help them work faster, better, and flowingly. It is virtually impossible to list them all. You’ll always forget one or the other. And even if one does list them, this will make the observers freeze. We, people, are unable to deal with a huge choice of anything. Especially when all the things we can choose from are stuffed in one place.

Yet, it is good for you to know (and only fair if I share with you) that every one of the listed tools, has competitors. Meaning, every one of these tools could be replaced with something else.

Still, I believe that if, as an entrepreneur, you are trying to get the most value for the lowest price, there are no better choices out there.

But even though I believe that you shouldn’t stop looking, and maybe find something that is more convenient for your needs.

What online tools for entrepreneurs do you use?


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