From Finding Motivation Every Day to Growing Success

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Entrepreneurship

Working from home and growing an online business – small or big, comes with a lot of self-discipline. There a few different cases – either you are so inspired that you can’t stop working or you often find yourself in situations where motivation lacks.

If you are from the second group of people it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not excited about what you are doing, you just need to do the right things that keep your goals clear and productivity natural.

Reading an article like this is one way to get motivation during the day or in the morning with the first coffee. Sometimes if we take a few minutes away from work to read an inspiring fragment or post, it boosts the thinking process and of course, motivation.

Tasks Management

There are a few very important matters when it comes to managing your tasks. Owning an online business in the field of website hosting as a reseller, or having an e-commerce shop, or developing your own website with the services you are providing, comes with different tasks each.

However, whatever your responsibilities are – learn a few things – have daily tasks, prioritize them by urge and importance, at the start with the most important one.

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Have Daily Tasks

At least 3! If you start your day with writing down and thinking of the three must-be-done tasks you will have the first breath of motivation to keep you going. Having a clear thought and vision about what is going to be completed at the end of the working day is one great feeling. And when it happens – even greater! That is one of the must-have entrepreneurial skills!

Prioritize – Urge and Importance

Okay, you probably won’t have only 3 tasks but more than that. So, they need to be clarified – is something important but not so urgent as another that is urgent but not so important? Which one needs to be done sooner rather than later than the rest?

Is there something you can leave for last? Answering those questions and again – writing down the different prioritized groups will help you keep your focus and your mind will work much more calmly.

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Start with the Most Important one

That doesn’t sound surprising, I know. Of course, you are going to do that. But let me tell you why it gives you so much satisfaction. It simply makes you feel more confident about everything you can do. You managed the biggest matter of today and now everything else will seem much easier for you.

How is this helping finding motivation? Well, leave another important task for the other part of the day. Let it be the one that is going to be waiting for you when you finish the rest.

Celebrate Every Win

One of the most important ways to make sure finding motivation will lead you to success is if you congratulate yourself with even the small things you did. Don’t ever forget that every single thing you do is bringing you one step closer to your desired step up.

So, if you make yourself feel good during every step of the way, then you will naturally begin wanting to do something fast and great. Only because you know how good you will feel afterward.


Since we are talking about online business development and start-ups, you are most likely to be working at home. This is as good as it is bad. Why? Being at home gives you the freedom of being most comfortable, having your own schedule, rules, and office in bed. But this is also what leads the most to lose motivation.

You start taking advantage of this freedom and soon you prefer the longer sleep than working from early in the morning. Then you find it harder and harder staying focus when you can eat, drink, draw, read, or whatever else, just not work.

That’s why you should choose space from your home and turn it into an office. Always work from there, always play nice music that gets you in a mood, and makes everything around you motivational, clean, tidy, and organized.

Goals Work Best

Always set goals. Having high hopes always drives you to them itself. You have something that you chase and this always gets you moving forward. You can do it with the tasks and group them by when you think you can reach a certain goal.

If it comes to the point that you reached all of your goals, set some more! You should not have limits about what you can achieve. It is one of the habits of most successful entrepreneurs and soon it can be yours!

Think Positive, Big, and Brave

Talking about limits and finding motivation, you should know that your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. If you haven’t read books about it, maybe it’s time you get to know more about the abilities of human minds.

Thinking positive and feeling more and more confident in yourself will help in the trip of finding motivation. Being brave is what will get you to your final destination – the growth of your success. And your business, and yourself.


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