Meet Other Entrepreneurs: How to Find the Right Entrepreneurial Community

Entrepreneurship could be a really lonesome venture. Maybe your friends are joking about your aspirations, and your family doesn’t support you, maybe your jobs and school are standing in your way.

When everything stands in your way and there is no one that understands you, there is just so much that you can achieve. Just so far you can go.

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As the African proverb goes  ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

If you don’t meet other entrepreneurs, you’ll be alone, and whatever you are doing is going to give you less joy, and you’ll feel less understood.

To start an online business is one thing. It is radically different to enjoy the process.


Why You Need to Become Part of a Community of Entrepreneurs

We, people, are social beings. We get together thanks for lots of reasons. We may like the same music, the same places, we could have the same goals, aspirations, and dreams. And whatever the specific reasons are, we tend to go with those, who are part of the tribes that we are part of.

If you decide to meet other entrepreneurs, that will not only make you feel supported and understood but could lead to new ideas, and connections that may help you with what you do.

Becoming a part of the entrepreneur community, as you can see, will only benefit you and your business.


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How to Meet Other Entrepreneurs

Depending on how socially active you are, to meet other entrepreneurs could be either as simple as ABC or an uphill battle with no end.

Yet, there are things you can do, and places you can go to, in order to make it easier to meet other entrepreneurs.

We’ve listed five things you can do to facilitate your way of becoming a part of a suitable entrepreneurial community.


 1. Find an Online Community of Entrepreneurs

Internet was created with one thing in mind. People to be able to connect. When the web became accessible enough and the price of the computers dropped down, more and more of us got online. To talk, to share, to give opinions. At first, there were the chat rooms, and the more time passed, the more people wanted to talk one-on-one, instead of the options to be in a ‘room’ of people that you don’t know.

But some entrepreneurial spirits out there saw through the need of that and created online forums. And these forums were based on interest, goals, life positions, etc.

If there aren’t any, based on your specific interests, you may want to create a forum.


2. Meetups and Networking Events

If there are any entrepreneurial communities in your local area, it will be best for you to attend their events whether there are people with similar businesses or no. If the people that you are about to meet at a networking event are not working in the same industry it is even better.

One of the best practices to develop creative thinking is to compile two ideas, objects or thoughts that at first don’t resemble each other at all. The more diverse they are the better the outcome could be. So, if you have the opportunity to use someone else’s marketing tactic to your reseller hosting business, don’t hesitate to do so.


3. Conferences & Seminars

If you like to learn new things, going to conferences and/or seminars will be a great way to meet other entrepreneurs. You are all there to learn new things, about an industry or a topic which is an obvious mutual interest.

People that attend conferences, workshops, and seminars, have at least three things in common. Interest in the industry, interest in the topic, and interest in learning and developing. And these three are huge commonalities, that often we don’t share even with the people most close to us.

Take advantage of that and check if there are any conferences or seminars which are suitable for your business, and/or interests.

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4. Meet Entrepreneurs Online: Reach out to Online Connections

Becoming a part of a forum, or, say, a Facebook group dedicated to entrepreneurship is one of the ways to meet entrepreneurs online. You can also reach out to the connections that you already have. Maybe you are following an entrepreneur on social media. Text them.

You can start by ‘liking’ or comment their posts. If people are able to find their spouse online, there is no reason for you not to be able to find a friend.


5. Give Value

Even if you have your own media, and you share valuable opinions and insights there, you will surely get more website traffic if you share what you do with more people, on more places, for free.

You can monetize your online media in a number of ways. Let people know about you, and your business by giving value. For free.

There are a number of ways to do so, but since we are trying to find out how to meet other entrepreneurs, you need to share your experience with people that are entrepreneurs.

If you have the ability to write fascinatingly you can try to publish your works in and This way you’ll not only create some kind of a brand awareness for your business. You can also position yourself as an expert in your field of expertise. That way, other entrepreneurs will likely try to connect with you.

Ain’t that a game-changer?

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