SKYrocket Your Sales: New Reseller Hosting Template

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Reseller News

We at ResellerCluster sincerely believe that change is what makes things better, faster, smarter. That is why we’ve worked so hard for the last few months. To evolve. To help you make more sales.

Sky” is something that our team was developing only to make it possible for you to have more choices.  And here it is. Ready to use. Now it is time to SKYrocket your sales.

To get you in our mood, let us start with why we chose this particular name for the new template. Change itself could only be achieved if your opportunities evolve. And your opportunities now are with one limit only – the sky. By using this comfortable and convenient template you can make anything you want, you can let your dreams fly up and over the rainbow.

Start Using “Sky”

The Resellers that have been with us for the last years should be familiar with our reseller hosting dashboard. There were, and still are, all the previously available layouts that you were using.

As of today, the Sky Template is located in that same location.

To change the layout you are currently using to Sky, you need to go to your reseller dashboard.

Once you’re there, click on the radio button in front of the Sky layout. That will show the system that you want to use this template. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Apply Template button.

Congratulations! Your website will now use the new Sky Layout. 

Are you sure you want to change your store template? If you have made some changes on HEADER or FOOTER while being in ADVANCED MODE, these changes will be overwritten with the default one! WARNING ALL CHANGES ARE INCONVERTIBLE!

In short, if you’ve made some changes in Advanced Mode of our header and footer editor, they’ll be overwritten. Thus, make sure to save the code, before you change your store layout to Sky.

A New Color Every Month

“There are no friends in tastes and colors” – the Russian saying goes. We know that no design, nor color could please everybody. Thus, we’ve planned to release a new color of the Sky design every month.  Our team is not quite sure as of how much different colors of the layout we’ll create. Mainly because we will wait for your feedback. We want to see whether Sky is helping you, what colors YOU would like to have at your disposal, and what works best for you.

Now, we are releasing SKY with a light blue color to make you feel like in the clouds. And it is your turn to tell us if you like it, what colors you want to see, and what more you are expecting to see from us in the following year.

Leave your comments below and let us know how SKY is working for you!


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