For Every Reseller Hosting Provider – Focus on Value, not Price

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

Being a reseller hosting provider could put you in a very competitive environment and even scare you a little. But don’t worry – you just have to find the right way to get on the surface of them all. There is always something to be done to be greater than another. But you should be careful about that. If you are to busy looking at everyone else’s garden, you won’t notice that yours is getting less green.

Focus on Value, not Price

When it comes to selling or reselling services or products, most of the businessmen or even buyers and users, think that the price is all that matters. Or at least, it’s the first thing to look at. This is only partly true. Sure, people look at the price before deciding whether or not they want to buy a specific service but that’s not all. When looking for a website hosting provider, users care about value. You can give it to them free and they still won’t use it if it’s not good.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re not competing with every other hosting provider by the prices you’re presenting. Now, when it comes to website hosting services, you know you get web hosting at a certain price (or free) and you determine the selling price on your own. So, we can only advise you how to set your prices.  From that point on, it’s you who have to do the competition research and decide.

For beginners and for advanced entrepreneurs it’s a great way to get ahead. The price is what everyone else will go for. But you can be better and focus on the quality that you’ll provide. The way you combine your promotions, the way you present the services you resell, it’s all that can give you the right traffic.


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Unique Selling Proposition

Not long ago we told you about the unique selling proposition. As we pointed there, using a different approach to your users is the right way to win them. When you go on the market and you see everything is exactly the same, a fresh breath of air will attract you more. The USP should be something extraordinary that they cannot get anywhere else.

Some people think marketing is only about competition, prices, and advertising. Okay, have it that way. But when you advertise, how are you going to say something that no one else said already? The unique selling proposition is not about a price that no one can resist, but about an offer, no one can skip.

On the web, among every website hosting provider, free hosting does rarely appear. But in the hosting service, well…at least I’ve never found another service. We have chosen the most convenient way for you. Furthermore, it will be the best possible for your customers. Be positive about the fact that choosing free reseller hosting services is your golden ticket to providing unique selling proposition.

Good Bounce Rate

User Experience

Everything above was focused on driving traffic and growing sales. But sometimes you need to take a minute and think about every other way to keep users on your website and to come back again. Convincing people to buy your service and choose you as a hosting provider is about what they experience.

There are a lot of considerations in that matter.

Is your website responsive? Make sure you check every time you update a page that it is well enough visible on mobile.

Are the pages loading fast? You know people don’t like to wait especially when they are looking for a hosting provider!

Do you have an FAQ Page to provide answers to the users that have questions?

Furthermore, are you positioning for the right keywords? You know website visitors hate to search for one thing and find another in the SERP. You should always keep track of your keywords, your SEO, and everything for that matter.

Also, did you think about your website’s design? You know when something is not easy to find on a page, users tend to simply leave it. The design used for a website should be looked at carefully. Using the right call to action buttons, using bright and well-combined colors that are not bad for the eyes.

Of course, a well-structured website too! Users need to be well-navigated through, it should be easy for them everything they are looking for and not wonders around all the content you have.

There are a lot of other tips for the good user experience, but in general – always try to put yourself in their shoes. Looking at your website as an ordinary visitor will help you create the sense of everyone else who does it.


In Conclusion

Website hosting resellers don’t always have a simple job as website managers. They need to think about more than only creating great websites or marketing solutions. They need to focus on being more than the other providers are. To be unique, to focus on value, to give the users the best possible experience. If you don’t consider that as your first task to be completed, then you’ll probably get lost in the web of website hosting.


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