How to Attract Traffic to Your Website for Free

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Digital Marketing

The next few steps might sound like you’re going on a first date. Now that I think about it, it might be easier to compare it to that for real.

First, you need to look good because… you know – first impressions. Then comes the attitude and how you present yourself. Of course, you have to be funny, but also serious. It’s better if you’re confident, but not too much. Don’t forget to be original and not use canned phrases.

And even then, there’s a chance you’re not likable. Why? Because you can’t please everyone. There is always someone who is not for you and not the right audience. Make sure you start with that in mind.

However, this article is about how to attract traffic to your website for free. No more dating analyses.


Basic Web Hosting Caution

Best Reseller HostingWe have to start from the top to the bottom. And the truth is, the first impression of a user on a website is a complex of few things. How fast the first page will load, how good it will look and how easy it will be for him or her to find what they need.

So, if you want to know how to attract traffic to your website for free, make sure at first you are not keeping them away.

Web Hosting

Since we’re talking about free traffic boost, I won’t advise you to upgrade your web hosting plan (even though it will help enormously). However, check if everything is working correctly and contact support if necessary.


Extraordinary Content – Magical

As I already pointed it’s very important to be impressed with the content you present. To be funny and serious, to be interesting, extraordinary, original, and at the same time not too difficult for people to understand.

Doesn’t sound like an easy thing to achieve but you don’t need magic to do it. If you are not sure you can do it by yourself, then maybe think about contacting a professional that will do it the right way.

However, if you are learning how to attract traffic to your website for free, try mixing up things. If the long and meaningful content is not your power, create infographics. They help you with the interesting part and also you can use your own signature with them. This way they’ll be recognizable and always connected to you. Don’t forget to present your product description in a good way.

Convince Your Audience to Review You

Since advertising first started existing, the mouth-to-mouth marketing has been one of the most effective and important ways to turn something into success. With the world that’s being digitalized sure it would be good if you get people to talk about you. And in the online business, that right way is:


It’s very important to have them and sure – for them to be positive. Since people are more likely to leave a comment if it’s a negative one, you’ll have to think of something extraordinary to get them to do the right thing.

Online Business Reviews

How to do it? Be creative. You can add a pop-up that will advice them to leave reviews. Add a banner, a simple photo or whatever it is that you think to remind them that they need to leave feedback. You’ll see the results pretty soon. Especially, if you are a reseller hosting and people talk about your reseller services, more will come your way.

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Be User-Friendly – It’s Free!

One more thing that I pointed in the beginning, one of the first things users look at is how easy their experience on the website is. They take on point how fast the pages are loading, how well-structured the website is. Also, if it’s responsive, are the colors good, is the language understandable.

These are the most important points you need to keep in mind if you want to attract more traffic to your business website. It might not literally persuade them to click on your pages before they know if it’s user-friendly, but trust me, they will come back if it is. They will tell their friends; your business will grow.

Be Attractive and You’ll Attract

You didn’t forget about the first date, did you? The looks matter at least 90% of the times. And in online business maybe even more. The user-friendly point and this one, are pretty close to one another, but still, have to be divided.

The way you will make your website look is really important and might even take a lot of time in the beginning.

I guess you’re already done with that part, since you’re reading about how to attract traffic to your website for free, but still take a moment to think if yours is looking good enough.

Do you have a logo? Are the colors well combined with it and with each other, are the shrifts suitable? Ask yourself if you were a user, would you spend a time on your website? Maybe even check those reviews.

Often people have a lot to say and they might point you to what’s not that good in your web presence.

Listen to them.


SEO – Yes, Again!

Can I write an article without including this one? But if you have read enough about online website business management you probably already know how important the Search Engine Optimization is.

SEO helps with the positions in Search Engines, and this is a good enough reason to want to do it. People click on the first results in Google and you know it.

But how to do it? SEO for small businesses is not a few days of work. You may not have started in the beginning but the sooner you do, the better. Start with exploring keywords and picking the right ones for you. Then edit your pages and posts. Check your internal and external links, did you check the speed yet too?

There are really a lot of things that can and have to be done in order to improve your positions in SERP. Read, learn, and do.

Social Media Equals Attraction

Just like SEO, social media channels are also always there in my articles. Your online presence is what can help you the most. I already pointed the mouth-to-mouth marketing and reviews, but the truth is – that’s probably the only one mandatory. It’s the right way to influence people and at the same time increase sales.

No matter which channels you choose for yourself, being present there is a must. Think of social content that you can share. Make it interesting again. Maybe even lighter and funnier than the content on your website, because people spend their time on social media for fun. Learn how to advertise small business and it will grow big!

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