7 Best Social Media Tools

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Tools & Resources

Using Social Media Tools will proof of great importance if you are managing more than one social media accounts. Thus, a list of the best social media tools will be very helpful, so you won’t have to struggle to look for the right tool. All the best are on the list.

As of today, Social Media is one of the best website traffic sources. Especially when done right, social media can get all the people, interested in your business, to your website. Of course, getting more interested users on your website will result in sales growth.

But let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. Before you receive the benefits, you’ll have to work for them. And before you start using the tools in the list, you’ll have to engage in creating a social media strategy.

Once, you took care of these important preconditions of good results in your social media presence, you’ll have the knowledge needed to grasp which of the listed social media tools, will fit you best.

Hopefully, you have a strategy, and the right audience, following your business in every one of the needed social platforms.

If so, let’s don’t lose any more time and dive into the list of the best social media tools.


Facebook Audience Insights

As of right now, Facebook is arguably the largest social network. The network created an analysis solution for all of the businesses that are using their media to advertise hundreds of thousands of products and services.

Facebook Audience Insights is an analysis tool. And an effective one.

The tool will give you the opportunity to get to know your audience, as they say, “like never before”.

You’ll get information about what your target audience likes, you’ll learn about their lifestyles, and of course their demographic profiles. Meaning, you’ll find out more about their gender, age, and location.

If you have a Facebook page of your business, definitely check Facebook Audience Insights.



Back.ly has all the reasons to be part of the list of the best social media tools. It is a great tool, not only for the way it was created, but the simple, yet powerful idea behind it.

Back.ly is a tool that has way too many options for such a simple tool.

The main of these tools will help you to:

  • Drive Traffic Back To Your Own Site
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Grow Your Facebook Page
  • Grow Your Pixels

Back.ly has 4 plans, with the cheapest starting at $9/m.



AgoraPulse is a Social Media Management tool, that will not only help you schedule your posts but will as well let you check all your inboxes, and will, on top of it all, give you reports on how your social media campaigns are developing.

Not only that, but AgoraPulse has a great support department.

But yet again, quality has a price.

And in the case of AgoraPulse, it is starting at $39/m (when paid annually).

On the other hand, they do have some free tools, through which you can find Facebook Barometer, Twitter Report card, and a tool for a Facebook Page Timeline Contest.



Infographics are still important in online marketing. They are a simple way for your users to grasp a large amount of information.

Yes, you’ve guessed it! Venngage is an infographic creation tool.

And they have more than a beautiful website. The tool they are offering Is a perfect solution for everyone, struggling to create effective, informative, and, yet, beautiful content for their website and, of course, social media accounts.



IFTTT – abbreviation from If This, Then That –  is more than a social media tool. A lot more. Still, due to its versatility, it deserves a place among the best tools.

As the name of the tool suggests, the tool will create something automatically if an event occurs.

Say, you want to publish a post all around your social media accounts. If so, you can tune the software to share a post in (say) Twitter, when you publish it on Facebook.

How cool is that?

Oh, and something more! IFTTT is free!



This is yet another social media tool that deserves attention, due to its simplicity.

FollowerWonk will give you for Twitter what Facebook Audience Insights gives you for Facebook. And then some.

While the design of the website is not something to admire, it is important to remember not to judge the book by the cover.

If your business’s audience is predominantly on Twitter, you’ll really want to try FollowerWonk.

And one more thing. This social media tool has a free version for you to try and appreciate its powers.



Last, but not least (and my personal favorite) is Buffer.

Buffer is yet another one Social Media Management tool, that will give you the opportunity to schedule the posts to all the Social Media Platforms that you are using.

It has an analysis tool. Of course.

But what is more about the tool, is the effort that has been put in its creation.

Buffer has a Browser Extension, as well as applications for Android and iOS.  That way, whatever device you are using, you’ll be able to see how your posts are performing, and what posts you scheduled for today, tomorrow, or next week.

Better yet, the tool has a free version that is great for starters.

And if you have a big enough social media presence to need more resources, you’ll surely have the ability to pay the $15/m



If you ever find yourself asking whether your business should be on social media, stop asking. You should be. Which social platforms how often and when you should post, depends on the type of business you have, and respectively what your audience is.

And no matter how important your social media presence is, you should not forget that it is the presence of your business. Thus, don’t forget to take care of it.

Of course, maintaining a number of accounts on different social media platforms often proves to be a hard and time-consuming activity.

In case you feel that the upkeep of your business accounts takes more time than you can spare, this was the list of the best social media tools.

Use them.


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