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How to Find Selling Price for a Reseller Company

How to Find Selling Price for a Reseller Company

Business management can be tough. It can be even scary for people who have not dealt with it before. Sometimes determining the prices can be the huge stone standing in front of you and your business. Whatever you are choosing to own or run as a business, it all comes to the services and items you are providing and what your income will be.

Let’s be honest – it’s what everyone is doing it about. Starting an online business, home business or any at all is not for everyone. There are a lot of entrepreneurial skills that are of a matter, but mostly it’s for people who believe in themselves. If you are one of them, you reselling hosting business is just a step away from you. Are you brave enough to take it?

How to find selling price for your reseller business though? This must be confusing for you, especially if you are just starting. There is a free reseller website hosting and then you can choose to provide also free hosting for your customers. That’s going to be easier, and there’s no need to explain how to find selling price.

However, if you are ready to use any other of our plans, you for sure are wondering how to set the prices to your website. Now, most of what I’m about to say works for any online business, and I’m starting with the basics, because I guess it’s where you’re starting from, too. Keep in mind that these are just tips and how you want to succeed can only you determine.

 How to Find Selling Price

It’s Easier with Reselling Hosting!

E-commerce is a huge area and has so many niches that it’s not even possible to count them all. Building this kind of business online comes with so much more to keep in mind. As far as how to find selling price, for any other business except reselling hosting, there are also a lot of things to consider.

Starting with the cost of goods (the calculated value of the original price of the product and the added cost). Then considering the package you’ll use. Furthermore, shipping costs, return prices, damaged goods, producing, teamwork if you have people working for you, and etc.


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Each one presumes a lot of attention and thankfully, you don’t have to think about it when you’re а reseller hosting provider. Because the services you are granting, do not require a package, shipping or anything like that. Simply, you’re getting something at a price, then selling it to someone else at a different price and earning a commission. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a business.

But how to find selling price for that? How much more expensive should you make it; how much is enough and how much is not too much? These are the most important questions and the ones you are probably asking yourself.


How to Find Selling Price

1. Know Your Market!

Start with researching your market. Search for how much your potential customers are willing to pay for the services you’re providing. And you can do that by following which are the biggest web hosting companies (such as AwardSpace) and checking their prices in order to understand how much are their customers paying. You can even buy hosting and check services to make sure you know exactly what your customers will be going through.

2. Choose Pricing Technique

In marketing and sales, there are a few different ways that are commonly used to determine prices. How to find selling price and what are those techniques? Here:

You can first start with low prices (not adding too much to the original cost) and then slowly increase it as the sales grow.

Another way is by choosing a little too high price and slowly lower it with time if sales are not going as well as hoped. This way you are not at a loss, just spending time that is not for sure useful or not.

As I mentioned, you can use competitors to check their prices and then set your own, close to theirs. This way you’ll have to rely on advertising, not exclusiveness of the price.

How to Find Selling Price


Next, you can price similar services with different prices and analyze how your customers work when you track the purchases they’re making.

Yet another technique is grouping services or products at a specific general price that is going to be exclusive and attractive to your customers.

The last one is close to different promoting types. It can be combined with pricing with $99 at the end to make it more efficient. Or adding extra products as a reward. And these are most of the techniques used by entrepreneurs.

And last, there is one very interesting technique called a unique selling proposition. It’s a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.


Stay FocusedHow to Find Selling Price

Thankfully, in the world of eCommerce and sales, how to find selling price can be difficult, but easily changed. You can adapt to different situations and choose the best and most proper for your business as a price.

This is very convenient, especially for start-ups. You can also educate yourself about what you need to master to be really successful. For example, read these entrepreneurial skills for inspiration.

However, it’s of extreme value, to not lose sight of your focus. You can change your price forever and move from one to another. In the beginning, it’s only natural to do it while searching the best-selling price, but when time passes, you need to slow down and concentrate.

Don’t forget to analyze everything on your way of developing a business. Follow the steps your customers take, what they want, what are they purchasing more, how satisfied they are with your prices. You can even ask them if you want to build a relationship with them.

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

Unique Selling Proposition – The Essentials

Unique Selling Proposition – The Essentials

Starting a business in a highly saturated market is a fairly tough task. Even more so, when you want to start an online business. Yes, the investments are negligible for most people, but again – the investments are negligible for most people. Thus, the leap that you want to make can take an equal amount of money, time and effort to someone else.

When all these factors are aligned, you can see that it is necessary for you to distinguish your business somehow. We’ve already talked about market positioning, but today we’ll cover something specific about it.

The unique selling proposition is something that will definitely help you to position your business in one way or another.

Those are not interchangeable, they are both needed for you to market your business the right way.

Market positioning concerns your business more on the level of pricing. Meaning, whether you’ll position yourself as a business that sells high priced high-quality products, or you’ll sell something cheap but not so good. Bear in mind that this is more like a spectrum where you can go from one of these ends to the other, and not a binary position, where you can choose either the first or the second.

For example, is a giving high-quality products on low-price.

The same goes for our hosting reseller program, where you can sell high quality, reliable hosting services at low price.

And you’ll have the opportunity to have a unique selling proposition that no other hosting reseller company is offering.

But first…


What is a Unique Selling Proposition

In the early 1940s, a new marketing concept was proposed for the first time. The idea of the ‘unique selling proposition’ was developed by the television advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves, and later reinforced by the statement of the professor at Harvard Business School  – Theodore Levitt that “Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”

And yes, you need to have a USP when competing in any online business realm.

Before continuing, let’s define USP.


Definition of Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors. The unique selling proposition must be a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.

As described by Dr. James Blythe, the USP “contains the one feature of the product that most stands out as different from the competition, and is usually a feature that conveys unique benefits to the consumer.” Communicating the USP is a key element of branding.

This definition is cited from Wikipedia.

Although the internet is full of free information (or maybe precisely because of that), there is a serious misunderstanding, that I noticed, while making my research for the current article.

Thus, I find it necessary to extract the most important points around the USP.

Your unique selling proposition is NOT:

  • Your slogan
  • A great phrase in your advertising
  • Your company philosophy

What your unique selling proposition IS:

  • A feature to your product, that no one else offers
  • A very low price to a high-quality product, that otherwise sells for a high price
  • The speed of delivering, the speed by which you take care of issues


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A Few Examples of a Unique Selling Proposition

There are stories in the marketing world that are circulating around us, like legends. We are never sure whether these stories are true or not, but what we are sure of is that the company which is the protagonist in the story is more often than not a company that we expect to do something similar to what the story tells us.

For example, the shoe selling company – Zappos is famous with the quality of its customer service. There are stories about a 10-hour customer service call. And one other story that I’ve read in a book written by Seth Godin (as far as I remember) about a man who was drunk and called Zappos instead of a Pizza delivery company.

The person who picked the phone at Zappos didn’t just stop the call, once he finds out that the one calling is trying to order a pizza. He, instead, ordered the pizza for that man.

And such a customer service is a unique selling proposition. Hardly any other company will do that. But they did.

On the other hand, the rise of the McDonald’s restaurants was due to the fast tendency of the clients, and, of course, the low price. One dollar burger that you get almost at the moment that you order it, and it is as tasty as any other burger, if not even more so, is a great unique selling proposition. At least it was, before other known and unknown companies adopted the same business model.

Honestly, the hosting market is saturated.  Yet, you can have your unique selling proposition.


Your Unique Selling Proposition as a Hosting Reseller

To be unique in the world we live in is something we all want but can hardly achieve. Not because we are not extraordinary and special, but because the environment we live in is created by us. So, we are predisposed to have similar ideas, desires or services for sale. Especially, when it comes to online business and development, the competition never ends. Everyone wants to provide something special.

Unique selling proposition in the world of Reseller Hosting is even harder than other areas on the Internet. However, there is a way to be special.

Reselling website hosting can be free. It can be free for you to do it. And it can be free for your customers! Now, how is that possible? What’s the secret? There isn’t one. It’s just our unique selling proposition. And by becoming a reseller hosting provider yourself, it will be your unique selling proposition. And when your customers understand it’s a dream come true, they will have all of their objections defused.

On the web, among all the website hosting providers, free hosting does rarely appear. But in the reseller hosting service, well…at least I’ve never found another service. Reseller Cluster has chosen the most convenient way for you. Furthermore, it will be the best possible for your customers. For sure, we’re not telling you that you can be unique because as we established, there is no such thing. But be positive about the fact that choosing free reseller hosting services is your golden ticket to providing unique selling proposition.


Final Thoughts

Being in a world so interconnected as ours is a recipe for having a hard time of being successful and unique. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Just the opposite!

Knowing how important it is to distinguish your brand from all the others on the market is the first step to achieving success.

The following one is to find out how exactly are you different from all the other companies that are selling more or less the same product.

And in case that your online business is to be a hosting reseller, you already know what your unique selling proposition is.


About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

Autumn is Coming! Can You Expect Sales Growth?

Autumn is Coming! Can You Expect Sales Growth?

To be honest with you, autumn is my favorite season! Not that it matters, but I’m warning you, I might sound too excited about it! But how can I not, really? Trees are making us a way of rainbowed leaves and paths of colors, September is drinking pumpkin flavored coffee with October and sending thankful smiles to November. It’s one of the most romantic seasons and it must be one of the best for all entrepreneurs.

Leaves are falling down and sales are flying up! I don’t think it’s a secret for anyone that it’s the season with the most holidays, promotions, sales and purchases. So, to the question, if you can expect sales growth – hell yes, you can!


Holiday Times

I will soon get to the point why sales growth is so increased at this time of the year, but before that – let’s point out all of the themes and events you can’t miss! Web hosting and reseller hosting are undeniably connected with promotional weeks and discounts. As with any other business, there is – attracting customers is probably your biggest priority.

It’s important to note that all of the countries have different events – they start school at different times, have different beliefs and culture. So, keep in mind that I might mark some you don’t have or miss another.

  • Fall SaleSales Growth

Unfortunately, there is no better name for it. When summer goes into the depths of the oceans, fall comes with a golden power. All stores have sales to help you change your clothes and shoes, your looks, even change your daily routine.

So, most people decide, it’s finally time to put their ideas into action. They start looking for a business to invest in, or,
what we are currently interested in, they start looking for a host to create their website.

  • School Time! Or Famous “Back to School”

When we’re talking about reseller hosting, you might not have a lot of teenage users, but if you do and your work is pointed in that direction – this can be the biggest rise in your sales growth.

  • Columbus Day

This is popular only in the USA, but couldn’t miss it out. Just like Columbus “found” America, your potential users can find it the right time to create their website. Sounds strange? Just check out how last year’s Columbus Day was thought to be a hidden treasure.

  • Halloween’s Tricks!

I was wondering if Black Friday or Halloween bringing a bigger sales growth, but does it matter? It’s good for the customers and it’s good for the owners. And what Is an autumn sale without Halloween? Scary!

Sales Growth

  • Thanksgiving

The time for all of the customers to thank you for your greatest sales. And then for you to thank them when they increase your sales growth. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are one after another, but it never seems to be a problem. Sales growth is at its best at this period.

  • The Famous Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving and the-date-google-says for the rest, Mr. Black Friday. The busiest day of the year and the most profitable one. You just cannot miss it! Black Friday can help you increase your sales growth in a way no other promotion can. It doesn’t matter if you are reselling hosting, building an e-commerce, or owning a bakery. Everyone expects you to have a sale.


Sales Growth

As you can by now figure out, sales growth increases a lot more than the rest of the year, in the fall because there are a lot of promotions. When you are running a business such as a reseller hosting, you need to follow the “rules” or marketing strategies.

However, promotional days or weeks help a lot, but it’s not only that. To be honest, there is no concrete answer to why everyone is more motivated when autumn comes. Probably everyone is more rest from the summer, has more energy, power, and ideas.

So, not only you can have promotions and sales growth, you can actually create interesting and attractive content. Fall gives us the chance to expand our minds. What you can do with it, it’s up to you. Here is more about what is content marketing.

But my advice is follow the leaves. Share articles, posts on social media, or whatever really comes to your mind. Make it look beautiful, colorful and golden like the fall. Creating a social media strategy is indeed very important and there are different ways to achieve your goals with it.

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Last, but Not Least

Do some cleanup. With all the weeks and days you’ll have full of work, you probably get the idea that it’s going to be a busy season. However, find some time (or hire someone) and get rid of the unnecessary.

Make room for the new season, new clients and new opportunities that come with all. However you may be using your website, it’s very important to clean it, get it in order or simply update and upgrade for better services.

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

What’s Good Bounce Rate for a Website?

What’s Good Bounce Rate for a Website?

According to Google Support Center for Analytics, bounce rate is:

A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.
Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.


The Bounce Rate Definition

It can be sum up in: It’s the average number of bounces across all of your pages divided by the total number of visits across all of those pages within the same period. You can also track the bounce rate of a single page or a segment or section of your site using Google Analytics.
According to SEMrush, bounce rate is the 4th most important ranking factor on SERPs.
But at the same time, according to Search Engine Journal, Google does not use bounce rate in its algorithm metrics.
Google’s algorithm may not directly take bounce rate into account, but what it signifies is very important to it. So, either way, the bounce rate is important for you and you should keep track of it.


How High is Too High

What's Good Bounce Rate

It can be scary. Numbers can be misleading but how can you know? As we’ve pointed in a few of our blog posts, using Google Analytics can help you in a lot of different ways. Especially tracking and finding out what’s a good bounce rate. Here are 3 more goals to set in Google Analytics.
First of all, what is your bounce rate? Take your time and to do a little private research. You should by now know that that is information different for every website and it doesn’t depend on one thing only.

So, tracking the bounce rate on your website and on each page is where you start. You can figure out what your lowest bounce rate in all of your pages, and also the highest. Then look at a few others, figure out what is usually low for you and what is high. Only then you will be able to set your average bounce rate.

High can be too high. It can be 100% high. But if it’s actually over 90% it probably means you have a bug in your website or it’s a page with no real content on it. Try avoiding pages like that, make sure you create your website fast enough to skip the presence of pages like that. As you now know, the bounce rate of the whole website considers each and every page.


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What’s Good Bounce Rate

When you set your average bounce rate, you’ll easily track anything that’s lower and consider it good. Honestly, the most common good bounce rate is around 40% and less. But there is one more thing you seriously need to keep in mind when you are wondering what’s a good bounce rate.

Sometimes a bounce rate that’s too low, could be alarming for lack of dynamic on your website or particular page. It could happen in blog posts that are not read by many or news if you have a section like this. This means what’s good bounce rate once is not necessarily good another time. Consider all factors and keep track.


What’s Bad Bounce Rate

We can’t just leave it to what’s good bounce rate. Of course, you want to know when it’s time to start seriously thinking of lowering your numbers. The truth is when you see a bounce rate higher than 70% you should start searching for the reason and the content that’s driving your percentages up. Even if you are a reseller hosting you are still using website hosting, and support center help with the enormous amount of things,  but keeping track of the bounce rate is truly your task and you shouldn’t forget about it.


Keep in Мind

What's Good Bounce Rate

First of all, make sure you track the different devices and make sure where the bounce rate is coming from. You can divide by pages, by content, by a lot of segmentation actually, but don’t forget that because it’s actually one of the most important when it comes to what’s good bounce rate.

A mobile high bounce rate can cost your website higher rate. You can easily check if your website is responsible and if there is something you can fix there. My guess is, there is.

Set your own baseline. Every website has a different purpose and use. So, every site attracts different engagement, period to stay, bounce rate and of course, a different audience. After you do your Google Analytics research and find out what rates are high and what low for you, set a baseline. Follow it and you’ll always know what’s good bounce rate for you.


Reduce it.

There are a lot of different ways of reducing the bounce rate. Most of them are connected to the quality of the content. First, keep it fresh and new. Second, keep it easy to read and go to your previous pages to improve their readability too.

Then, think about Call to Action buttons, using too many pop-ups, also using the right keywords for your audience. It’s actually very important to attract people that are interested in your content. Otherwise, you’ll be helping the high bounce rate yourself.

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

7 Tips for Naming Your Business

7 Tips for Naming Your Business

Starting a reseller hosting business is easy. Just go to Reseller Cluster’s signup page, choose a username and password. A new screen will show up, where you should enter your information to finish the process. And that’s it. After these two steps, all you need to do is to customize your new hosting reselling website. But there are some things that you need to consider before signing up for our reseller program. Like naming your business.

There is an important distinction that we should make right away.

The process of naming your business could be different according to the scale of what you are about to create. Naming a small business is one thing. You will have to consider your country’s language, culture, your targeted audience (of course).

On the other hand, naming a business with the goal of global domination (or at least global recognition) should start with a consideration of your targeted audience, and their culture, and language.

When you are in the process of picking a business name, follow these tips:


  1. Start with a Brainstorm
  2. Consider Your Target Audience
  3. Consider Your Brand’s Values
  4. Keep the Name Short and Easy to Remember
  5. Avoid too Literal Business Names
  6. Avoid Trends
  7. Consider Possible Misinterpretations



1. Start with a Brainstorm

Brainstorming ideas is a great problem-solving technique.

Actually, sitting down and coming up with one idea after another, is a task way more suitable for creative people. And while the stats are clear on that matter – entrepreneurial spirit’s natural habitat is the creative mind – it is not mandatory for you to be creative to be an entrepreneur.

Whether you are creative or not, you might benefit a lot by writing down as much possible names for your business as you are capable of coming up with.

The secret to the meaningful brainstorming session is to write down every idea. Just write them down. The idea value evaluation process should be separated from the brainstorming itself.


2. Consider Your Target Audience

A few years ago, in Bulgaria, my native land, the world-famous brand – Danone – started a product line called “Danone for men”.  As its own name shows this product was targeting men.

The package was an edgy, masculine, bottle, with premium black color.

The advertising was good.

Danone Bulgaria was even priced internationally on their innovation.

As far as I am concerned Danone did all they had to. All, but one thing.

The “Danone for men” product was quickly discontinued, due to lack of sales (I’m unable to find a reason to discontinue a product that has high sales).

What was that thing that Danone failed to observe?

The target group.

Were “Danone” to check up the percentage of the population that were identifying themselves as men(above all else), they probably would have reconsidered launching this product.

And with another name, the product could have lived longer. But its own name was the harbinger of its death. Its own name, although good, was targeting the product to a group of people that were either not ready for the product or just haven’t had the need to buy it.

When naming your business try to avoid names that are targeting it to an audience that you are not familiar with.

Speaking of the hosting business, the audience is predominantly male. Therefore choosing a more masculine name for your web hosting reseller business, will hardly be a mistake.


3.  Consider Your Brand’s Values

Every successful business should stand behind something of value, for it to be reliable and noteworthy. That value structure will at best be presented through the name of the business.

Keeping in mind all of the previous and following business naming tips, you will be able to foresee how a probable name of your business could affect its future.


4. Keep the Name Short and Easy to Remember

As with slogans, the name of your business should be short and easy to remember.

That advice is pretty straightforward. There is nothing more to it. The shorter your business name is the easier it will be remembered.

Yet, stay away from words that are not easy to pronounce, are easy to be misspelled, and or don’t have any meaning at all.

If your business name has absolutely no meaning, neither a word that resembles something that the customers have heard of, you’ll make the remembrance of the name near impossible.

Try to avoid that.

But don’t go too literal as well…

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5. Avoid too Literal Business Names

When SEO was at its genesis, a lot of people were striving to buy domain names with real words in them. Thus, if someone searches for “pizza” and your domain was the chances of your website to be ranked higher in SERP, were a lot greater than everyone else’s.

That way, the real words in the domain names of these websites became their business names.

With time most if not all real word domains got registered, which is one of the reasons for you to avoid such a naming. You just won’t be able to find a domain for your business.

The other and the more important reason to avoid literal business name is the fact that people already have a perception and understanding of the word. And except in the rare cases where the brand is powerful enough to overcome that (like Apple Inc., for instance), it would be better if you just avoided literal business name in the first place.

Note! If you are first in something, and you get to invent the word together with your brand’s name, like Coca-Cola, it is a great opportunity for the word, which with time will become a byword for all products of this kind, to be used in the business name. In all the other cases, you may want to avoid that.


6. Avoid Trends

Trends come and go.

Naming your business on something trendy puts you at risk. What will happen with your business, once the trend sinks down into the void, from where it came?

Are you about to rename your business? If so, why don’t you try to create a brand that is here to stay? Something stable and reliable is always preferred to the trendy and versatile.

Being stable creates trust.

And yes, if your business changes its name everytime a new trend comes up, while the old disappears, there is no other choice for people than to distrust your brand. They simply won’t be able to figure out who you are, what you are standing for… and until when.

Trends are a temporary phenomenon, and sooner or later, they’ll end. Don’t let the closing of a trend to become the closing of your business. Be stable.


7. Consider Possible Misinterpretations

The marketing textbooks are filled with examples of businesses that were created to be local and once they’ve tried to conquer a new market, they figured out that their business name was sounding funny in the new country.

Note: For your business name to sound funny is the best (from the negative) possible scenario(s).

There are names that are straightforward offensive. Brands are becoming memes just because their name was not appropriate for the new market. You definitely want to avoid such a setup.

Therefore, if you are considering to be presented on the global market, or at least in the countries near yours, bear in mind their culture, and language when deciding on your business’ name.



Naming your business surely is a complex matter. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when doing so. Yet, if you follow these 7 tips you’ll deal with most of these factors, and thus, facilitate the process.

Let’s Recap:

  1. Start with a Brainstorm
  2. Consider Your Target Audience
  3. Consider Your Brand’s Values
  4. Keep the Name Short and Easy to Remember
  5. Avoid too Literal Business Names
  6. Avoid Trends
  7. Consider the Possible International Misinterpretations


Want to Learn More? Check out our articles on:






About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

Entrepreneurial Skills You Absolutely Need for Success

Entrepreneurial Skills You Absolutely Need for Success

For becoming an entrepreneur and a successful businessman, there are a number of things you need to know, have, be and become. They are all important in the bigger picture and have a huge effect on your future creation.

Some of those skills and abilities people are born with. They are lucky and probably need to work on something else you have and they don’t.

But if you’re just starting to develop your ideas and you’re wondering if you are the right person to become an entrepreneur or you are not sure about it, this list of 10 entrepreneurial skills will help you. You can use it as a checklist and assure yourself that you really are ready to do it.

Most likely, you already have those entrepreneurial skills, you just need someone to give you the right push. So here it is. The right push.


 1. Say NO

entrepreneurial skills

I’m starting with one of the most difficult for me to overcome. It appears that it’s hard not only for me though. When it comes to mastering entrepreneurial skills, however, you absolutely need to learn to say ‘no”.

There will be different moments to do it, and you should learn how to get out of those situations. Sometimes it will be about a client offering not suitable proposal. Other times it will be about a vacation you need to skip to finish your work. No matter what the circumstances are, don’t feel bad about saying no.

From time to time, try also not to apologize. You have priorities, you are a name for yourself and if you want people to see you the way you want, you should act like that. Which leads me to the thought – have your priorities in the right order. Don’t just say no, because… you have to say it.


2. Expand Your Knowledge

Information is everything. It all depends on how you can use it and what you can achieve with it. Some people study all their life, learn a lot of things and are still not able to do anything with that. It also matters if you are learning relevant information considering your line of work.

Before you start your business, website development, reselling hosting or any other activity you chose for yourself, you need to get familiar with everything necessary. Learn how to do a thing, how to be better than others and what will be helpful for your side of work.

You have to not only research, but also read and learn as much as possible. My personal advice is to do a list with all the books you can read for successful leadership and entrepreneurship. I’m sharing one interesting article about that with you.

7 of the Best Books to Read for Success

Not only this but if you are thinking of starting a Reseller Hosting business, you can read articles such as:

7 of the Best Reseller Hosting Tips You Absolutely Need to Know

3. Manage Your Time 

Not once I said, time is everything. Whatever you are doing you need to consider when you are going to do it and how long it will last. Managing your time is one of the entrepreneurial skills that you absolutely need to master if you want to succeed.

Thankfully, there are tools and extensions that can help with that. One of them Is Asana. It helps a lot with managing the tasks you have, the time to do it. Furthermore, everything you need to plan and especially if you are a team of a few people, it can organize everyone’s responsibilities.


4. Manage Your Money

entrepreneurial skills

Since we are talking about managing, there is something as important as time. Maybe even more. Money, of course. The ones you spend and the ones you earn. Profits and expenses are in our lives all the way through. And you need to take care of all of them.

To make sure everything is going well, you need to keep track of your money. It’s not one of the entrepreneurial skills that are difficult to learn. There are apps and helpful tools for this too. You can now manage everything online and don’t worry about it.

You just need to make sure you are spending the right amount of money – what you can afford and what can be enough for client’s engagement and experience. As well as that, keep track of the money you are earning when you start doing that. Always know where is everything coming from. Most importantly, analyze it. What helps you profit and what can increase.


5. Know Your Competition

When you are a child you look around and see everything you don’t have. Even rich kids don’t realize that they have a lot and spot the interesting things others do. We always want what we can’t have, someone said.

Well, you can have it if you want it. Our parents usually advise us not to look at others and appreciate what we have, but in business, it doesn’t work this way. You need to look around, you need to research them. Not to see if their grass is greener but simply to understand how it works.

You can get ideas, you can notice something you are missing or that you are actually doing better. If you haven’t started your business yet, you will collect just great ideas of what you can do more. If you have it in you, of course.


6. Be Well-Aware of Your Weaknesses and Strengths 

entrepreneurial skills

Most of these entrepreneurial skills are important in our lives not only when it comes to entrepreneurship and business. Self-improvement is necessary and you need to grow your personal skills as well as your business ones. So, all of the listed skills here could also be helpful for you if you don’t take the next step in expanding your ideas.

What’s in the way of very big companies sometimes is the lack of a vision. You get so caught up in your work and building your empire that you can easily forget to stop and look at yourself. That’s why sometimes the appearance of someone who is out of your line of your work, can help you see what you otherwise can.

One way to prevent that is always making sure you are open with yourself about your abilities. There will be things that you are not good at. There will be weaknesses and that’s okay. Just think about them before they get in your way. This way you can try and prevent them from messing with your work and go around them.

Same as that, you need to be confident about the skills you are already mastering. They are your weapon and the way to get you to the top. Go for it!


7. Communication

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities and grows as much as that connections. Your colleagues, clients, users, and followers will need you to be inspiring and influencing. People love to follow others who have something more than them, that is better than them. That usually motivates them and gives them assurance that they can be like you one day.

So, give them that. Be an icon for them. and what better way to do it than communication. How you affect them will later have an effect on you. You need to be confident, show power, be strong and at the same time personal.

There are a lot of books that you can read to improve the way you talk, express and your impact on people.


8. Marketing

entrepreneurial skills


That’s a pretty larger theme than just a point in my entrepreneurial skills list. It is however extremely important for your growth. You can create something extraordinary but if no one hears about it, did you really do it?

Probably the best way to get your company, site or business running is with hiring a marketing company. However, you still need to learn about marketing and get better at public relations.

Familiarize yourself with the online presence and social media channels, email marketing, of course, our favorite SEO, and advertising. We are living in a world where most of our business is driven online. So, go there.

All of this marketing presence includes preparing good content too. What is Content Marketing? Remember –  2. Expand your knowledge 

If you want to expand your knowledge in Marketing here is a list of 5 of the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses 


9. Persistence

Persistence all the way. Not giving up, keeping your head in the right direction, always moving forward. These are my favorite entrepreneurial skills and successful tips. As soon as we understand that these qualities will get us where we want to, with almost everything in life, the sooner we’ll start living a better life.

Positivism is always a good idea and will hold our hands all the time, but it’s not enough. You need to stay focused on your goals and dreams, not lose track of your direction and keep your head in the game.


10. Hard Work and Motivation

All the things I listed in the last point are great, but whatever you’re doing, motivation can fall asleep. Sometimes when you don’t have the accumulator, your business won’t drive using only its positivism. So, it’s very important to figure out a way to bring it back to work. Recharge.

You can pick a few bloggers to follow that inspire you, or Instagram profiles, maybe even create a board on Pinterest. Whatever you do, keep reading, keep challenging yourself and keep going.

And last, but for sure not least – hard work.

Dream hard. Work harder.

Sure, if you are talented you’ll get to the right point. But can you stay there only with that? Sorry to break it to you, but no. You still need the hard-work to keep yourself in the game.


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