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Entrepreneurial Movies for Every Day Inspiration

Entrepreneurial Movies for Every Day Inspiration

Entrepreneurs are people that usually have a lot of ideas or inspiration but they also crave new ways of success, they love to explore opportunities and interesting approaches for business.

That’s why there are a lot of books for entrepreneurs where authors talk about how to improve yourself, how to be successful, how to attract growth on your path. There are also talks and videos that cover topics similar to self-improvement and progress. Last but not least, that’s why there are so many inspiring movies about increasing production, prosperity, and rising success.

To be fair, they are not only interesting for people that are in the entrepreneurs but also for people that know they need to do more, to be better, and to achieve. Those kinds of movies are influencing a person’s motivation, they spark your soul, and give you purpose.

Those movies are the best way to combine entertainment with self-improvement. Turn work into pleasure and pleasure into work. Here are the most popular entrepreneurial movies that are worth watching.


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The Social Network

Of course, you need to start with this movie. It’s the story of one of the most successful entrepreneurs for the last decades. The creation of Facebook and the story of Mark Zuckerberg. It’s an inspiring movie about not giving up and always following goals. The creation of the movie is exceptional and fascinates with facts about the most successful social media platform ever created. Mark himself is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire and if that’s not inspiring enough, what is?


Wolf of Wall Street

The huge success of this movie is a combination of brutal truths and limitations or lack of them, of actions leading to success. The great act of Leonardo DiCaprio adds a real touch to the movie and the message it holds. The movie is a true story based on the life of Jordan Belfort, an entrepreneur going up to the top. More or less, it’s a story about money, everyone should know.

Not only DiCaprio but Matthew McConaughey also shows incredible acting and incarnation in the role of a salesman. It’s a movie that has to be seen and experienced in order for everyone to feel the unknown.


Steve Jobs

In the movie are hidden the great actor performances of Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet. They recreate in an impressive way the life of the great iconic life of Steve Jobs. The director Danny Boyle also wrote The Social Network, and those two movies should definitely be on your to-watch list, top 5, or even top 2. Most of the entrepreneurs have read the biography of Jobs, but for those of you that prefer a calm night with popcorn, the movie is your best choice.


Thank You for Smoking

When it comes to marketing, and entrepreneurship probably the most important skill you need to master is selling. You need to be able to spin the word of others by using persuasiveness, data, and charisma. One of the best scenes in Thank You for Smoking is when Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) shows off his spin skills on Joan Lunden’s talk show.

With time the protagonist starts to understand that he is doing more harm than good. He is torn between being a professional by defending Big Tabacco and being a good role model for his son. Thank You for Smoking is more of a movie about marketing and how radical it could go, but for us to be entrepreneurs, we need to understand the good and the bad of marketing.

The latter is usually the same, it depends mostly on what you are selling.  Making people happy is more important than anything else. Don’t fight for something you don’t believe in. Thank You for Smoking is capable of giving you those and a lot more lessons of life, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


The Founder

One of the biggest real estate owners in the entire world is McDonald’s. But the chances are it wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t for Ray Kroc. The Founder tells us the story of two brothers – Richard and Maurice McDonald – and their burger stand.

While he was a salesman Ray Kroc has found himself in front of the burger stand, sensing that there is more to it, than it seems. A movie about idea generation, struggle, and the story of the most famous fast food enterprise in the world, The Founder tells us a story that every entrepreneur ought to see. Especially in times of despair.



We know those movies won’t be enough when you start and realize how much help they can be and how much your perspective will enlarge. That’s why soon enough you can expect part 2 and five more entrepreneurial movies that will help you on your way to being the next big and famous name in the world of entrepreneurs and success.

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Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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What Do Entrepreneurs Do – The Ultimate Checklist

What Do Entrepreneurs Do – The Ultimate Checklist

The constant wonder of what do entrepreneurs do is rounding around the thoughts of brave and at the same time still not confident enough people that know they need to do something more.

Being an entrepreneur is a feeling people are born with. There are skills to be mastered, books to be read, and tries to be succeeded and failed, but you already know you are about to do something great, don’t you?

Learning how to be successful and what skills you need or what to do with the ideas you have is a process that needs itself time. However, there are five mandatory steps you have to follow if you want to upgrade yourself and own your qualities.

So, what is it that entrepreneurs do that makes them so great?


1. They Set Goals and Make Plans

What do entrepreneurs do first? They set goals. But not just things they want to achieve or dreams to realize. Entrepreneurs set clear and concrete goals that they can visualize, they can see the clear path to it, what needs to be done, how much time it will take, how much effort, money or else.

In other words, they don’t just set goals – they make plans. They see the end of each line and plan what needs to be done to get there. People that have ideas can only stay with them thinking it’s the only thing necessary and important. Well, it’s not.

You can be the next Mark Zuckerberg but if you don’t take any actions, he won’t come knocking on your door to hear your idea, will he? So, learn how to create a business plan and then – follow it!


2. Challenge Their Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, facing both of them will lead you to a better version of you. When you know what you are not good at you can work on it. Challenge those minus qualities and if not magically turn them into good ones (because we know that’s not possible – perfect people just don’t exist) then rather know how to use them in a way that they won’t be a problem.

Furthermore, if you make a mistake the wise way to deal with it is to take the meaning. What went wrong, what did you do that you could do better? All those questions will prevent further mistakes to repeat. When you know what you can work on and improve, find a way to do that – learn whatever is necessary. It will pay off later.


3. Understand How to Control Their Finances  

What do entrepreneurs do when they first start? They clarify what they can invest, how much money they have, how can they use it and… they continue controlling them all the time. Rich people don’t become rich by not following their incomes and outcomes.

Every business no matter the industry needs control over the finances. At first, the investment, then the prices, the expenses, and the profits. For example, starting a company with reseller hosting would require also figuring out the prices provided by the hosting company and how you will change them.


4. Research Industry Trends

Before you start any kind of business it’s needed to have information about future competition and the industry itself. Doing research will help any entrepreneur know where they stand, what more they can do, what is required and how they can be better than the others. That’s the crucial point of the process, they all succeed by giving something better to their target audience.

That’s why you need to be informed about the industry not only before you start but also as you continue to grow. Don’t forget to follow new trends and how everything changes through time because when it happens, if you are prepared to take it with your arms wide open and ready, then you will be on the top.


5. Believe in Тhemselves and Never Give up

Maybe I should have started with this. It is maybe the most important check you need to mark on your list. What successful people do to become ones is the fact that they don’t fear failure. Each try gets them closer to their goal. If they don’t do it once, they won’t stop. Rather than that, they will be even more motivated.


Not giving up is something you need to learn doing if you want to know what do entrepreneurs do – because believe me when I say, it is the most important part of their process that leads them to the greatest places.  

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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Create the Best Business Development Strategy and Follow it!

Create the Best Business Development Strategy and Follow it!

Business development strategy is a must when you are creating your first company regardless of its essence. You can be opening a shop down the street, creating an online website for services, or be a hosting reseller.

Whatever it is, your business needs the right strategy if you want it to be successful and grow more than the competitions’. It’s important to do it before you start the actual work. It will give you clarity about what you want to achieve and how to do it.



One of the things you need to include in your business development strategy is networking. It’s, in fact, one of the most universal strategies used by many entrepreneurs. It is known to be useful due to the fact that creating relationships is itself a great boost in many fields.

Whether it is networking with other business partners or related associates, or it’s your target audience, you need to make sure you don’t just meet them or talk to them. You also have to listen. Engage. Create trust and long-term relations. This way you can relate to assurance and confidence in both yours and the other person’s business.

Nowadays, the digital world has given us the opportunity to do all that online. Using social media, you can all the more save time while creating some connections on the right channels. Saying the right channels is important for many reasons and you’ll read them scrolling down.


Branding is a word that is now used on so many occasions that it lost some of its meanings. And one of them is exactly the business development strategy that it takes a huge part of. Building a brand is not only creating a logo and choosing your colors. It’s not about positioning yourself somewhere with your name and company.

It’s also about what will be said for you when you are not there. Furthermore, about your brand identity. How people will recognize you wherever they see something connected to you and your services.


Social Media Optimization

The online presence is your door to building a brand, to creating relationships, and bringing attention to you. Especially if your business is only online such as the reseller business.

Then you really need to create a vision for yourself that brings you closer to the goals you have put and to the dreams you had. This being said let me get back to what I referred in the beginning.

The right channels you are using. The online market is a huge space and it has room for everyone. So, whatever your particular company is about must be coordinated with the social media channels.

You cannot be everywhere as it will only take your time and not help you achieve anything. That’s why it’s important to create the right online presence using the right tools, sending the most appropriate message and leaving prints behind you.

Furthermore, social media can help you do the networking we started with. You can create a forum and not only participate in conversations but start ones. Let people talk about you naturally. 

Here is more about How to Use Social Media to Generate Interest in Your Web Hosting Company



Another matter you need to consider when creating your business development strategy is the referrals you can use. They can come from business partners, satisfied customers, or any related users on the Internet that are worth and of course, connected to you.

So, think about that and figure out if you can use some linking from other websites. But be sure to proceed with caution when it comes to linking. As good as it is being backed up, if it comes from not a reliable source, it is worse rather than good for you.


Digital Ads

You absolutely need to include in your plan – a strategy for digital ads. Whether it’s Facebook campaigns or Google Ads or other advertising online, you will need them to raise awareness and bring more users to your website.

This part requires knowledge about how ad campaigns work but it also craves creativity. What actually sells is an extraordinary content and appeal that attracts and raises desires about the content and the brand behind it.



Also, Prepare:

Target Audience

Be sure to include in your planning time to get to know your target. Who are you going to sell to? What are your buyer personas and their profile? Think about where you can find your audience and what can you tell them that will be interesting for them.        

Research Market and Competitors

You simply can do anything without research first. To position yourself on any market especially online, you need to be prepared about who it is that you are going against. Look at their prices, their content marketing, their messages and what they are using as advantages.

Also, think about what you see as minus and use it in your favor. The market and your competitors will give you a lot of answers about what you should do. Be prepared and your business development strategy will work at its best for you.


About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur – 9 Essential Steps

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur – 9 Essential Steps

Entrepreneurs are people that have a few qualities or know what they need in order to succeed. When you have the power of information and you know what is necessary then you can start working on it. And that already gets you one step closer to your wanted dream.

Your goals can be achieved only if you are determined enough to be better, to grow your personal qualities, and to grow your knowledge, new learnings and imagination even. Everything can be useful for you if you learn how to take control over it. That being your most important value will take you through whatever comes your way. Unstoppable will be one word to describe it.


1. Challenge Yourself

One of the first things you need to learn about how to be a successful entrepreneur is that if you want something big to happen to you and your business then you need to do something big for you. Get out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

You won’t be always sure about new possibilities that come in your way, but that’s okay. Challenge yourself and you will soon find that the action you took actually led you to the better outcome. That’s the way to grow not only your business but also the one that stands beside it – you.


2. Get Inspired and Stay That Way

Whatever it is that you want to start – a company for web hosting as a reseller, a personal blog, small online shop or anything really, you need inspiration. To be honest, though, sometimes inspiration and motivation come with the action.

It’s not necessary to be excited about something before you start it. There are times when you take a step into an unknown direction and you actually find it interesting, intriguing, and exhilarating.


3. Find Daily Motivation

Once you start your business you will be for sure very motivated for it. You will want to work all the time, you will have ideas every minute, and excitement will take over you. But once time passes there is a chance that you will get tired, you will need more time off and probably will want to find motivation about work.

It’s important to know that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you have to search for small motives every day. To do that you need to follow positivity, determination, and goals being completed.



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4. Be Braver and Take Risks

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then it’s really important to learn to not only challenge yourself but also to take the necessary risks and be brave about success and failure both. Braver people tend to achieve far more than people that are afraid to try new things.

Being out of your comfort zone is… not comfort, but it can also be the step you needed to accomplish all needed and dreamed. You never know which decision can lead you to the higher step on the ladder. Just take that chance, be brave, and wait for the good to follow.


5. Put Your Goals in Your Calendar

That’s right. Don’t just have goals and don’t just have a calendar with tasks. Have clear goals that you have a vision for. You know when is the end date that you want to have reached your aim.

Putting this in the calendar will help you be more motivated and focused on not missing the time. You will be pressured by yourself and it’s the only way it will work. Trust me.


6. Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Ah, this one! How can one not be afraid of failure, you might ask. Well, accepting that you will not always win is a win itself. There are a lot of interesting stories about successful entrepreneurs that failed a lot of times before getting where they are now.

Whatever business you are going to start it’s most likely that you won’t be great at first. But that’s okay. Great things take time and as it goes by, you will see that success follows. Embrace whatever comes your way and don’t be afraid.


7. Stay on Track with Your Values

Entrepreneurs become businessmen and then successful and influential. That brings more responsibilities, more work, far more opportunities, chances, and decision. When that is supported by benefits and victories, sometimes can be also accompanied by changes in value.

If you want to stay on the right track and not only be great for a while but keep you glory for longer time and become a really successful entrepreneur. Then you need to know values like honesty, compassion, equality, integrity, etc.

8. Plan Your Finances, Time, and Effort

A little above I told you about putting your goals in the calendar. Right now, let me tell you about the other important things you need to plan. In the very beginning of your business adventure, every successful entrepreneur creates a plan – about the finances that one can invest, about the time that is going to be needed for most of the tasks, and the effort that’s going to take.

As time goes by and your business grows, don’t stop updating those plans. Write down everything. The money you spend, the time you have, your production, and your wins. Small or big always celebrate them.


9. Take Actions

My final advice to you that you want to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur is to not wait. You will never be ready enough, you will never know everything, and you most probably won’t feel as assured as if you just go and… do it. Do more than you talk, don’t wait for opportunities – take actions!


About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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From Finding Motivation Every Day to Growing Success

From Finding Motivation Every Day to Growing Success

Working from home and growing an online business – small or big, comes with a lot of self-discipline. There a few different cases – either you are so inspired that you can’t stop working or you often find yourself in situations where motivation lacks.

If you are from the second group of people it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not excited about what you are doing, you just need to do the right things that keep your goals clear and productivity natural.   

Reading an article like this is one way to get motivation during the day or in the morning with the first coffee. Sometimes if we take a few minutes away from work to read an inspiring fragment or post, it boosts the thinking process and of course, motivation.



Tasks Management

There are a few very important matters when it comes to managing your tasks. Owning an online business in the field of website hosting as a reseller, or having an e-commerce shop, or developing your own website with the services you are providing, comes with different tasks each.

However, whatever your responsibilities are – learn a few things – have daily tasks, prioritize them by urge and importance, at the start with the most important one. 

Also read: How to Increase Productivity and Get Work Done


Have Daily Tasks

At least 3! If you start your day with writing down and thinking of the three must-be-done tasks you will have the first breath of motivation to keep you going. Having a clear thought and vision about what is going to be completed at the end of the working day is one great feeling. And when it happens – even greater! That is one of the must-have entrepreneurial skills!


Prioritize – Urge and Importance

Okay, you probably won’t have only 3 tasks but more than that. So, they need to be clarified – is something important but not so urgent as another that is urgent but not so important? Which one needs to be done sooner rather than later than the rest?

 Is there something you can leave for last? Answering those questions and again – writing down the different prioritized groups will help you keep your focus and your mind will work much more calmly.


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Start with the Most Important one

That doesn’t sound surprising, I know. Of course, you are going to do that. But let me tell you why it gives you so much satisfaction. It simply makes you feel more confident about everything you can do. You managed the biggest matter of today and now everything else will seem much easier for you.

How is this helping finding motivation? Well, leave another important task for the other part of the day. Let it be the one that is going to be waiting for you when you finish the rest.


Celebrate Every Win

One of the most important ways to make sure finding motivation will lead you to success is if you congratulate yourself with even the small things you did. Don’t ever forget that every single thing you do is bringing you one step closer to your desired step up.

So, if you make yourself feel good during every step of the way, then you will naturally begin wanting to do something fast and great. Only because you know how good you will feel afterward.



Since we are talking about online business development and start-ups, you are most likely to be working at home. This is as good as it is bad. Why? Being at home gives you the freedom of being most comfortable, having your own schedule, rules, and office in bed. But this is also what leads the most to lose motivation.

You start taking advantage of this freedom and soon you prefer the longer sleep than working from early in the morning. Then you find it harder and harder staying focus when you can eat, drink, draw, read, or whatever else, just not work.

That’s why you should choose space from your home and turn it into an office. Always work from there, always play nice music that gets you in a mood, and makes everything around you motivational, clean, tidy, and organized.


Goals Work Best

Always set goals. Having high hopes always drives you to them itself. You have something that you chase and this always gets you moving forward. You can do it with the tasks and group them by when you think you can reach a certain goal.

If it comes to the point that you reached all of your goals, set some more! You should not have limits about what you can achieve. It is one of the habits of most successful entrepreneurs and soon it can be yours!


Think Positive, Big, and Brave

Talking about limits and finding motivation, you should know that your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. If you haven’t read books about it, maybe it’s time you get to know more about the abilities of human minds.

Thinking positive and feeling more and more confident in yourself will help in the trip of finding motivation. Being brave is what will get you to your final destination – the growth of your success. And your business, and yourself.



About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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How to Start a Hosting Reseller Business

How to Start a Hosting Reseller Business

To start and have a successful business is something we all desire but only a few dare to actually do. Not because of our possibilities but because we are uncertain about what we can achieve and we honestly fear our failure.

Little do we know it can actually be so easy. The online space has created many opportunities for the brave entrepreneurs to grasp. And the reseller business is one of them! That’s why I’ll now share with you everything you need to know in order to learn how to start a hosting business by yourself and succeed.


Start by Learning

Every new beginning or starter is banded to knowledge. You can’t start something you know nothing about. And even if you do know what website hosting is, then at least inform yourself with the specifics of this area. The truth is for having a reseller shop and to sell hosting you don’t really need the technical skills because your provider takes care of everything that you can’t.

That’s why you don’t need to get to the really specific terms but only to know the basics and to have of course your spirit. It’s a cliché but hard-work and self-motivation are essential to it all.


Do a Full Research

That is a part of the learning process, but it gives you another look at things. Whatever business you chose to start you need to know the competition it has. By looking into other hosting providers you’ll get the real insight into how things work.

You can also create a profile with one or two hosting companies to see what emails they send, what does it look to be a reseller or website user there. Also, choose proper prices and learn about tricks they’re doing.

It will help you learn more about the niche and also give you ideas about how you can do the things and even more – how to be better than them.


Choose Your Hosting Provider

For choosing the best reseller hosting provider we have a very detailed article that can help you a lot. It has information for beginners and for the advanced of you. It contains all the facts you need to keep in mind and check, what to look for, what to expect, and the extra services – all about the different hosting plans.

Following the first point, you need to read the guide to choosing the right reseller company and learn about how the providers can help you. You need to make sure you know everything you need to choose your plan. Even if you start with free hosting information is needed.


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Choose Brand and Logo

As a hosting reseller, we have available for you a few different templates that you can use. We even launched a new one last month called “Sky”. After you choose your template you have to think about how you want to position yourself on the market.

You need to think of naming your business and a logo that completes you. Take time to consider everything about that because it is how all your users will see you. Think of an easy yet interesting and appealing name and logo.


Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Before you start sharing your new beautiful website with the world, make sure to have a clear plan about how exactly you will achieve brand awareness. It’s not only necessary to share content on social media or to wait for Google to notice your SEO but to advertise your business.

Think of a blog that you can start, channels to go to, promotions, forums, apps, or anything really. How you do it is your choice. We constantly share on our Blog tips for content marketing, SEO, useful tools, tips for success, and much more than we think is of your interest and can help you grow.

For example, a great article you can read is the one about the Unique Selling Proposition. It gives a great insight about providing value to your services and be interesting, attractive, and chosen by the users.



This is far from everything you need to know as there are a lot of considerations to be done, but it is the start you need. Or should I say – the push you need? Because let’s be honest, if you are here reading how to start a hosting reseller business you are already thinking of doing it. Now you only need to get that bravery and start.

We will be with you all the way through and whatever questions you have, our support team works 24/7 for you and your future users. What are you still waiting for?

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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