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6 Books to Read to Become Successful Entrepreneur

6 Books to Read to Become Successful Entrepreneur

There are people, places, words, articles and books that are able to change who we are. For good. And while meeting the right people, on the right place and time, and expecting for them to tell you the right words, is not something that you can control, reading the right articles and books is.

There is no single book that will make you a successful entrepreneur. Neither a set of them.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not only matter of knowledge but also of action.

Counterintuitively, doing the right things at the right time will not guarantee you the success you strive for.

You will need a pinch of luck.

But luck is nothing more than being able to grasp an opportunity.

To do so, you need knowledge.

Here are the 6 books I believe will help you to become a successful entrepreneur.


1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs is more or less the icon of the modern entrepreneur. But it wasn’t always like that. Steve Jobs was adopted… but ok, I won’t spoil it for you. But I promise you that if you have even a small interest in technology and its development, you’ll have a good time reading the biography of Steve Jobs.

Reading the biography of a person that literally changed the world, won’t make you exactly like them, but we people are prone to recognize and incorporate the successful patterns of others. Thus, you may consciously or unconsciously implement one or other behavioral model.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography


2. Social Animal by Elliot Aronson

Speaking of behavior, people are social animals, and having a business is one of the most social actions that you may take. You are selling to people, you are working with people, you are creating products or services for people.

Knowing how people work, and what makes us tick is crucial knowledge for an entrepreneur. I really don’t believe that there is another psychological book so valuable and so easy to perceive as Social Animal by Elliot Aronson is. The author explains in the best possible way how our brain works, how, why, and since when we start to socialize. What mistakes could be made, and how to overcome them.

Social Animal by Elliot Aronson is a fundamental piece of work that is probably the best way to enter the world of social psychology.

The Social Animal


3. Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin, the author of Tribes, and a number of other masterpieces is a specific type of marketologist. His sharp analytical mind and his pen are something that makes him stand out from the marketing crowd. A lot.

It is not rare for the author to start a trend in the marketing world. He isn’t dressing up his theories in academic words, but rather in words that are strong and still comprehensible. Which is making it a bit harder for the readers to see how fundamental his work is. And it really is fundamental.

Seth Godin’s Tribes is a book that is talking a lot about the niches. Again, in a sense that may not even make you think about niches, but rather about communities, forums… well, tribes.

The author has dedicated the whole book to the importance of taking care of the people that are really interested in what you are doing, or at least in the niche that you are striving to conquer.

Meaning that you need to really understand the people you are about to engage with. Which is more or less, developing the so-called buyer-persona. But again, all this is explained in an engaging and educating way.

Reading everything written by Seth Godin is worth your time.


Tribes: We need you to lead us


4. The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

This book was written in the times when the internet was becoming what it is today. That was about twelve or thirteen years ago. Yet, it still is a valuable paper that you need to read in order to deeply understand the world we live in.

The author has dedicated his work to, as the title hints, the long tail of the sales that are possible thanks to the internet. He breaks up business models of such companies as Amazon and eBay in an unanticipated way. And having the knowledge of how the market and business of this size work, will definitely help you shape yours.

As an infinite source of ideas, The Long Tail is definitely one of the top books, you need to read if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More


5. Black Swan by Nassim Taleb

Aaah, Nassim Taleb! I honestly had a dilemma if I should recommend Black Swan or another of Taleb’s books. Namely, ‘Antifragile’.

I honestly believe that no matter how smart or knowledgeable you are, your world will be enlarged by either of those books. A lot. Not only business-wise. In fact, you have to be rather creative to be able to connect directly what Taleb is saying to business. But yet, once you do it, you’ll be mesmerized by the erudition of the author, by the connections he is able to make, and by his writing skills and approach.

Even though I felt that ‘Antifragile’ was more interesting and more enlightening, I believe that you need to read the Black Swan first.

Nassim Taleb is more of a philosopher than a business guru. Although, he could pass for both.

I honestly recommend you to read every one of the Taleb’s books, even if you are not interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

Do it for your own intellectual pleasure.

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable: With a New Section: “On Robustness and Fragility” (Incerto) (2nd Edition)


6. The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The four-hour workweek is another bestseller. If you are about to read just one of the mentioned books, this is the one. The goal of becoming an entrepreneur is not to be self-employed. The goal is to hire other people to do your work, while you are either relaxing or managing them.

The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss is probably the most famous book, dedicated to, essentially, outsourcing and the ways that you can do so.

The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich



Entrepreneurship is more action than thinking. Still, thinking is crucial. But to be able to think as a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand the way they do so. You need to know them. You need to read a lot.  Knowledge is power.

Knowing what makes people tick, how does the market work, the fundamentals of marketing, and the crucial realization that most of the work you are about to do, can and should be outsourced, are the alphabet of entrepreneurship.

There are a lot of books that will revolutionize your mind in a way that the skill to become a successful entrepreneur will be the least that you will acquire.  Yet, I believe that those listed are able to build a base that you won’t be able or willing to change for nothing else.

Don’t forget to apply the knowledge that you get, otherwise, it will be merely information. Also, don’t stop yourself from taking action, just because you haven’t read one or another books.



Conquer the world!

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About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

First Steps in Online Entrepreneurship

First Steps in Online Entrepreneurship

You find yourself more and more frequently wandering in another world. A world where you are a successful online entrepreneur. Still, when you open your eyes, you are yet again in the office, behind the bar, or selling the same products in the same shop, on the same corner. Again. And again. And again.

You strive for success.

You are born for that. You know that.

Your parents also know it.

But why doesn’t everyone else see it?

The answer is simple. There is one single reason for you to still wait for the success.

You are waiting for it.

You are not moving toward it.

You are not struggling enough.

In fact, the only struggle you are going through is the fact you are still on salary. But what did you expect? Your ideas won’t come to reality if you don’t work for them. In the real world.

Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow.

I admit it. Online entrepreneurship is easier in terms of investment but it is a lot harder in terms of competition, of data that you have to work with, the knowledge you have to obtain. It is harder. In many ways.

People that are trying to sell you their products are telling you that it is kids play. But it is not.

Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship. Being its brick and mortar or online. It is hard. And while online entrepreneurship has its positive sides and it really is a lot less expensive it is still hard.

It can be confusing. It is confusing.

But what if there was a blueprint for you to follow. What if someone was about to tell you the first steps, you have to take. What if instead of waiting, and dreaming, by following these steps, you could really become the success you wish to be.

Not that it will be easy. But if you put the efforts needed, it is possible.

I believe you want to examine those first steps in online entrepreneurship.

So, let’s get started.


Step 1: Find Out What You Are About to do

I hope this is obvious but if your idea is to start an online business and that’s it, you have a problem. You can’t do anything without knowing what you want to do. And to be exact.

We’ll discuss this in depth soon but you have to find out what you are about to sell, to whom, how.

To find out how exactly you are about to strive for the success there are a few steps to take.

Find out a need that has to be fulfilled. What is it that people need, but no one offers them? Or is there something that is way too expensive, slow, or nonefficient? Do you know how? Can you make it faster, cheaper or better looking?

Improving an existing product/service may sound easier, but this is not always the case. Sometimes beginning from the ground up is the best decision you will ever make. There is, of course, a negative side to it. Namely, you will have to educate your potential customers on why they need your products/services.

And that leads us to the next important part. Start a business with something you care about. If you don’t care why even bother starting. I agree, money is important but you won’t make so much money doing something you don’t care about, as you will if you are doing what you are doing eagerly.

This is not the easiest part, as there is so much thing you could probably do. Yet, because of the limits of the time and skills a person can have, you will have to drop a lot of good ideas.

Still, if you find one thing, one thing you do care about, and you can improve, or invent, you are on the go.


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Step 2: Make a Plan

After you discovered what is it that you care about and are able to make better in some way, it is time for you to make a plan.

Making a plan is a lot easier when you have the knowledge about what it should include. Here are some basic features that every action plan should include:

  1. The idea
  2. The to-be-created brand name
  3. Who are your competitors direct and indirect
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Target Group of people you want to sell to
  6. Key methods of selling
  7. Where you want to go. Be specific and realistic.
  8. Create your website

When creating your website, you have to keep your marketing strategy next to you. This will help you to be sure that the design of the website doesn’t interfere with any of the statements or the goals, or the general promotional strategy.

For example, if you want to emphasize your SEO efforts, while not absolutely mandatory, it is highly recommended to have a blog. And honestly, in the last years, it is impossible to be found without one.

Try to structure your website in a way that compliments and simplifies the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Once your website is up and running(and why not before that) make sure to create profiles on the Social Networks and forums that are in the way or another connected to what you do. This is one of the best ways to promote yourself. Be around the people that you are helping too.

Next, when you start receiving traffic, gather the emails of your to-be-customers. Of course, ask politely, or even give something back. It is common for websites to offer you a free e-book or other freebies in order to get your email.

They invest the time to create something of value because they know, the email of every potential customer could be invaluable.

And speaking of value – whatever you do, whatever your business is, there is one thing that will be the difference between success and failure.

Make the life of anyone that had the chance of working with you better. Leave them in a better state than the one you found them in.

Make them feel like they got the better end of the deal.

Start selling

You already have traffic to your website and it starts to grow. Now you have to polish the selling funnel. Make it easy for the customers to buy. And harder to abandon the cart. Meaning, again, that they have to feel like they get the better end of the deal.

Reinvest the profit of the sales in order to make more.

Everything else is numbers game.

About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

Do you have what it takes… to be an entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes… to be an entrepreneur?

Make no mistake, being an entrepreneur is a struggle. You are the one to create the schedule for the week, and you are the one to watch over its execution.

You will sleep less.

You will work more.

Your relationships could suffer.

Who am I kidding, you could even lose your mental health.

But, let’s be honest. If what you are about to create, fulfills your deeper, perhaps spiritual, needs, it is worth it. You will acquire a sense of purpose. You’ll be happier, because of the fact, you are following your dreams.


Even so, do you have what it takes… to be an entrepreneur?

There are countless courses, books, seminars on how to become an entrepreneur. I got to agree, a lot of them give an irreplaceable set of knowledge. Still, a lot of the people that have written such books, and developed the courses are rich, because they sold their books on how to get rich. They never had a business, never risked anything, the only investment was the time to write the book.

And that’s it.

But those actions, although lead to wealth acquisition, are not entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are the people that created a small bakery on the corner next to their house.

Entrepreneurs are the bloggers that are offering valuable content to their audience.

Entrepreneurs are the people, who became Hosting Resellers and didn’t leave it there. Those, who found their first customer. Then the second, and the third.

But the million-dollar question is the same as it always has been.

Why are some business better than others? What is the difference between those who survived and those who didn’t?

It is easy to get confused, looking at those who survived and to find common features.

Survivorship bias is a common logical error. In essence, this mistake is the tendency to focus on people, brands, business, animals, traits that made it. And to believe that just because they made it, they were better, faster, smarter than their competitors that didn’t make it.

As it turns out, that is not always the case. Not always those who are better are the ones that survive.

It is my personal belief that everything depends on the director. Without a great leader, no great company would’ve existed.

Without the vision of the great leaders, nothing meaningful wouldn’t exist.

We, people, are naturally attracted to the leaders. We have a natural tendency to follow. This is why leaders are important.

But what are the traits that a leader must possess or obtain, in order to become a successful entrepreneur?

Let’s find out!



Say, you are in a bar, resting after a long workday. You are enjoying your whiskey and overhear a conversation from the table next to you. It’s a conversation between co-workers. One of them complains to the other about how robots are taking more and more human job places. He sounds really concerned about his position, making predictions that he’ll have no place to work in less than five years.

What you hear gets your attention and you start to listen to the conversation more carefully, forgetting about your problems.  While listening, you are coming to the conclusion that unemployment and underemployment are going to be a really serious problem in the following years.

You know that every successful business relieves a pain or solves a problem that people have. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

The question is, does the overhead conversation inspires you to look for the businesses of the future or makes you scared of it?

I believe that one of the key factors of entrepreneurial success is being able to grasp ideas from everything that surrounds you.



You are now inspired, you have the idea, you have the goal. But inspiration goes only this far. You will be excited for a while, maybe you’ll even take the first few steps, and then what?

Without the knowledge of who you are and what motivates you, the chances are, you won’t continue moving towards the goal when the magic of inspiration loses its power.


Being an entrepreneur, as you know, means that there is no one that you answer before. Which, of course, is often (but not always) the main goal.

Having no one to answer before is a two-bladed sword.  You may become lazy, which leads us to the next point.



In ‘Introduction to Psychoanalysis’ Sigmund Freud says that if the knife is not sharp, it will be safe, but won’t be able to cut. This is, of course, a metaphor which means that everything has a good and a bad side. Thus, if you obtain the targeted freedom, you’ll have to be cautious of your own actions.

Speaking of internet entrepreneurship, especially when you are on your own, having discipline can and often is the main difference between success and failure.

If you are able to make yourself work, and not to get distracted by social media newsfeeds and other unnecessary activities, how much you know will become irrelevant. You will learn through experience if you need, and you’ll get even more of it.

Discipline yourself and finish what you started.



The ability to focus is, although different, strongly connected to the discipline. The focus is extremely important because even if you have the discipline the lack of focus could become ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

It may seem insignificant. If you are disciplined enough, you can defocus and refocus all day. Thus, the tasks will be completed at the end. And that is a reasonable argument, I admit.

On the other hand, if you are able to focus, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the daily tasks early and to get to the forthcoming ones. You can even let yourself to take a break. And that, believe me, is important.

The ability to focus on a given task until the end of it is crucial, no matter what you do.



In 1896 in his first paper, “Cours d’économie politique” an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto came up with the principle which is famous as the 80/20 rule. Since then, it was widely used in thousands of marketing, business, business management entrepreneurship, time management, project management and even self-help books. Today, we are all familiar with the 80/20 principle, or the law of the vital few.

In essence, the core of the principle is in the fact that in many spheres of life, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Thus, 20% of the tasks you are devoting your time to, are about to return 80% of the result that you’ll get – money, clients, or something else.

Now, you can probably see how important it is to be able to prioritize and prioritize wisely. To be able to find exactly which are that 20 % of what you do, that will give you around 80% of your results.



Entrepreneurs are walking a lonely road. Most people around you will tell you to go on the same old well-trodden path. Go to school, educate yourself in the college or university, find a job, build a career.

And while there is nothing wrong in this, you are reading this article for a reason. You feel that this is not the path for you. You want more from life. And you are trying to figure out if it is for you.

The people that are most close to you, will probably be most aggressive in their attempts to reason you out of your ambitions to become an entrepreneur. And if they are trying to deter you from taking action, believe me when I say it, they are doing it because they think this is for your best.

They believe that ventures are dangerous, that you could fail, you could lose money, if you are too obsessed with the idea, you can lose everything. And the people that value you the most, will try to save you from this.

Of course, there will be people that are not so close to you – colleagues, fellow students, neighbors that will openly laugh at your ambitions. Don’t get discouraged by that. It is normal for people that never considered that they could live a different life to make fun of those, who are so much different from their way of thinking.

In a psychological sense, they are trying to put you in the norm, especially when we are talking about fellow workers. And the norm, for people that are on a 9 to 5 cycle is to stay there. This is a secure place.

On the other hand, people will try to straightforward discourage you, because they feel that if you make it, they won’t be able to preserve the self-image they have for themselves. Most of us want to feel like we are superior to others, even if all the indicators are pointing the other way.

You need to be independent because if you let others discourage you, no matter their reasoning and reasons, you won’t reach your goals.

Be polite, but always stay independent.


Risk Taking Capacity

This one is self-explanatory. Entrepreneurship is the essence of risk-taking in 21 century.

Of course, becoming an entrepreneur is not the only risk you can take in our era. Still, if you are living a normal, peaceful and quiet life, becoming an entrepreneur will bring a lot of stress, risk and overall it may become the biggest risk, you ever took.

And yes, I believe it‘s worth it.



I don’t claim to know all the answers. I don’t claim that if you possess all these qualities, you’ll definitely become a successful entrepreneur. What I am saying is if you are a disciplined, focused and independent risk-taker, who is able to prioritize his task, you definitely have higher chances to prevail in the business world.

If, of course, you are interested in entrepreneurship.

Oh, come on, if you were not interested, I was going to lose you with the title.

Now go, conquer the world!

About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

Early Twenties: 7 Reasons to Start Your First Website Now

Early Twenties: 7 Reasons to Start Your First Website Now

It’s not that you can’t or shouldn’t start online projects if you are not in your early twenties. Just the opposite. The point is if you are, you probably have a lot of resources, which you’ll miss, once you grow a bit older.

The life of an adult is as much hard as it is pleasant. The higher level of independence comes with a price. Namely, responsibility.

Once you are an adult, you are responsible for yourself. At certain times for your parents, friends, significant other, and in some cases – for your children. That is a lot to take care of.  As you probably understand(or know), once you have so many responsibilities, it becomes harder to find the time, energy, and even money to start an online project. Of course, it is fair to note that most of the millionaires are crossing the million dollar border, long after their twenties.  But, as far, as I am concerned, I would say that they are becoming millionaires, not cause of a one-time effort. Most likely, the people that are wealthier, have been through a lot of trial and error.

And “suddenly”, there is the breakthrough, the first million, and afterward – the second.

I am not trying to implement that starting your first website now will guarantee you the millionaire status after some time. But let’s be honest, trying to do it will lead you at least one step ahead of those who are not, right?

So here are the top reasons, to start your first website in your twenties.


1. The technological progress is here to stay

Honestly, this is just something I believe in. According to the economic theories, everything comes to a peak. After the peak, there is a slope(or recession). This is called economic cycle – growth, peak, recession, trough, and growth again. And while these theories are making sense(after all everything in life is a cycle in a way), the growth of the information era(therefore, the technology industry) is something that is hard to come to a recession. Not because it is some kind of a special industry, but because there are way too much people on the earth, and every one of us is thirsty for knowledge. Not to mention the fact, there are way too many people without internet access, which is one huge market to look forward to.

And if the technological progress is here to stay, you probably should think about going online, a.s.a.p.


2. You learn faster

While in your twenties, especially in your early and mid-twenties, you’ll learn faster than ever. It is true that once you become older if the seed of knowledge is sown, you’ll understand faster and better, but while in your twenties, your capacity of learning is wider and bigger. Probably you are still getting to know the world, which in the best case means you don’t have any stereotypes. The lack of stereotypes makes it easier to learn new and different concepts and opinions.

The energy, which I’ll also cover in minutes is also a big factor in your learning capacity.

And the learning capacity itself is important because most of us are facing a really steep learning curve when trying to set up our first website.

Take advantage of your learning capacity, while you can.


3. You have more time to learn

This one is probably self-explanatory. The sooner you start to learn how to set-up a website, the more time you’ll have to do so. Being in your thirties or forties doesn’t mean it is too late (to be honest I think it is almost never too late, especially if you have a good teacher next to you). On the other hand, let’s be honest if you are in your twenties right now you are blessed in a way. The technological progress is at an evergrowing peak, and you are young enough to take advantage of that fact.

And being in your twenties is a big advantage, not only in the strategical sense. Day in and day out, you just have more time. No kids, no spouse means you have more free time.

In essence, you have more time not only to collect the fruits of you present efforts but you have more free time to work, and the more you work, the more fruits you’ll collect.


4. You have more energy

Probably you won’t believe it but with the time passing by the large amounts of energy you possess right now, will cease to exist. It is ironic that the more responsibilities and hardships the life presents you, the less energy you have to deal with them.

The lack of huge amounts of energy past your twenties will make you mindful of resource spending. Thus, the chances are you’ll invest your resources in something else(like taking care of your family), not in website building.


6. You are Able to Take Higher Risks

Generally, website creation is not related to any risks. Still, if you are trying to achieve something more than understanding how WordPress works and to make money online, you’ll definitely have to take risks.

More often than not, the higher the risk, the higher the potential prize if you succeed. And again, more often than not, the younger you are, the fewer responsibilities you have. Thus, the higher the risk you can take without affecting someone else.


7. You Grew up Together with the Technology

If you are in your twenties, you literally grew up with the rise of the informational era.

Again, it is not that if you are older you shouldn’t take advantage of the technological progress. Just the opposite.

The point is if you are younger, and you grew up together with it, you’ll be able to understand it easier. It’s not like one day your grandchildren, won’t get the upper hand when it comes to technology. That’s the cycle of life. So, use the advantage you have right now.



Technology is a fast-growing industry. This an evergreen truth. And while technology grows but doesn’t get older, I and you will.

Don’t waste your time. Start your first website now!


About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

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