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In a world full of stereotypes, clichés, scientific proofs, statistics, and judgments all around, it’s crucial to find our creative side, to let the extraordinary feed our souls, to explore the unknown, embrace it, and learn from it. We realize there is more we should...

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Introducing new Partners Pages

The team of ResellerCluster is concerned with the needs of our valuable resellers and that’s why we introduce a new feature for our reseller hosting platform – Partners Pages. This new functionality available for the resellers using our default...

File Size Limit Upgrade For All Free Hosting Users

We have upgraded the file size limits of all Free Hosting Accounts. The old limit of 500KB was waved. The new File Size Limit is 2 MB. Why do we need a file size limit? We have been asked this question very often by our Reseller Partners. This is...

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