New Colors for “Sky” Reseller Hosting Template & More Motivation

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Reseller News

Reseller Cluster Releasing 4 New Colors!

This week we have a surprise again! For all enthusiasts, there are four new colors to the “Sky” template that we recently launched. Red, orange, purple, and yellow are now also available! So far, you have been enjoying the Blue Sky and Green Sky. Now, you can see how beautiful and fresh the template looks. If you want to try out any of the new colors for “Sky” you can easily do that when you go to your reseller dashboard, click on Store Design. After that – Customize Template View -> Customize Template Color and choose the color you want! And that’s not everything. We won’t stop with these six colors. It will be our pleasure to give you more and more opportunities. That’s why new shades are coming soon, and you just have to check our blog regularly.


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How to start a hosting business everyone can learn. You only need to prepare yourself with enough knowledge, self-motivation, and hustle.  It’s in the hard work you need to put, in the understanding that you won’t be the greatest in the first 5 minutes. Success comes with patience. Starting a free hosting company or paid, you need to be familiar with the process. You can follow these few steps to guide you through everything.

The first step is doing research and learn about the essence of the service. Everything you want to be good at you need to first know it at its best and master every detail. After that, you need to choose your reseller. Again start with research about what they offer, what kind of plans, features, and conditions. Read some reviews and follow social media channels. Find who you are going to trust. How to choose your best reseller hosting provider is crucial, so take time to understand it. The next step about your great start is thinking of your hosting plans and setting customization to your future business. It takes thoughts and considerations about the services and people that are going to use them. Before you start your marketing strategies, make sure to check all the advantages of the web hosting provider you chose. Think of everything that you can use in your advantage. You can put it into action and then combine it with advertising your business later. Also focus on value, not price. The last step of the process is indeed the marketing and your positioning among other hosting companies. Thinking of a way to earn your users’ trust, to increase your website traffic, and grow your business.


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