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How to Attract Traffic to Your Website for Free

How to Attract Traffic to Your Website for Free

The next few steps might sound like you’re going on a first date. Now that I think about it, it might be easier to compare it to that for real.

First, you need to look good because… you know – first impressions. Then comes the attitude and how you present yourself. Of course, you have to be funny, but also serious. It’s better if you’re confident, but not too much. Don’t forget to be original and not use canned phrases.

And even then, there’s a chance you’re not likable. Why? Because you can’t please everyone. There is always someone who is not for you and not the right audience. Make sure you start with that in mind.

However, this article is about how to attract traffic to your website for free. No more dating analyses.


Basic Web Hosting Caution

Best Reseller HostingWe have to start from the top to the bottom. And the truth is, the first impression of a user on a website is a complex of few things. How fast the first page will load, how good it will look and how easy it will be for him or her to find what they need.

So, if you want to know how to attract traffic to your website for free, make sure at first you are not keeping them away.

Web Hosting

Since we’re talking about free traffic boost, I won’t advise you to upgrade your web hosting plan (even though it will help enormously). However, check if everything is working correctly and contact support if necessary.


Extraordinary Content – Magical

As I already pointed it’s very important to be impressed with the content you present. To be funny and serious, to be interesting, extraordinary, original, and at the same time not too difficult for people to understand.

Doesn’t sound like an easy thing to achieve but you don’t need magic to do it. If you are not sure you can do it by yourself, then maybe think about contacting a professional that will do it the right way.

However, if you are learning how to attract traffic to your website for free, try mixing up things. If the long and meaningful content is not your power, create infographics. They help you with the interesting part and also you can use your own signature with them. This way they’ll be recognizable and always connected to you. Don’t forget to present your product description in a good way. 

Convince Your Audience to Review You

Since advertising first started existing, the mouth-to-mouth marketing has been one of the most effective and important ways to turn something into success. With the world that’s being digitalized sure it would be good if you get people to talk about you. And in the online business, that right way is:


It’s very important to have them and sure – for them to be positive. Since people are more likely to leave a comment if it’s a negative one, you’ll have to think of something extraordinary to get them to do the right thing.

Online Business Reviews

How to do it? Be creative. You can add a pop-up that will advice them to leave reviews. Add a banner, a simple photo or whatever it is that you think to remind them that they need to leave feedback. You’ll see the results pretty soon. Especially, if you are a reseller hosting and people talk about your reseller services, more will come your way.

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Be User-Friendly – It’s Free!

One more thing that I pointed in the beginning, one of the first things users look at is how easy their experience on the website is. They take on point how fast the pages are loading, how well-structured the website is. Also, if it’s responsive, are the colors good, is the language understandable.

These are the most important points you need to keep in mind if you want to attract more traffic to your business website. It might not literally persuade them to click on your pages before they know if it’s user-friendly, but trust me, they will come back if it is. They will tell their friends; your business will grow.

Be Attractive and You’ll Attract

You didn’t forget about the first date, did you? The looks matter at least 90% of the times. And in online business maybe even more. The user-friendly point and this one, are pretty close to one another, but still, have to be divided.

The way you will make your website look is really important and might even take a lot of time in the beginning.

I guess you’re already done with that part, since you’re reading about how to attract traffic to your website for free, but still take a moment to think if yours is looking good enough.

Do you have a logo? Are the colors well combined with it and with each other, are the shrifts suitable? Ask yourself if you were a user, would you spend a time on your website? Maybe even check those reviews.

Often people have a lot to say and they might point you to what’s not that good in your web presence.

Listen to them.


SEO – Yes, Again!

Can I write an article without including this one? But if you have read enough about online website business management you probably already know how important the Search Engine Optimization is.

SEO helps with the positions in Search Engines, and this is a good enough reason to want to do it. People click on the first results in Google and you know it.

But how to do it? SEO for small business is not a few days work. You may not have started in the beginning but the sooner you do, the better. Start with exploring keywords and picking the right ones for you. Then edit your pages and posts. Check your internal and external links, did you check the speed yet too?

There are really a lot of things that can and have to be done in order to improve your positions in SERP. Read, learn, and do.

Social Media Equals Attraction

Just like SEO, social media channels are also always there in my articles. Your online presence is what can help you the most. I already pointed the mouth-to-mouth marketing and reviews, but the truth is – that’s probably the only one mandatory. It’s the right way to influence people and at the same time increase sales.

No matter which channels you choose for yourself, being present there is a must. Think of social content that you can share. Make it interesting again. Maybe even lighter and funnier than the content on your website, because people spend their time on social media for fun. Learn how to advertise a small business and it will grow big!

Here’s more about social media attraction:

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Generate Interest in Your Web Hosting Company

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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How to Use Social Media to Generate Interest in Your Web Hosting Company

How to Use Social Media to Generate Interest in Your Web Hosting Company

Reselling hosting is just like any other business! Yes, it sounds a little bit more different, difficult or even hard to understand and explore, but once you truly comprehend the essence of it, you’ll find out it’s only an entrepreneurial step you need to take.

And just like any other business, you also need to promote, advertise, and create brand awareness. This is why – using social media is one of the keys to a successful web hosting company.


Reseller Hosting’s Baby Steps


Web Hosting Company


Before I get to the social media interest generating, let me clarify what is reseller web hosting company. Assuming you know what is website hosting, you probably know what the companies do. They provide free and paid web hosting to everyone on the Internet that wants to create a website. Easy.

Now, a reseller web hosting company provides web hosting for everyone who wants to provide web hosting to others. Not so easy?

If you become a reseller you will simply take the provided web hosting and use it to create your own company for hosting. You will have your own customers and they will not know that you are a reseller. They find you as a web hosting company and that’s it!

Now, probably you already know what’s the essence and you’re here to understand how to promote your own web hosting company. Just like we advise our web hosting users on how to boost their website traffic, we’ll share with you a few tips on how to boost the traffic to your reseller company.


Social Media – the Giant

Social media is like a skyscraper with no end. It has so many doors, windows, and people in it, that you can get lost there. Thankfully, there are different floors and signs to help you in the maze of the Internet. Honestly, it’s a pretty big topic to fill in just one section. That’s why I advise you to check some of our previous tips – especially the 10 most frequently asked social media questions.

However, let me connect social media and your new web hosting company. Web hosting is something people usually know they need before they see an advertisement on the Internet.

But other times, they know they want a blog for example and have no idea that they need a web hosting. So, a big difference between your audience is standing on your way. How to jump over it?

If you want to reach people that are already interested in web hosting, you should try optimizing your website for all search engines. Also, try answering and appearing in other forums or question and information orientated sites (such as Quora). This way people that are looking for web hosting will find you.

And if you want to attract new customers, you should show them they need you. That’s the beauty of marketing and advertising. When you want to grow your business, you need to make sure more and more new customers are coming. And the best way is by advertising to them.

That’s when the need for social media comes. Starting a web hosting company will not be the easiest thing you do, but it’s easier when you’re following step by step guides.

If you are not sure about learning how to master social media, you can simply start with free digital marketing courses online.


Social Media Channels

The first step in creating your brand awareness in social media is choosing the right channels for that. Some people think it’s best to Web Hosting Companyuse all channels, and others say you shouldn’t be everywhere.

The first group of people is probably right because being on every social media can never be wrong – you are reaching more, and more people.

But the second is right too. Spending all of your time on social media that won’t bring as much traffic is just consuming you and making it easier for you to lose sight of your right path.

So, with that said, consider joining the group of people that don’t think it’s necessary to be on every social media. Starting your web hosting company will presume to have Facebook, Google +, Twitter and maybe Instagram.

But having a Pinterest account will not be the best option for you. Think about what kind of content you’ll share and this will answer the wonder of choosing social media channels.


Social Media Content

Speaking of what is content marketing, there are really different paths you can take. It’s a matter of how you want to present your own signature of the web hosting company. Some of the hosting providers take an entertaining path. They create attractive content by making it look funny and easy.

Others are far more serious and their posts or blog, are more technically orientated. But there isn’t really a right way. You can only see what’s working for you when you start testing your ideas.

The only sure thing is that what you share has to be interesting and related to your services of reselling hosting. When you find your own message that you want to send to your users, you’ll know what you need to do.

What do you want them to feel about your business? What will be your secret weapon? Keep in mind that in the content marketing, the product description of your services is also included and important.


Social Media Goals

At the beginning of you creating web hosting company, you’ll need to have a plan. It’s just a list of your desired goals to achieve.

Of course, with time for doing it, money to spend and things to be done. Your goals are probably going to include more of the purchases that will be made but that is also connected to your social media accounts. You can easily track your results after managing your business Facebook or business Instagram account.

Web Hosting Company

Don’t Stop Learning

Social media and owning a web hosting company as a reseller is not something that can be mastered for a few days or with a few articles and books. It takes time, practice, patience, and studying. This is why it’s important for you to try new things, read a lot of books and articles. It’s important to never think you are there but to always push yourself to know and do more.

About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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What is Conversion Rate and Why It Matters

What is Conversion Rate and Why It Matters

After sharing with you what bounce rate is, for those who still have no idea what is conversion rate I’ll break it up the easiest possible way.

I’ll tell you the explanation of what is conversion rate, I’ll share with you the formula by which it’s calculated (don’t worry, it’s not a rock science) and of course, how to track it, how to increase the percentage, and what good is it for your website and business.



Before we explain the rate, let’s start with the conversion. Let’s say you have a website and you want the visitors of it to do an action that you desire.

You want them to subscribe with email, to fill a quest, to make a purchase, or you want them to click on a particular button, link or image. Whatever it is, when the visitor of your website completes your desired action, it’s called conversion. Simple as that.

What is Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate

What is conversion rate, you can probably figure out by now. It’s the percentage of visitors that took the desired action out of all the visitors to your website.

Here is the formula to help you understand what is conversion rate:

CR = NC ÷ NV


CR = Conversion Rate

NC = Number of Unique Visitors Who Become Customers

NV = Number of Unique Visitors

Let’s make it even easier. If you have a high conversion rate it means you have a lot of people from all the visitors to your website, that are doing exactly what you want them to do. If you compare it to the users and the sessions, you’ll find an even deeper connection.

You’ll find out that the visits to your website can be high and still people might not do anything when they visit. Or the opposite, which would be better, of course – not so high number of visits, but high enough conversion rate.

When you are having an AdWords campaign, that’s the most important track you have to do during and at the end of it. The success of your campaign breaks down to the conversion rate and the percentage of people that did what you asked them to. It means your design is good, your marketing is good and what you are offering is good too.

It’s a sad fact, but truth is, not a lot of people are actually tracking it and have no idea what is conversion rate. Scary how some of them decide to run a campaign or have some marketing strategy, but just leave it to that. Just like spending a few hours cooking a good meal and then not even tasting it.

I was going to make it a new point why tracking the conversion rate matters but that pretty much sums it up. Tracing the results of your work and actually finding out if you succeeded in it, must be the most important part, right?


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Now, this might be a little bit blurry for you. Like any other thing, the first step is to do a research. There is information online about all the industry and the average conversion rate. So, this way you can compare yourself to the average. Usually, it’s around 2, 3, 4%, maybe even 10%. You should know that it’s a personal outcome that you need to get to, but still comparing yourself will be easier if you’re just starting.

After a while, you’ll get the idea what is conversion rate that’s good for you and you’ll set your own goals. You will later be comparing the results to your previous ones. This way you’ll know if you are growing, getting better and more convincing.


What is The Reason You Have a Low Conversion Rate?

I explained to you, what a good and high conversion rate is, and how you can find it out. But what if your conversion rate is low? What could the reasons be?

Let’s start with your campaign. There are a few things that can happen. First, your banners. You have a landing page, you have a good offer, so you’re sharing advertising banners around the Internet. If they are not attractive enough, no one will even get to your landing page and your good offer. It’s starting backward, but you need to visualize it in order to understand it.

Next on our back way, is the landing page. There are a lot of good advice articles on how to make the perfect page, but if you haven’t read. Here is short advice. Try! You can have a good landing page but not everyone will think this way. When it comes to attracting people on the Internet, you can’t be sure what they like.

What is Conversion Rate


So even if you have a beautiful landing page, people might not like it. So, TRY! If one is not working, change it. Change the colors, change your slogan, the call to action buttons, change whatever you feel like. Then try again and follow what looks better for the visitors of your website.

And if your page is good, what is conversion rate still wanting? Well, your offer of course. You might be attracting people with your creative look, but if what you are selling is too high, or the promotion is not good enough, then there is really no chance your campaign will be successful.

Try presenting an offer that is alluring and the right percentage off, if it’s a promotion. If all the above are considered good for the visitors of your site, then you shouldn’t have a conversion rate problem. Last but not least, check how product description writing also matters for converts!


Last But Not Least

As a final conclusion, I’ll share with you a few more tips for optimizing your page. What is conversion rate you already figured out. But to how to improve it there is a lot more you can learn. Stopping at the landing page, here is what more you can do. And to make it easier for you I’ll combine it with the first tips so that you have them at one when you need.

What is Conversion Rate


  • Use the best colors! The big contrast is usually the best way to attract the look of a potential visitor. The colors on the banner, on the page, on the call to action button, and even on the images.
  • Call to action! Make it strong. Short sentences are harder to think of, but take time to it.
  • Impelling slogan. What you say to the visitors is what they’ll do. But only if you say it right.
  • Use photos of high quality and well connected to your offer.
  • Consider using a video. But be careful, it’s a knife with two blades! The video needs to be a good quality too and fast loading because when it’s on a landing page, people won’t wait for it to load.
  • Mobile friendly. Check and make sure your banners, page, and the website are looking good on mobile devices because as you know there is a big chance people are accessing from there. (P. S. you can also track this in Google Analytics and find out how much of your users are on PC, and how much on Mobile or Tablet)
  • Ease the check-out. The last step to the life of the visitor from finding your ad to purchasing is how easy it will be for him to do it. Don’t lose them in the final act.


About the Author

Stelyana Dragoeva

Stelyana Dragoeva

Content Writer

Copywriting is not only my passion but also my power. Interests drive me to social media, blogging and exploring humanity as art.

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Creating a Social Media Strategy – 5 Essential Steps

Creating a Social Media Strategy – 5 Essential Steps

If implemented correctly, social media will immensely impact the amount of traffic on your website. Yet, to be able to execute anything in the long-term, it will be best for you to have a plan to follow. Thus, creating a social media strategy is crucial to the performance of your social media channels.  

Being part of the generation that was neither too young nor too old when the social media platforms virtually took over the internet, I had the privilege not only to be mesmerized by their impact but also to tame their power. My generation grew up alongside these platforms, and we mutually changed each other.

Our behavior on the networks changed them, and they changed the way we communicate and understand each other.

However, in the same way that the previous generations, generally, didn’t understand the continuity of the mass media, our generation doesn’t fully realize the script behind all the posts that we see on the social media platforms.

We know, of course, that a group of people is reasoning the content of all these business feeds, but most of us don’t know that all the posts are part of a marketing strategy.


What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

As already mentioned, the pages (not personal accounts) on any social media platform are posting by following a plan, that tells them what, when, and why to post. What results could be expected from the post, and so on, and so forth.

For the social media strategy to be well executed, you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Target Audience: Identify your ideal customer
  2. Goals: Define the results you want to achieve with your efforts.
  3. Content Mix
  4. Channels: Choose the best of the available social networks.
  5. Execution


Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is as important to your market positioning as it is for your social media activities.

As the topic of defining your target audience deserves an article per se, it is unnecessary to dive way too deep in it. Yet, we should at least glance on the surface, for you to be able to define your target group when creating a social media strategy.

Curious to know more? Here is a great article on audience segmentation.

The most important thing you need to remember when trying to describe the customer you would call ‘the best’  is that you don’t need to be 100% accurate in the image that you are creating.

To define your target customers as good as possible, start with the demographic factors:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Level
  • Favorite sites/apps:

Whether you are selling physical goods, or you have a reseller hosting business, you need to know where your customers are from.  This will help you with the choice of language to use, as well as with your promotions and advertising targeting. The same goes for the age and the gender of these people.

When it comes to favorite sites, I think the necessity of this knowledge is obvious, as you’ll save money and efforts if your business is present on the platforms, websites, and apps, where its customers are.

Those are the basics of targeting, and if you follow them you’ll get a clear image of what you can and can not expect from your ‘best customers’. Although the image you’ll get is a very broad one, you’ll be better off, following the guidelines that you’ve established, instead of trying to appeal to everyone.



Whether you are creating a social media strategy or a new website, or you writing a book, everything you do, needs to have its goal.  That way, you won’t get lost while attending to everyday tasks.

The goals of your social media presence could be either to get more traffic to your website, get leads, build brand awareness, or merely to engage in a conversation with your customers.

Once, you know your target audience, and the goals of your social media strategy, it will be much easier for you to find out what type of content you need and will create.


Content Mix

Speaking of content types, after you are familiar with the goals of your social media strategy, through which you should evaluate every action you take, let’s talk about the content mix.

The social media marketing is, in essence, a type of content marketing. You are just doing it on a media that you don’t own. Still, social media websites are a great place to promote your POV’s, beliefs, and… products, of course.

The content marketing will lead to better results when it’s diversified (in compliance with the target audience, needless to say).

Some of the most popular elements of the content mix are the following:

  • News
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Product/promotional posts
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Community events
  • Q&A

And they can be implemented in different types of content, like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers

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Do I Have to Be on Every Social Network?

Being on social media, for the sake of it, is not enough. These platforms are way too much for someone to be capable to maintain an account on all of them simultaneously. Furthermore, it is wrong.

You don’t need to have an account on every social media platform possible.

To identify the social channels you need to use, is way easier, once you’ve identified your best customer. Knowing who the people you want to be your customers will help you define the right platforms for your business.


You already know where these people spend their time.

Find out the answers to 9 more social media questions.


Social Media Tool

As the number of social media platforms grows, so the available tools, created to help you execute your social media strategy.

Yet again, some of the newly created tools, won’t be helpful to you. The reason for that is simple – they are created for the maintenance of social media that you are not using.

But there is a tool that takes into account all the main platforms. Even more, they offer a free version, which is giving you more than enough resources when you are just starting your social media presence.

Spoiler alert: I believe the resources offered with the free version of the tool, will be enough for every small to middle sized business.

Definitely Check Buffer Out!


Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed in your social presence, creating a social media strategy is a must. Not following a plan, will leave you to wander from a platform to platform, not understanding what, why and when to do.

And if you decide to go without overthinking it, believe me, having something to turn to when the results are neither the expected nor the desired, you’ll be pleased that you’ve created a social media strategy.


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About the Author

Lazar Shishmanov

Lazar Shishmanov

A writer by avocation, web enthusiast by choice. In love with almost every type of art.

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Product Description Writing: Write to Convert

Product Description Writing: Write to Convert

Getting traffic to your website is easy. But when people have landed on the page that you want them to be, your product description writing will often be the difference between winning them as a client for life or losing them…forever.

Therefore, knowing how to describe your products in a non-boring, engaging manner will help you convert all those leads into paying customers, eager to spend their money with your reseller hosting or another type of business.

But what is the right way to describe your products?

Is there a “magic formula”?

Let’s try to find the answers to those questions by exploring the importance of product description writing, the common mistakes that occur in the descriptions around the web, and last but not least, we’ll examine how to write a product description that converts.


Product Description Writing

Let’s say you are browsing the web, looking for a product or service that you know you need. How does the process go?

I’m willing to bet, once you figured out the necessity of the product, you started a research on the best options available to you.

After you’ve read a few content marketing pieces that were persuasive enough and you dived in the product search, you landed on some pages that were trying to convince you to buy that exact product from, of course, that website. But are they really capable of doing so?

Most often than not the answer is no.

Given you are not familiar with the website in front of you, you won’t be in a rush to buy.

On the other hand, if every single user is able to understand that time and effort were invested in the content written to illustrate the product, and the content itself is engaging, and valuable, be sure that the conversion rate will be way higher. People would buy, based on a good product description.

NB! Even the best-written description is unable to sell a bad product. Make sure that people can find the product c specifications and features. Still, don’t count on the good specifications to make the sell. Especially, if you are not the only one that sells the product, and on every other website, the user will see the exact same list of specifications.

Which leads us to the common mistakes in product description writing.


Common Mistakes

The list of common mistakes won’t be exhaustive, as it deserves an article of its own. Still, we’ll go over the most prevalent through them, in the hope you won’t make the same mistakes as everyone else.


  • Using manufacturer-provided product descriptions
  • Stress on product specifications instead on emotions and results
  • Writing in a boring, non-inspired manner
  • Targeting the wrong customer


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How to Write a Product Description that Converts

Now that we covered what not to do when writing a description for your products, let’s cover what you should do.


1. Write to your Target Group

When we speak of marketing and market positioning, there will be no results of your efforts, if you are not speaking to the right audience.

The right audience is the group of people that consist of individuals, whose psychological, demographical and financial profile is closest to what you would consider ‘ideal customer’.

It is important to define the ideal customer in order to be able to speak directly to those people. There is no product, that appeals to everyone, everywhere, and every time.

In other words, you can sell every product, just not to everyone.

Once you find out what individuals constitute your target group, you should ‘learn their language’. You are writing for them. Make sure they understand you.


2. Benefits and Results, not Specifications and Features

That one advice we’ve mentioned in the list of the mistakes, which you may do when writing a product description.

If you are looking for a new phone, what exactly do you understand by reading the following:

  • Display: 5.00-inch.
  • Processor: 1.2GHz quad-core.
  • Resolution: 720x1280 pixels.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Storage: 32GB.
  • Battery Capacity: 2300mAh.

Can you imagine what type of display you would see, if you decide to buy this phone? Can you imagine how snappy or how slow will the task management be?

Probably no.

How about another product description that will make you if nothing else, understand what the phone is all about? How about something in following  the manner:

Our XYZ phone will show you the world. See every detail on the 5.00-inch display with the 720x1280 Full HD resolution. Utilize the quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and the 2GB RAM by installing all the applications that you want.

Enjoy any app, song or movie with the 32GB internal storage. Be ready for that late at night call with the 2300mAh fully optimized battery.

I hope you can see the difference, although it has the same information. The way it is presented makes all the difference.


3. Justify Using Superlatives

Superlatives are triggering the “yeah, sure” responses in the mind of your customers. You don’t need that. So, if you use any type of superlative, try to cover it up with some justification.

In the example above, I’ve said that “you’ll be able to see every detail”, but I justified that claim by explaining how exactly that will happen. The phone has big enough screen and a Full HD resolution for every customer to be able to dive deep into whatever content he or she is consuming.


4. Use Reviews as Social Proof

Customer Reviews are a perfect way to persuade the confused and indecisive potential-client into paying customer. The opinion of the others, who already bought your product, is non-biased, and do a better job in persuading the newcomers, than whatever you are able to write in the description.

Let people share their opinion on your website, directly.

Seeing that others have already bought the product is the easiest way to persuade someone to do the same.

As they say, there is nothing more repelling than an empty restaurant.

And when you walk beside a restaurant, you can see whether there are people inside or no. And not only that, you can see whether they seem to enjoy the food, or they eat in order not to die from hunger.

Yet, most of the websites are not presenting the newcomers with such an option. The webmasters most often than not are not allowing the users who have bought their product to share an opinion for everyone to see.

And if nothing else, allowing your customers to write a review on your website is a great feedback on whether they are happy with your products or not. Thus, taking and considering that feedback could be the difference between staying in business and going into the oblivion.

Interested in business reviews? Read our article on Online Business Reviews.


5. Make your description scannable

If you are reading this part of the article, chances are you scanned to down here, to consider whether the written is worth reading. This is how we engage with the content on the web.

We scan.

I scan the content. You are doing it. And your customers are doing it, as well.

Thus, when engaging in product description writing, try not to overdo it.

Do your best for the content to be scannable.

Meaning, the users will be able to just glide over your content, and will still get the information needed.

Doing so is achievable through images, bullet points, and h1, h2, etc tags, which are also contributing to your SEO

Interested in learning more about SEO? Check out our article on DIY SEO for Small Business.


Final Thoughts

To write a description of your products can be a hard task if you are not familiar enough with the products you are offering. Therefore, this is the first task that you might want to engage with. Get to know your product. Thus, you’ll be able to present it in the best possible way.

Following is the target group. Present your product in the best possible manner for the exact group of people that will be the most eager to buy. While presenting the product to them, use their language, push their pain points, answer their question, and overcome their objections.

If you are capable of doing these things in a manner that is engaging and entertaining, more power to you. You can sell anything.

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How to Track Your Online Business Reviews? Find out What Your Customers Think About You!

How to Track Your Online Business Reviews? Find out What Your Customers Think About You!


Ratings and Reviews

To be honest, that’s one of my favorite parts in the whole process. Finding out people like you, how they rate you and what comments they have – got to love it! It’s one thing to find it on Facebook or by analyzing your income, but it’s a little bit different when you see the stars and the words after. When it comes to Reseller Hosting it is also as important to know how your and the company’s services are working

It’s very often for marketing agents to obsess about that particular part of the process. We’ve witnessed people going crazy about one bad review. They make their campaigns based on the results they want to have on Google My Business or Trip Adviser. Then they start checking every day and following every single one review, there is on the Internet.

That’s too much. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you are succeeding. Don’t stress about it. Here is how you can actually do it.


First Steps – Finding Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

Step One

First of all, if you don’t already have it, install Google Analytics. And just a quick reminder: you need to let it gather data for a while. It won’t start giving you reports right after you start working with it. Give it time to do its magic.

That’s the best way for you to track all of the traffic you have, the behavior of your visitors, the conversion rate and the steps they take. Google Analytics will help you find out where your audience is coming from. For each page, you can track the origin of the coming visitors. Whether they come from social media channels, from particular keywords they used, or maybe an external link in another website.


Step Two

Maybe you didn’t think of that, but actually opening the incognito window, can get you a lot of answers.

Yes, tracking every tool there is for SEO and keywords is helpful, but you can do it manually too. By searching your website while incognito, you get the actual results – no segmentation made. So, first, you can do that and get your head straight.

Also, you can search your website and open every link you want, without Google administrating your click, your presence in the website or any behavior you have there. You can check the results your clients will have when the search for you.

You can also easily read all the reviews you want and if they are bad, you will not push their rank.


Reaction to Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

After you find and check all the reviews make sure you respond to most of them. Negative and positive online business reviews are both equally important. Whether someone is happy with you or sad, they both deserve to know that they are heard and appreciated.

Positive Online Business Reviews

Replying to positive reviews will add a better feeling to the person who left it. You can simply say “Thank you”, you can say a few more words or if your business is big enough, even think of award or discount to the best reviews.

Negative Online Business Reviews

When it comes to negative, you should be more careful. First, think it through. We all know the saying “The customer is always right” but we also all know that’s not true. If someone left a review that is completely not true, don’t start with that right away. Give a little technical if necessary explanation and a bit long, so that it is obvious and clear why the comment is not correct.

Try to sound understanding, appreciating the comment and yet, confident about the truth to your business. Don’t start a conflict, rather than that put a calming end to the started conversation. And if you need a push to be better at your work, here are some of the best reseller hosting tips. Not only that but also don’t forget that there are entrepreneurial skills that have to be mastered.

Online Business Reviews

Final Thoughts

Give a reason for good online business reviews and also a chance for everyone to express their feelings.

You can put on your website, or allow it on your Facebook page, maybe create Google My Business account. Either way, let your customers share their thoughts. You can not only understand how your work is doing but also get ideas on what you can change, upgrade and make better.

Good reviews will not come through if you don’t give people a reason for them. Every business works better and is more successful if it has a benefit for the users of it.


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Stelyana Dragoeva

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