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.CM Domain Reseller

Become a .CM domain reseller

Attract corporate clients

Benefits of a .cm domain:

  • Can bring you high quality leads
  • Could become the next .com
  • Doesn’t take much effort to market

Brand protection

Most companies already own a .com domain for their brands. But how about a .cm? It’s shorter, the minimum required number of characters is only two and allows numbers-only domain names. It is the perfect extension to use if you want to make absolutely sure visitors that misspelled and wrote still get to your website. This makes it an easily marketable product for large and small businesses alike.

Great availability

The .cm was originally intended for use from entities residing in Cameroon, but has been available for registration to the general public since 2009. That means there are still massive amounts of unregistered domain names and lots of potential clients. It is a very common practice for companies to purchase all available extensions for their domain name to prevent impersonation from third parties. Right now is the perfect time for you to create a great free domain reseller program website and start selling!

The key to growing sales

.cm domains tend to be on the expensive side. That in itself is a business opportunity because we have one of the lowest wholesale prices for domains so even after you set a retail price it’s still going to be cheaper than what many of your competitors offer. A good price is always attractive but combined with your marketing efforts you can to achieve great conversion rates, form relationships with loyal clients and steadily increase your revenue.

Marketing flywheel

The first few steps you take when reselling are going to be the hardest, but then everything goes into motion, gaining momentum and your sales start growing with less and less effort on your part. In time you will be able to get to the point where your free domain reseller program website is generating constant income with zero attention or maintenance.

Set up your reseller hosting store and start offering .CM domains. It is completely free!

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