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What fees are applied when my commission is being paid?

On this page, you can see the commission fees that are being applied when your commission is being paid. Bear in mind that percentages may vary due to your local bank (or preferred payment institution), exchange rate, and other reasons beyond ResellerCluster's...

How do my affiliates get paid?

There are four different payment methods through which your affiliates get paid: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer, Paper check.

Who pays the commissions to affiliates?

We do the payments in the same way that we handle your web hosting customers' billing. You get paid your reseller hosting commissions and they will stay intact and will not be affected by the commissions of your affiliates.

What do my affiliates get?

Each affiliate gets paid on a one-time commission basis per order referred to your hosting store. The only condition is that the order should be for a paid shared hosting plan or a VPS. Depending on your reseller status you can offer your affiliates either a certain...

How are affiliate sales tracked?

Customers will be tracked through a unique affiliate ID (aid=youruniquecode) in a banner or text link of an affiliate. We use 10 years of cookies. So even if your affiliate refers a client to your hosting store and this client does not purchase or sign up straight...

How exactly does this affiliate program work?

As a reseller using our predefined templates you will have an affiliate signup form on your hosting store through which your affiliates will be able to sign up for the affiliate program. After signing up the affiliates will receive log-in details for their affiliate...

How should I use the affiliate program?

Your goal should be attracting affiliates that are willing to refer more sales to your store. These affiliates could be either web hosting directories, web master-related sites, professional web designers and developers, or anyone else that can refer customers to your...

How do I start?

Our free reseller hosting program provides you with simple tools for the launch of your hosting store. There are several basic steps you have to complete in order to obtain a reseller’s website and be part of the free hosting reseller program: 1. Your reseller’s...

How do I get paid?

Resellers get paid on a net-60 basis. In other words, 60 days after the amount for a sold hosting account is charged the reseller gets paid. This time frame is required to protect us from credit card fraud and possible money-back requests from the client for a sold...

What are the primary goals of your hosting reseller program?

ResellerCluster’s program has some very important advantages compared to other hosting reseller programs available on the market: 1. Instant reseller account activation. 2. Within 5 minutes after you have signed up you can have an actually working reseller hosting...


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