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.CO Domain Reseller

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Get social and into SEO.

Benefits of the .co domain:
  • very popular in Colombia
  • used world-wide for SEO purposes
  • useful for social media management

The perfect .com substitute

People get very unhappy when the domain they’re looking for is already taken. Unfortunately with .com domains that happens quite a lot. .co ccTLDs are the perfect way for everybody to get their desired domain name even if the more popular extensions are already in use.

High demand in the Colombian market and world-wide

You might think that if a domain extension has such a high demand you’ll have a hard time overcoming your competitors. It’s exactly the opposite. No single hosting company or registrar could possibly serve all potential buyers, so there’s always room for one more! Webmasters are always on the look out for a better domain deal, so get ready to cash in and make some sales!


.co and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lots of people prefer to get the .co domain if the one they were looking for is taken because it’s treated by search engines with the same authority as a .com for example, and ranks just as easy. It also provides shorter URLs which is another SEO advantage. That’s why more and more websites with .co domains are showing up in search results. Tech-savvy users and SEO professionals around the world are taking advantage of the .co domain. Will you be the one to sell it to them?

.co domains and social media

Some big international corporations are also using this ccTLD ( “co” is short for company all around the world). For example, Twitter (, Google Inc. ( and Aspen Group ( Others are using it for URL shortening in social media websites where certain limitations are in place for how much characters you can use (e.g. on Twitter).

Set up your reseller hosting store and start offering .CO domains. It is completely free!

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