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.IN Domain Reseller

Become a .IN domain reseller

One domain, many opportunities

Benefits of a .in domain:

  • Very popular in India
  • Commonly used for domain hacks
  • Getting popular in the start-up community

Domain hacks

The .in domain is very popular for the so called domain hacks. A domain hack is a clever way of spelling a name or title in a domain name. For example, instead of a domain could look like which results in a nice and short URL. Quite useful for SEO, social media management or just as a branding tool. In the booming online economy every start-up is trying to be more unique and stand out somehow. Many emerging companies opt-in for some version of their name that is a domain hack so it looks more interesting and fresh. You could easily target them as an endless supply of new clients.

Popular in India and around the world

Naturally the .in domain is widely used in India as it was originally intended but it’s still quite popular overseas. That means there are millions of potential clients. Even if you get a small fraction of the market, that’s still thousands of paying users. And that’s just for a single domain extension. If you take it seriously and put the time into it, it is possible to achieve a lot.

Great prices, happy clients

Almost all hosting companies offer .in domains so you will have some competition for sure. Don’t get intimidated though – our in-house reseller tools are available to assist you in your marketing and sales efforts and ensure the highest chances of success. Offering and testing out the best price range for your .in customers is a simple and enjoyable process via our reseller control panel. It gives you the opportunity to see which margins convert into more sales and act upon that information in real time with just a few mouse clicks. No need to poke around the CSS and HTML of your free domain reseller program website and manually changing the price for every domain!

A self-propelling marketing machine

Think of your website as a flywheel. It’s harder to make that first push that takes it into motion, but once it starts and you keep at it, it goes faster and faster with less and less effort. With all of our accumulated know-how, implemented in the reseller tools available to you, the process of taking it from that first push to a fully self-sufficient money-making website is reduced and simplified as it can be. You just have to make that first step. Sign up for our free domain reseller program and begin your journey!

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