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.JP Domain Reseller

Become a .JP domain reseller – discover Japan

Few of the benefits of a .jp domain are:

  • Entry point into the Japanese market
  • Easily distinguishable product
  • Marketing with minimal effort


One of the most popular domains

Japan is one of the fastest growing and most technologically advanced economies in the world and the .jp ccTLD is one of the preferred extensions there. Many entities based there or targeting the local market prefer the .jp domain as it is a clear identifier and makes a good first impression about a website. In fact, it is even more popular than .com especially for websites that are in Japanese.

A product with high market penetration

Many web masters are already using .jp domain names and even more are looking to buy them. It’s not going to require a big effort to successfully get into that market because many website owners are constantly looking for a better deal on a domain. Now, with a click of a button you can own a hosting company that offers that deal.

Eliminate the competition with unbeatable prices

What better way to rise to the top than to attract customers with the perfect deal. .JP domains aren’t the least expensive ones, but that’s where you can shine. You’ll probably need to experiment a little bit to find that perfect sweet spot that appeals the most to your customers. That will be a breeze with our reseller control panel – change and manage prices for all of the domain extensions you offer in one place with just a few mouse clicks. It’s really that easy.

Build a profitable online business

Reselling .jp domains could be only the start of something bigger. It could mark the beginning of your financial independence and freedom. We give you for free all the tools one needs to have a head start and achieve real results. The rest is up to you.

Set up your reseller hosting store and start offering .JP domains. It is completely free!

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