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.US Domain Reseller

Offer .US Top-Level Domains to your clients based in the U.S.A.

Offer your clients .US domain registration or transfer and 20 more domain names to choose from.

The .US is a country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) that was introduced in 1985 and is associated with the United States of America. It is specifically recommended for U.S. citizens or organizations registered in the U.S.A. or with presence in the country (with considerable lawful activities in it). Otherwise, the .US ccTLD can be freely used for commercial or non-profit sites, personal pages, etc. Being one of the first country-code Top-Level Domains, nearly 2 million websites have been already registered with it. The .US ccTLD can be also used to form words or phrases with the rest of the domain.

You can offer .US domains with irresistible hosting plans to your American clients

Being a free domain reseller without the need of any initial investment or technical experience is easily achievable with our reseller hosting program.
You can start reselling all domain types within minutes by simply joining our program and take advantage of our fully-automated reseller hosting platform.


Free Transfer Lock

Prevent unauthorized transfers of your clients’ domain names to other registrars with the ResellerCluster Transfer Lock. With the Transfer Lock enabled for a domain name it cannot be transferred unless your customer logs into their domain control panel and unlocks their domain.

EPP Key Management

After the customer has ordered the desired .US domain, you have to provide them with the necessary management tools. In order to allow your clients to have full control over their domain ResellerCluster is offering EPP Key management as well.


WHOIS Management

Let your clients manage their WHOIS information easily and at any time. The Control Panel has its own WHOIS Management section where your customers can edit all owner and administrative contacts information for their .US domain.


Great for local market

This country-code top level domain is great for the local and international markets.

The .US registration requires U.S.A. citizenship or lawful presence.

Set up your reseller hosting store and start reselling .US domains. It is completely free!

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