Marketing Channels


Freemium Model

Giving things away earns you money! ResellerClusters’ web hosting reseller program offers you the easiest and most effective method, showing you how to start a small business with just a reseller hosting account. The freemium business model is a very effective...

Reseller Affiliate Program

Widen your subscription base with no effort It can be challenging to grow your user base in the early days of your reseller website. Luckily, we have used the know-how accumulated through the years and implemented an easy-to-use solution that can help you right now....

Regional Settings Feature

Tap into multiple local markets! With a single click you can: Change the language of your reseller website Assign currencies for different world regions Appeal to multiple market niches worldwide   No investment or funding, just an international business that...

Store Partner Pages

Boost your page rank! The partner's page allows you to: Link to high authority websites Improve your rank in search engines Link to web directories   Link building just became easier Your daily link-building efforts and maintaining a positive web presence involve...

Error Pages Marketing

404 and 403 errors from your free hosting customers bring you: Traffic to your reseller website Brand awareness More paid and free signups   Custom Error Pages! Another unique feature of our web hosting reseller program is the custom 404 error pages marketing...

Email Marketing System

Become a master of email marketing All the free web hosting sign-ups that you worked so hard to accumulate are potential converts to a paid hosting service. That’s nice by itself but there’s something else too. All the emails that your free hosting users are sending...

Marketing Promotions

Conquer the market, scale your marketing efforts quickly and for free: Point-and-click discount manager Setup hosting plan prices Create custom hosting plans   One-click discounts and promotions Marketing campaigns can be very expensive for a number of reasons....

Bring customers to you with our free online marketing tools

We know starting a new website and spreading the word can be a daunting task. Even more so when this website is your business. Today we are able to provide every web hosting reseller participating in ResellerClusters’ program with carefully selected and tested free online marketing tools. They are going to be valuable assets in your campaigns and everyday promotional efforts.

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Put the freemium model to work

The freemium marketing model basically consists in offering something for free with some limits of functionality while charging a fee for the full-featured product. Advertise yourself as a free hosting provider and easily build up your user base!


Hosting Marketing Promotions

Manage multiple promotions from one centralized interface. Turn web hosting discounts on and off with a click of a button and easily increase your new sign-ups for the web hosting reseller program.


Automatic Email Marketing

This one is really neat. Your free web hosting users are able to create email accounts, right? Every email they send from these accounts has a little snippet on the bottom that has a link pointing to your reseller store. Free marketing without having to lift your finger!


Custom Error Pages Marketing

This feature allows all error page traffic from your clients’ websites to be redirected to your reseller website. Basically, that’s another stream of free advertising for you as a reseller.


Hosting Affiliate Program

An even better way to boost your sales numbers, in the long run, is to enable the Hosting Affiliate Program from your control panel. That’s a very efficient way to stimulate your clients to refer new customers to your web hosting reseller website.


Multiple currencies and languages

Convenience for the customer is very important for higher conversion rates. One aspect of it that can work to your advantage is the automatic regional setting. It allows you to set different currencies and languages that are displayed to your customers depending on their location.

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