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Email Marketing System

Become a master of email marketing

All the free web hosting sign-ups that you worked so hard to accumulate are potential converts to a paid hosting service. That’s nice by itself but there’s something else too. All the emails that your free hosting users are sending contain a link pointing to your reseller website. This may not seem like much but it has a huge snowball potential. For example, the free users are limited to 30 outbound emails/month. If they use them all up, that means 1 free hosting user > sends 30 emails a month > 30 potential customers as your store link resides at the bottom of all emails sent out more or less like you everyday see you friends emails contain “Sent from my iPhone”.

See how all the parts fit together? More free hosting accounts equals more free and paid hosting users and more revenue in the long run. Reseller hosting can really be profitable if you scale it.


Perks of the Automated Email Marketing System

Links in the emails cannot be removed by the free customers

Not annoying for your customers because they don't see the links

Passive income without any effort on your part


Enabled by default and can't be turned off

Free advertising

Even more free and paid users

More revenue


Doesn't cost you anything