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Error Pages Marketing - Custom Error Pages

404 and 403 errors from your free hosting customers bring you:

Traffic to your reseller website

Brand awareness

More paid and free signups

Custom Error Pages!

Another unique feature of our web hosting reseller program is the custom 404 error pages marketing option. It gives our resellers another revenue stream that doesn’t require any manual setup or modification. How does it work? Whenever someone sees a 404 or a 403 error in their browser while surfing a website hosted on free hosting provided by our resellers there’s a link pointing to the reseller website. The error page looks like this:

Screenshot of Custom Error Page of Your Reseller Store

There are two direct links pointing to your site. The visitor can also choose to order a web hosting plan directly from the custom 404 error page or search for an available domain name which again points him to the sign-up area of your website.


A few reasons why this is a very handy feature for our hosting resellers:


Zero investment needed


No maintenance required


Enabled by default for all free hosting customers


Sustained boost of new free and paid hosting sign-ups


Free way to drive traffic to your reseller website