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Freemium Model - Offer Free Hosting

Giving things away earns you money!

ResellerClusters’ web hosting reseller program offers you the easiest and most effective method, showing you how to start a small business with just a reseller hosting account. The freemium business model is a very effective strategy for attaining a huge user base in the shortest time possible. How does that work? By offering free web hosting you’ll attract new users to sign up for your service quite easily because, well, it’s free. A portion of those new users will be happy with the functionality that the free service offers them. Another part of those users will eventually want to upgrade their accounts to a paid plan for various reasons – their web traffic grew, they want to host more websites and so on.

In a nutshell, you offer free hosting plans and get paying customers with absolutely no upfront investment.

The Freemium Model allows you to:

Promote your free hosting

Easily grow your customer base

Accumulate more profit quicker

The free hosting requires:


No contract


No reseller fees


No sign-up fee