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Regional Settings Feature

Tap into multiple local markets! With a single click you can:

Change the language of your reseller website

Assign currencies for different world regions

Appeal to multiple market niches world-wide

No investment or funding, just an international business that works

At ResellerCluster we have come a long way in trying to ensure maximum accessibility of our reseller hosting services. This means that the web hosting services you offer as a reseller can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world in multiple languages and currencies.

Explore the endless international business opportunities that come from different markets. A fully international business operation that can reach all over the globe and accumulate a diverse and world-wide audience.

You’re able to define custom regional settings that take effect automatically once a customer from that region visits your website. He’ll be able to make an order in the currencies you’ve specified for that region, which is very convenient and leaves a good first impression.

Our feature “Translate Website” allows you to translate your reseller store to different languages and find customers from different regions.

Unleash your international business ideas with reseller hosting

More customization in accordance with local markets is possible via the language selection option. With the click of a button you can switch the active language of the whole reseller website! This is a great way to experiment with different combinations of web hosting services, world regions and countries.