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Web Hosting Affiliate Reseller Program

Widen your subscription base with no effort

It can be challenging to grow your user base in the early days of your reseller website. Luckily, we have used the know-how accumulated through the years and implemented an easy to use solution that can help you right now.

With a single click you can enable the web hosting affiliate program for your reseller hosting website which is very useful when trying to get new clients. Your affiliates will get a one-time 50% commission from every sale they refer to you. You won’t get the rest 50% but the profit from all subsequent hosting renewals and other orders is yours to keep.

The Affiliate Program is an easy and effective move towards higher profit in the long run and it doesn’t require any effort. It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ process! Furthermore, you don’t have to manually send payments to your affiliates and referrals – it is all done in the background.


In the end, all that the affiliate program does is help you earn more with less effort.


The web hosting affiliate program allows you to:

Give incentive to others to promote your services

Generate more revenue

Easily multiply your customer base


Single click setup


Spreads the word


Increases your profit


Takes effect immediately


Brings new users