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Boost your page rank! The partners page allows you to:

Link to high authority websites

Improve your rank in search engines

Link to web directories

Link building just became easier

Your daily link building efforts and maintaining a positive web presence involve frequent interaction with third-party websites and webmasters. Good relationships are just as important online as in the real world. That’s why our reseller website templates feature a Partners page where you can put links to your online partners.

When you start out as a reseller you’re basically beginning from zero – nobody knows you and your reseller website doesn’t come up in search results. A good start in your link building and successfully driving traffic to your services is to submit your website to free web hosting directories. That however, requires you to back-link to them which is easily done through the Partners page.

Getting those back-links to your website is important for boosting your Google page rank but you’ll eventually need to link to higher quality third-party websites as a part of your link building marketing strategy. The Partners page comes in handy here. It fully supports HTML so adding and customizing links, text and multimedia is very easy.

We’ve carefully placed the Partners page at the footer so it is still perfectly accessible for search engines, but isn’t diverting your traffic unnecessarily towards the partner websites.

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